House Tour In My Mind

He texted me on Friday that the house was for sale with the price and I will get half.

I immediately started looking up websites to see the pictures. Why? To put myself through the agony of touring my house again. That’s why. To see if they did anything to it to get it ready to sell.

To remember my kitchen and sitting at the table where I read the paper or did paperwork or ate, to see our BIG 73 inch? television set that HE wanted and the theater seating. I know we had surround sound yet, we rarely used it. To see our back yard and almost cry over the memories of the bird feeders as I remembered throwing bread or filling the feeders all the time to keep them full and watching MY birds or all the birds in the neighborhood fly in, and remembering having to put a little wire fence around the feeder so Petey wouldn’t eat the bird-seed. I walked down the hall (in my memory) and saw my Library which is empty now except for a chair and the exercise bike which HE teased me because I barely used, but I got a good deal on that bike where I used to work and I did use it quite a bit until I got sick. HIS room was once the guest room and not much is shown of it, but it was also once the Coke room holding all my Coca-Cola Collectables and the Hall Bathroom matched. Surprisingly, the Hall Bath is the same. The Coca-Cola Curtains are still up in the Bedroom and the Coca-Cola Shower Curtain is still up in the bath. I thought you were supposed to keep everything generic in case a buyer did not like Coke. I remember looking for and finding Coca-Cola knobs for the cabinets and I really, miss my large, sink in, Jacuzzi Tub. The Master Bedroom which became mine had been painted to match the bath. Picking the paint had been an excruciating process but I had finally found just the right shade of gray. It is still painted that color but the bath has been re-painted to match the main walls of the house which looks really stupid, in my opinion. The shower itself, is gorgeous; as I remember having it redone from the original. Then, we have HIS office. HE never did really want to decorate in there or make it HIS but he did have some Laker stuff. There is not much now.

I think I understand now why he kept it plain and bare. I guess if you don’t love your wife and haven’t for over ten years, you might give up the relationship any time so what’s the point of decorating and trying to make a place home? I did give him a cardboard, stand-up Shaq for a gift though and I am hoping it is in the garage, as he did say he would not give it away or sell it, but was probably going to keep it and take it with him if he moves somewhere new. I did not see it in any of the pictures, so I wonder. Of course, he said a lot of things that weren’t true. (refer to last post) and Shaq really doesn’t matter anymore.

We arrive back in the Living Room, as there are no pics posted of the garage.

He Gets The Dog and Other Animal Things


Before we got married, HE had dogs and I had cats. We had cat and dog figurines on the wedding cake next to the Bride and Groom and cats and dogs going down the stairs from the top cake to the ground over a fountain; since we only had one Bridesmaid and one Groomsman.

Now we are separated. I slept solid last night after another sob fest. But, I woke up with a clear head and made a solid decision. HE can have his dog. Yes, I love that dog. Yes, I’ve cared for that dog. However, technically it is HIS dog. HE chose the dog. His friends gave us the dog. He has begged for visiting rights/privileges with the dog. Within the last week, I have finally gotten the dog to pee on the patio. PEE on the patio. That is only one part of his business. I used to sleep in until 9 and 10 because the dog had a dog door. I admit, I will miss the dog, but without him, I won’t have to make myself get dressed right away to take him for walks. I won’t have to force myself to stay up and dressed when I don’t want to in order to take him out for his last walk at 9:30 at night.

I spoke to HIM on the phone. HE said he may stay in the house now and can even put a dog door in the sliding glass door since he has already blocked in the other one. HE sounded happy about my decision. He also said he may just stay in the house now until Petey dies and when the 9 months end, he will probably just buy me a mobile home wherever I want.

I won’t tell you other things he said. I won’t tell you things that could take me out of La-La-Land should I choose to believe them. I won’t/can’t throw hope away even if HE wants me to head in that direction. It’s only been a week! Before you say it, I know, it’s probably been more then a week for him. But, it’s only been a week for me. I’m not prepared to accept it as over yet. Not completely. HE announced it a few weeks ago. Look how much changed in a few weeks. We’ve really hardly been a part. The sale is coming up in a few weeks. Couldn’t his feelings change after the sale, sometime? I NEED more then a week to accept even the thought of the possibility of this being final!

