First Post From My New World

I’m writing this in the Business Office of my new apartment complex where we get free Wifi/computer while feeling sick to my stomach. The move was tough. I still want this to be like Oz and I want to wake up back to my marriage, back when my husband loved me and we were a couple and stable. There is no real explanation for any of it. It’s a nice complex and the animals are slowly adjusting.
Mind you, it’s only been two nights. Two nights of tears and physical and mental pain like I can’t believe.

Yesterday, I stopped at the house to get the last of it. He wasn’t supposed to see me but he did. He showed me a Humming Birds nest in the backyard and I started to cry, The Humming Bird actually sat on the nest with her babies. I won’t get to watch them hatch.

I can’t hang onto his 2% chance that he may find this the worst idea he ever made. This cannot be up to him. But, I love the man so damn much. He was supposed to be my soul mate for better or worse not for just 12 years.

My internet gets hooked up tomorrow so I will be back then.


  1. hello stillstrange, i only this evening read the current updates, and i
    can’t tell you how very sorry i am to hear about this turn of events. I
    believe you to be one of the most understanding and unselfish wives
    I have ever known, and believe you to be a lovely person to be so
    open and understanding of your husband’s needs considering your
    health issues, he was a very lucky fellow to have you as i just could
    not have been so generous. Of course i could be wrong and don’t
    know all the facts or issues, don’t need to , it is none of my business
    but from what I have read, I have a feeling your hubby will regret
    these choices he has made. He wanted to live as “friends”, that makes me wonder if he really knows what he wants, and is maybe
    already wondering if he isn’t making a really big mistake, I don’t
    really know you but I think as a wife, you are a treasure and one he
    will regret leaving. know I am thinking of you and will be checking
    for updates and will be praying for you . As for the medication, I
    think you should take whatever will help you deal with this and don’t
    feel badly about it. thinking of you

    • Thank You.

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