I Can’t Cook Gluten-Free!

Before I became gluten-free, I used to love to cook, especially bake. I loved Muffins, Biscuits, Dumplings. Now, no matter how much I try or how many cookbooks I own; I just can’t do it. If you’ve been following my blog; you’ve already seen my Gluten-Free Grass Balls. Since then, I have tried to make Gluten-Free Bread Pudding which turned out worse then Brittle. It was inedible.

And here is yesterday’s disaster..um..concoction..uh..experiment:



These were supposed to be Dumplings, but, they turned into one big blob that was a cross between a dumpling and a pancake. I use Bob’s Red Mill All-Purpose Gluten-Free Flour in hopes of using only one flour. I don’t see baking enough to buy tons of different flours and I don’t like measuring out tons of different ingredients.

So, I may have to give up baking and eat gluten-free baked good already prepared from now on.

Gluten Free Grass Balls


This is very odd as I just wrote it all out and nothing showed up. Let me try again. I made what was supposed to be Cheddar Bay Biscuits but they turned into balls that did not rise after using Red Mill Gluten Free All Purpose Flour without Xanthum Gum. The batter tasted like grass which is why I called it the title I did. This was my breakfast.

I had also mentioned that we saw ‘Scary Movie V’ tonight and unless you have seen the movie ‘Mama’; I suggest you see that first before seeing ‘Scary Movie V’. It seemed as if ‘Mama’ was the main movie, ‘Scary Movie V’ seemed to make fun of this time.

I guess I get tired of Hollywood and their re-makes. It seems as if they are running out of new material.

Yes, I know ‘Scary Movie’ is not a re-make of ‘Mama’ but it may as well have been.

Back To School #8

I made my husband dinner yesterday which he found to be average so I had to try a tiny potato with sauce while knowing full well it was probably going to bother me.  Needless to say, I woke up with a terrible headache and stomach issues.  Oh well, my fault.  I know to stay gluten-free.   I think my husbands main problem is actually the fact that he believes I should not change a recipe.  He doesn’t cook yet believes you need to cook a recipe  by the book every time.  I mentioned I tweaked the recipe and I seriously think in his mind he immediately found something wrong with it.  Even though, I told him I used more Sausage and stuff to make it better for him.

And now to Back To School #8-

I mentioned in a previous post that I don’t go around slapping slow people.  Actually, I alway’s made friends with the Underdogs.  Here are a few examples:

In elementary  while playing in the yard, I saw a girl by herself way in the back so I ran over there and asked her if she wanted to play.  She said, “You don’t want to play with me because I’m fat.”  I said, “I’m skinny, so what?”  Then she said, “Well, I’m Jewish.”  and I said, “So, I’m Catholic. Do you want to play or not?”  Needless to say, we became friends for a while.  Our friendship did not end over our religions or our body types.

There was a boy in one of my classes that got picked on all the time.  At first I felt sorry for him.  The other students went so far as to put rubber bands under his desk (which were forbidden) so he would get kicked out of class and a few girls I know egged him on to show them his penis so he would get kicked out of school.  This was in 6th grade.  (Times were different then.  Things were more innocent and not as strict or menacing as now.)  I made friends with this boy and we have been friends ever since.  I didn’t know his home life but figured he needed a positive person to help him out.

Another boy was Roy (no, not his real name.)  Roy really wanted to learn about sex.  Sex education at school wasn’t much so he brought books to school to read and the other students made fun of him. I remember one was called, “The Woman’s Body.”  Honestly, I thought it was very brave to read and learn about it.  However:  one day he asked me this, “Would you ever take your clothes off in front of me?”  I was shocked, I was like, “Roy, NO!”  He goes, “I wouldn’t touch anything.  I just want to look.” I said, “No Roy, I can’t do that.” and he asked, “Why not?  I thought we were friends.”  I tried to explain that we are but friends don’t do that.  It’s a different type friendship level.  He needs someone like a girlfriend that he is in a relationship with.

Not A Flash To Be Had

Went to my Primary yesterday and got put on Z-Pac.  Usually, that’s like a miracle drug for me so I really hope it works this time.  Getting really tired of feeling like crap.

Threw chicken, chicken gravy, cheese and Ruffles Potato Chips in the Crock-Pot for my husband for his dinner.  I hope it tastes like something and not crap.  We didn’t have any bread crumbs which is why I used the potato chips.

I bought myself a Purple 8″ non-stick frying pan and some red utensils plus my girlfriend is going to give me a large non-stick frying pan which I am going to use for my GF Foods to start cooking some of my stuff separate from some of my husbands stuff.  We don’t usually eat at the same time anyway but sometimes my stomach acts up and I swear I haven’t eaten anything with gluten in it.