So, even though I told my dog I would not leave him. He is with his daddy. I’m sure he will adjust. Physically, the cat and I are adjusting already, and I am actually relieved of the burden.

Speaking of the cat. I am back to being the Crazy Cat Lady. I lived in a 4-Bedroom House where I had a large Coca-Cola collection and my library was my Cat Room. I’ve decided to decorate my apartment with Cat Things only. I kept one or two of my Coke things only because they are unique, but that is it. I have cat pictures, cat clocks, a cat ceiling pull, a cat rug, cat checks, even a cat license plate frame. I always used to say cats came before a man and if I found a man they would have to approve of each other. If I am/go back into the single life. That will stand again. It is Firepie and I alone now to face the world.

You know the license plate frame I should have gotten: “The More I Know of Men: The More I Love My Cat.” I think I’ll get a sign, or a t-shirt, or something. I know I have to watch my spending but that would really cheer me up. Maybe I’ll buy one thing and put other stuff on my Amazon List. Heck, my friends read this. Someone get me something with that saying, Please. My B-Day is in 6 months.

I think I may actually see what I can find and update my Amazon List now.
One of my favorite shirts just got ripped anyway and had to be thrown away.

Not Partying, Yes Decorating

Well, it’s been decided and I’ve decided not to attend the party this year for a few reasons:  I said the reason was because my husband made me a better offer which is technically true, although we decided to go gambling on a different day and on Saturday to decorate for Christmas and to go to dinner.  My actual B-Day is on Friday but Friday may be really crowded so we may go to dinner on Sat instead.  I haven’t decided when or where yet, plus, just spending time with my husband is probably better for our relationship at present

The 2nd reason is;  I don’t drink anymore which I think I’ve already mentioned and most everyone else at the party does so it gets weird to watch everyone get drunk and act stupid, plus the fact that they all get into this weird sexy stuff that I am just not last year someone was carrying around a naked blow-up doll which I found disturbing.  Call me a Prude, that way.  This year, they are having a raffle.  Some of the things discussed up for the raffle were questionable. And add to that the fact I can’t eat anything since I am gluten-intolerant so I would have to eat before I go and graze on veggie’s only if they had any.

3rdly is the fact that I am still healing from surgery.  I like to think I am healed but the tape is off now and the stitches are starting to itch as they heal plus, it is pressure in the area and hard to start when I go, so it isn’t like dancing would be good for me; and last year one of the restrooms were out-of-order and one of the girls had to guard the door when I went in.  With how long I take now, I would hate for that to have to happen again.

In other news, I love to theme decorate and as soon as I get the energy and the time, I am going to start indoor decorating.  I decorate my house with Snowman.  I have a few other things scattered here and there that have sentimental value like an Elf my neighbor made (the neighbor passed awynot long ago) and a few things from when I used to sell Christmas Around The World. but otherwise, it is Snowman all the way.  Oh yes, and of course Animal Christmas stuff.  I cannot forget Cat and Dog Christmas.

Do you theme decorate or is it just basically Christmas as your theme or Hanukkah or whatever you celebrate?  Have you already started/finished decorating?  Are you in the mood?

Not Getting Get What I Paid For

I ordered a poster from a company with the word Poster and the word Revolution in the title where they have really good prices.  (You can do this people.  You can actually figure out the company name.  This is easier than Charades or Scattergory or Password!)  Anyway, I ordered this poster on the 21st of July..  Check your’s now August. . Said poster was supposed to be mailed 3 days after payment which would be the 24th. (Hey, I can do math tonight.)’s not here.  I was supposed to receive an e-mail stating it’s shipped. .Nope..never received one.  ..Yes, I’ve checked my Spam folder over and over and over.  So, I called Customer Service.  First, I’m told “Oh, we don’t have it in stock.  We should have it  but there is a delay with the Vendor.  It should be there on the 8th of August.” (By the way, today is the 9th.) I call again yesterday and speak to someone else.  “No, it should be shipped today but it won’t be shipped until 12.  It is only 2 here now and it has until 12. (Midnight?..really?) Here’s my name and extension.  I will check with my supervisor and I will e-mail you an update the first thing in the a.m.”

