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Do you watch Soap Opera’s on T.V.? Consider this Blog to be a written Soap Opera..but all true. I use this Blog as a diary to the public. I write about my life. I don’t censor my life due to public viewing. I have absolutely no intention of harming anyone and I do NOT use real names. If people comment with real names; I will no longer approve the posts. Nobody really has; except first names and first names cannot really be tracked; but I don’t like those either.

I’ve asked repeatedly for people to call me ‘Bunny’ when addressing me here, so I request again to please do so. I also ask to please refrain from using initials.

As for my Followers: I do not know personally who Follows or reads this Blog nor do I want to. I know a few people personally, but only 1 or two. I prefer the anonymity of it all and if you choose to admit/tell me who you are; please accept this blog for what it is.

I do share a few of my blog entries on Facebook but they are the ones I choose. Should it lead to another Follower; that would be up to the individual. Once again, I write this just to re-clarify the reason and rules for this Blog.

It is good therapy to write and I enjoy your comments and suggesions.

I hope we will continue this journey for a long time.

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