He Gets The Dog and Other Animal Things


Before we got married, HE had dogs and I had cats. We had cat and dog figurines on the wedding cake next to the Bride and Groom and cats and dogs going down the stairs from the top cake to the ground over a fountain; since we only had one Bridesmaid and one Groomsman.

Now we are separated. I slept solid last night after another sob fest. But, I woke up with a clear head and made a solid decision. HE can have his dog. Yes, I love that dog. Yes, I’ve cared for that dog. However, technically it is HIS dog. HE chose the dog. His friends gave us the dog. He has begged for visiting rights/privileges with the dog. Within the last week, I have finally gotten the dog to pee on the patio. PEE on the patio. That is only one part of his business. I used to sleep in until 9 and 10 because the dog had a dog door. I admit, I will miss the dog, but without him, I won’t have to make myself get dressed right away to take him for walks. I won’t have to force myself to stay up and dressed when I don’t want to in order to take him out for his last walk at 9:30 at night.

I spoke to HIM on the phone. HE said he may stay in the house now and can even put a dog door in the sliding glass door since he has already blocked in the other one. HE sounded happy about my decision. He also said he may just stay in the house now until Petey dies and when the 9 months end, he will probably just buy me a mobile home wherever I want.

I won’t tell you other things he said. I won’t tell you things that could take me out of La-La-Land should I choose to believe them. I won’t/can’t throw hope away even if HE wants me to head in that direction. It’s only been a week! Before you say it, I know, it’s probably been more then a week for him. But, it’s only been a week for me. I’m not prepared to accept it as over yet. Not completely. HE announced it a few weeks ago. Look how much changed in a few weeks. We’ve really hardly been a part. The sale is coming up in a few weeks. Couldn’t his feelings change after the sale, sometime? I NEED more then a week to accept even the thought of the possibility of this being final!

So, even though I told my dog I would not leave him. He is with his daddy. I’m sure he will adjust. Physically, the cat and I are adjusting already, and I am actually relieved of the burden.

Speaking of the cat. I am back to being the Crazy Cat Lady. I lived in a 4-Bedroom House where I had a large Coca-Cola collection and my library was my Cat Room. I’ve decided to decorate my apartment with Cat Things only. I kept one or two of my Coke things only because they are unique, but that is it. I have cat pictures, cat clocks, a cat ceiling pull, a cat rug, cat checks, even a cat license plate frame. I always used to say cats came before a man and if I found a man they would have to approve of each other. If I am/go back into the single life. That will stand again. It is Firepie and I alone now to face the world.

You know the license plate frame I should have gotten: “The More I Know of Men: The More I Love My Cat.” I think I’ll get a sign, or a t-shirt, or something. I know I have to watch my spending but that would really cheer me up. Maybe I’ll buy one thing and put other stuff on my Amazon List. Heck, my friends read this. Someone get me something with that saying, Please. My B-Day is in 6 months.

I think I may actually see what I can find and update my Amazon List now.
One of my favorite shirts just got ripped anyway and had to be thrown away.


  1. Lots of mixed thoughts here…good for you giving him his dog! Let him have the reresponsibility since he made thene choice to bail. Don’t back down if he gives you guff or pulls the can you babysit crap. You left now you deal with your dog.

    Something is really bothering me BIG TIME.Youhave made reference a couple of times now to “he said other things that I wont tell you that could put me in la la land if I believed them” or other simular things like that. Its not you wont share what sas said that bothers me-thats your business. What does bother me is this: You are so vulnerable right now in your state of clinging to hope and denial that this is reality, that it leaves you wide open to being manipulated by S. The thought that he has said in no uncertain terms he wants out of the marraige and put you out of your house-but now has the audacity to say oh I just may stay now shows really pisses me off because I see clearly his capability to manipulate you. Worse even is whatever things he is telling you that “could send you to la la land…” is crap after all hes put you though already. GF don’t you let him twist your head around! Don’t you let him drag this out either in your clinging to hope because it will only serve to rip scabs off wounds trying to heal repeatedly. Stand your ground. If you want a divorce S then go on with it-file the papers, sell the house, lets do this so I can move forward and heal. This should be your stance because its plain out cruel for him to keep you in a state of maybe hell change his mind…any time now…thats crap! Pleasd for the love of God don’t let him call all the shots GF.

    • Celaine..You are misinterpreting.

      This is not manipulation in any way. This is my interpretation, NOT his communication. You are not understanding because I am not explaining it to you correctly. I do not want to get into it all, however, I said he said things that could take me OUT of La La Land. I am not pushing him to make ANY final decisions now and I am not going to let you nor anyone else do so either. It is wrong to push reality (if that’s what this is) on someone to soon when they aren’t ready. I need time to adjust to the possibility of the idea that it may be completely final.

      • Precious GF thats just it right there. Youre not going to adjust if you dont accept it as reality. How can you adjust to something youre not accepting as reality? he sooner you accept things as reality the sooner you can begin making actual steps in healing and moving forward. I love you GF-Im on Team KV and I am loyal bar none. I care about your heart and your healing. I have cried with you believe me. I know how bad it sucks where you are right now and It brings me to tears that you, an incredible, gentle spirit and giving woman are going through this. You dont deserve this at all. LOVE YOU

      • Just so you know, that is why I am starting to get professional help.

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