This morning comes….No E-mail.  So, I call and I’m put on hold for over 8 minutes with music and the recording that comes on periodically of “Our representatives will be happy to assist you but are serving other customers, please hold the line and..blah, blah, blah..” I hang up and call back.  This time, I try the option O hoping to get to an Operator.  I get disconnected.  I even tried a third time with the representatives extension that I talked to.  Nope.  “Our representatives will be happy to assist you….”  (Can we say really annoyed by now????)

So, I do the next step.  Send an e-mail.  “Where is my poster?  What is going on?  This is the situation.”.described situation including names, etc..” then I go to e-Bay, find same poster from the UK and purchase it.  Go back to Poster website (figured it out yet?) and write another e-mail, “CANCEL MY ORDER PLEASE.”  Yes, that part is in caps.  Add a bit more explanation, but I am not rude.

Guess what?  I got a response.  I am getting my refund in a few days.

If this doesn’t work out, I will have to find another poster of same subject.

I won’t tell you what it is yet because I may post a picture of it when it finally gets here.


*Update-8/10/12-My new poster from e-Bay has already been marked as Shipped.  e-Bay Rocks!


Bad Sale Economy

The garage sale was fun although I only made $43.00.  I enjoyed spending time with my friend and we even wore matching hats for a while.  One of the things I really enjoyed was watching and talking to the people who showed up. It must be the economy though because they were haggling from the time they showed up over $1.00 items.  Dolls marked $1.00 went 2 for 1.  A really nice mirror that started at $10.00 then went down to $5.00 and got sold for $3.00 along with my exercise mat.  I was quartering and diming most everything at the end just to get rid of it.

My friend didn’t do much better and when I visited the neighbor, she also made about $40.00; so it looks like we all made about the same amount we got in change.  I guess you could say we broke even.  Hey, I wonder if that is better or about the same odds as Vegas.  At least we didn’t lose like in State-Line.  But, we did lose some of our old stuff which was the main intention.

Then on Sunday, I went to Fantastic Sams and had my hair colored and I had to laugh when the bill came to exactly $43.00.  Sort of like a free hair color.  Not bad.

We  found all our Living Room pics at Aaron Bro’s.  They are having a sale on one, get a matching one for a penny.  Plus, I ordered an awesome growling, Panther Poster from which I am going to put in one of the frames.  So, our Living Room is 90% complete.  We still need DVD/CD storage.


What Do You Do All Day?

For those who are unemployed, (especially with ADD/ADHD) how do you spend your day?

My husband asks the question, “What do you do all day?” Heck, my doctor has asked that one too.  It’s hard to explain:

I admit, I spend way to much time reading then doing.  I read way to many blogs on WordPress and my other journal catching up with new blogs I follow to make whatever comments necessary and to feel as if I’ve gotten to know the authors of the blogs before posting my own blog.  I check my e-mail and Facebook every day without fail.  Okay, the e-mail without fail.  I may look at Facebook but if I don’t post, that’s not a big deal.  I make a list of things to do but I am so slow in the morning I usually don’t get started until 11 or 12.  Plus, I give myself credit if half the list gets done.  The list includes things like wash hair, fill coffee container, make husbands lunch.  Simple things that normal people (whatever normal is) would naturally do without a reminder.

I have been focusing on the upcoming garage sale  lately and finding more things to sell each day and I put an ad on Craig’s List and posted on Facebook about it so it will be a success.  Plus, I have been looking for a framed picture of a Black Panther (animal) for the Living Room Wall since we’ve decided to decorate with wild animals and abstract art.