My stupid Flash Player on the computer has stopped working and refuses to download no matter how much I try.  It will say it downloaded but then it still won’t work.  I don’t know who to call in to help.  The Geek Squad costs money.  Maybe they are worth checking into.  I totally  need the Flash Player as I cannot even play FB Games anymore or do much needed research on things.


Doc Update and Other Things

I need to find a non-stick saute pan with a lid.  I bought a saute pan with a lid that is not non-stick and the first thing it did was made my  food burn and stick to the pan.  Can we say Annoying!!!

My theory came true but not because I mentioned it.  I got a really bad headache last night and had to take my strong medicine.  I think it was because of my mental day on Wed.  A lot of times when my brain acts up; I pay for it later.    I am praying I am not getting sick today though because I woke up feeling like crap.  I shouldn’t be to surprised because while at the hospital, people were coughing, sneezing, etc. and I still have my wonderful immune system.

I saw my Gastro yesterday and he said the main way to confirm I have Celiac would be a biopsy but the biopsy would not come out correctly unless I stopped eating gluten for a while which I am not going to do.  Plus, if the biopsy came out positive the treatment would be to go on a total, gluten-free diet which I’m doing anyway so we may as well just things alone.  I just term myself Celiac and live this way.    It’s easier to say I am; then to say I have a wheat intolerance.  I don’t know about Rye or Barley anyway.  It’ s not something I’ve really tested on my system.

My Gastro also checked my Anal Skin Tags.  Luckily, it was quick and he didn’t have to use the invasive tool because he can SEE them.  He confirmed they are Skin Tags and gave me a new cream to try out, plus he said if this doesn’t work he will refer me to a surgeon.  Please pray it works..

Today is the B-Day of someone I am not in contact with.  She is 7.  I don’t know if I can wish her a Happy Birthday on Facebook or not.  If her father announces it,  I suppose I will wish her one in the comments section.  This will be the first year ever that I did not get her a birthday present.  She will alway’s be in my thoughts.

A Health Update

I ordered somesomething called H-Fissures from Amoil for these Anal Fissures which I am going to try.  I keep looking up surgery which I don’t think the docs want to do and I am not even sure which type of doc to see anymore.  The last doctor I saw for this was horrible and refused to even consider surgery plus the side effects of surgery sound and can be terrible.  I am tired of this horrible pain so I really need to do something.  It sure doesn’t make daily life any easier.

My stomach has gotten much better by going Gluten-Free and I am looking forward to getting myself some Gluten-Free Cookbooks so I can make more foods here at home.  I find the store foods to be a bit on the expensive side even on the web and I still have to eat a bit to keep up with my Protein requirement… then again, if I eat to many Protein Bars or Protein Chips, I go  over.  But, stomach- wise, it is great to feel almost like a normal person again…whatever normal may be.

Different Things

My doctors have upped my protein to 40 grams a day which should be interesting considering it was a bit tough to get 36 but they want me to start drinking Soy Milk to help out.

Yesterday was a really good day health wise and today seems to be starting off well too.  I threw some Chicken in the Crock-Pot for my husband and made his favorite potato’s for dinner for him last night.

We booked our hotel for our trip.  Primm Valley is also called State-Line as it is bordering the states of California/Nevada.  The hotel we chose is the same hotel my dad used to stop at all the time on the way back from Vegas.  Maybe it will bring me/us some luck.  Wouldn’t that be nice?

We are having 3 people come tomorrow to  give us estimates on refinishing the wood floors.  We are having wood floors done in our Hallway & Living Room areas.  I have to totally clear out and sweep the Library though (my Hoarder Room, as my husband likes to call it ) because that room already has wood floor so that will have to be the sample room.  So  cleaning that room, even if it means putting everything in closets, is my main goal of the day.

Health & Food


My stomach bothered me almost all night last night and woke me up 3-4 times; one time even causing an accident.  Plus, I was coughing, sneezing, freezing again.  If this stuff is not gone I don’t know what to do.
I am starting to wonder if the stomach got so bad because I had Pizza.  I love Pizza but it tends to have a bad effect on me.  Although, so can the Potato Salad I finished and sometimes to much Olive Oil maybe or.. but maybe I should cut out Pizza entirely.  I don’t know.  I should at least finish the other half in the frig first (it’s a Personal Pan) although I should probably wait until Friday after the Hearing.  Who knows with me?.. I am and always will me a mess.  I pray I can convince Disability of this.
I have a Sausage/Potato Dish in the Crock-Pot which completely grossed me out.  It’s not so bad now but I had to touch the Sausage which was totally disgusting.  I’m trying to make different things for my husband