Sometimes, it doesn’t look like I accomplish much, but I really do.  I only allow myself one  or two t.v. shows during the afternoon and the rest are after my husband gets home from work.

I make a list every night for the next day and transfer over the things that didn’t get done  to the next days list.  It’s a never-ending cycle.  Weekends..nothing on the list gets done though since my husband is home and it is a wknd after all.

Life’s Fun & Trials

My doctors are messing up again and I need an emergency formula refill like overnight so I can pick it up tomorrow.  The company that took it over has to many people involved so this means I had to call the hospital and will have to drive tomorrow to pick some up, provided they can get some that quickly.  This is the formula for my metabolic disorder which is totally important and cannot be missed.

The main furniture of the house has been bought and arrived (seating) and the Area Rug is on order.  Now, it is onto accessorizing with end tables,  lamps, pictures, etc. but we need a bit of relaxation time, I think, to enjoy what we’ve got so far.  I bought a Swiffer Sweeper to use on the floor which I am going to try in a few.

I love Pumpkin Seeds and Jiffy Pop but at least one of them does not love me.  I think it may be the store-bought Pumpkin Seeds.  My stomach went crazy yesterday plus, how stupid to be eating pumpkin or any type of seeds while having anal issues.  Talk about pain! 

I was invited to a Beach Party but I sent a regret with having other plans.  Until I get this anal thing cleared up, I am not comfortable swimming or going to the Beach.  Especially the Beach…I cannot imagine getting sand or salt water in my bottoms.  Ouch!       

Cutting Right to the Chaise

We found a Chaise and it is being delivered today!  It is Vinyl verses Leather with Microfiber, a side back and 4 big + one small comfy side pillows.  So comfy.  We found the Chaise at Furniture Club and got a really good deal.  It is supposed to be (or used to be) part of a set but they sold it separate.   It is being delivered today.  And, the sofa is being delivered tomorrow!    Plus, tomorrow we are delivering (or at least my husband and his uncle are) our sofa set to the couple that bought it.


Sold and Almost Decided

A nice older couple came and bought the sofa set last night.  We even threw in the matching large couch.  Plus, I may have found a Chaise yesterday.  It is a brown, Microfiber that will match the couch Steve chose.  I really wasn’t going to do brown or microfiber but with a colored area rug.. it should still work.  I have a few more options to call on but I really think we may just get this one and finally be done with it.  Once, I get this purchased.. I can go back to focusing on the rest of my life again.
Actually  after the Chaise is purchased, we can figure out the minor things such as side tables, lamps, etc. I may invest in some animal beds and scratching posts or things to scatter around  to deter my babies off the furniture a bit.  Of course that will be hard as they love to be with us.

I cannot believe how much of a search it’s been trying to find this.  I just know it’s going to be worth it in the long run.  Heck, I’ll probably let Petey up with me right away and totally ignore the last paragraph (well, I won’t have bought all the other stuff yet anyway) and we can just take a long nap. …Yeah…I know….I’m dreaming already.

Health & Furniture

During all this moving things around, I still have to find paper work and now I need to call at least one doctor to verify an appointment which I think may be this week.

I do have good news because after calling around, I found out my Gastro-enterologist may be able to help me with my Anal Fissure/Skin Tag issue and I see him on the 21st.  This is an appointment I am actually looking forward to going to.  He is not a new doctor..he is the one that did the Colonoscopy so he knows me and hopefully he can at least give me something if I am not a candidate for surgery.

My stomach went on revolt this morning and I have no idea why.  I haven’t eaten anything different (at least no  Wheat or Gluten) however, I have touched quite a bit of my husbands food.  Heck. I cook for him and if I really do have Celiac; I will have to be extra careful with that.  that is something else I will need to discuss with my Gastro.

We looked at furniture last night at Easy Life and I think we know what we want.  Now, it’s just a case of finding it.  My husband doesn’t have a lot of patience so I know he is bummed and wanted to find it last night but I think we will probably find it on-line.


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