Losing Weight..Bad Way For Me

If you’re looking for a few ways to lose weight, I have some. Separate from your husband of 12 years unexpectedly. During that time, cry almost every day and don’t eat meals when you are supposed to. It won’t be hard because you won’t be hungry. Your body will give you headaches and other pains, you will take pills for that pain and if you aren’t moving things around or focusing on something like the television to take your mind off reality, your trying to sleep without dreaming; which only works with drugs. As time goes on; your clothes start to become loose.

Within the last four weeks, I have lost four pounds. Yesterday, I noticed how loose my clothes were becoming so I bought some candy realizing I need those extra calories throughout the day. I just got on the scale this morning. I know I need to start eating again at regular intervals, as well as snacking. I also know I need to start tracking my food again. Stress is terrible for everyone’s immune systems but mine especially because of my disease and kidney transplant.

It will be a solid month on Friday since this occurred. That means I will have 8 more months in this apartment. Friday will mark a solid month of tears and lack of sleep and wonder and pain of what went wrong in my 12 year marriage to a man who loved me (I thought and believed) when we walked down that wedding aisle and said his vows in front of all our friends and family. The same day I sang his favorite song to him at the wedding reception, “I’ll Always Love You.” by Olivia Newton-John.

I am supposed to be drinking one Ensure Plus every day for dietary purposes. I may up that to two for a bit. I need to gain weight. I don’t care if I am eating candy. I know I need to eat more. I cannot wither away and make myself sick. My cat needs me, if nobody else does. I do have friends that still care about me.

Today, I will start again to get back on track physically. I will eat even if I’m not hungry. I may even start tracking my food again. I can’t do this to myself. If I do this to myself and my body, I will have let him win and proved that he was right, that I NEED someone to take care of me. Which I Don’t. I just need to get my emotions in check and start taking care of myself again. As the weight comes off, reality hits and it ain’t a pretty picture!

How Natural is Capri Sun?

So, today I called the company number from the Capri Sun Lemonade pouch because I threw the main box away and I needed to know if it iwas gluten safe.  It had a few ingredients on the pouch but very few and just because something is “all natural” really tells me nothing.  After all, “Wheat” is “all natural” and that is what I cannot have.

Anyway, so, I talk to a Customer Service Rep whom I think said her name was Lori and she asks me for the bar code #.  I’d already told her I threw the main box away but I tell her again and she says, “Well, that’s a problem since the ingredients are listed on the box.” She goes on to say that their products are mainly gluten-free but cannot be guaranteed gluten-free because they are made in a facility that processes wheat and other items that contain gluten; so she recommends if anyone has a gluten allergy or sensitivity to throw the product away.  I’m like, “What?, I don’t have the box and you don’t have a list of the ingredients in this product of Lemonade?”  (That didn’t make sense to me at all.) and she says, “No, because of the date on the batch. You need the ingredients of the specific date of the batches.”  Needless to say, after that call, I did not throw the Lemonade away (I had like 9 pouches left, but I did give them to a neighbor after asking if her children drank the stuff.

I do find it very odd that the ingredients may be different depending on the date of the batches.  I just think the Customer Service girl was going by the information on the internet which was the same thing I did, and did not have the box handy..in which case. She was no real help at all.  Needless to say, if you are gluten-intolerant or gluten-sensitive. I would stay away from that stuff.

Life’s Happenings

I am so tired today.  I tried to start my 50 grams of Protein yesterday but that didn’t even come close.  I developed a horrible Migraine Headache with nausea plus I was up all night in the restroom.  To much milk and cheese, I think.  So, excited about eating cheese again I went a bit overboard and I am Lactose Intolerant.  Even with Lactaid, I have issues.  I hope it is just the type of protein that is causing me problems and this won’t become constant because of the amount.  I don’t need constant/excessive headaches again.  They were really starting to even out.

I got a call from a Surgeon’s office yesterday saying that my referral was approved.  However, I don’t drive freeways and the office was to far away in location. so I called the insurance company and had it changed to another Surgeon who is closer to home.  I need to call today to confirm the change has been made.  I can hardly believe they actually put a rush on something!

My poor husband is going crazy at work as they heap more and more work on him but the good news is: he just got another bonus which means he already received two bonuses this year alone.  I said “Good. because another large bill is on the way.”  Yep, just the way the cycle goes round.

Doctor Updates& Tush Talk

So, I called the Specialist today and she is going to put the referral in now for the Colorectal Surgeon.  Hopefully it will be approved in time for my appointment on the 19th.  Of course, then I make an appointment with the Colorectal Surgeon before the actual Botox procedure, I’m sure.. but at least I’m headed the right direction.

In the meantime, I ordered one of those pillows with the holes in it. ..Donut Pillows?.. to sit on.  Supposedly, it shipped from GA on the 10th.  How long can it take to get from GA to CA?

Enough Tush Talk for tonight…  I saw. my metabolic specialist today and they upped my protein to 50 grams per day but want to keep the calories at 1700.  They say  I can pick foods that are higher in protein and lower in calories.  Yeah, wish me luck on this.  Weird how font suddenly changed to italics there..but I digress.  They started bagging on my Ruffles, Coca-Cola and GF Donuts but I rarely eat those things and I have to eat semi-normal treats sometime.  I have to admit I was excited when they encouraged me to start eating cheese for a snack as I love Smokey cheese.  The idea is to get my protein up without getting my weight up to quickly.  Of course, if my other issues heal up ; I can start exercising again which would help with the weight issues as well.

Back To My Normal Posting Schedule

Hey, I’m back.

Okay, So, we went to Vegas and spent some time with my Mother-In-Law.  What was really cool is I also got to spent some time with my Foster Sister who I hardly ever get to see.  This may be the last time we see each other since she is moving to Connecticut.  It was so good to see her and her mother and sister.  I haven’t seen her mother and sister in years except on Facebook as her sister and I play games.

Anyway, we stayed at The Golden Nugget which is a nice hotel but quite big and you have to pay extra for a lot.  Even the gym costs extra.  They have a beautiful Shark Tank and CSI filmed an episode there which will be aired this month I think.  I don’t think we want to stay at the bigger hotels anymore because we really don’t find it quite enjoyable having to call each other to stay, “Where are you?, Meet me by the Grill”., etc.    We visited the store where they film “Pawn Stars” and I bought myself an “I Love Chum- Le’ t-shirt plus, the Freemont Experience thing they play above is beautiful.  If my video’s would download the way I want them to, you can see a sample soon.

No, we didn’t win any money but check this out… we had to leave early yesterday morning so I had 20 minutes and I got on a game called ‘Little Green Men’ which had been my mother’s favorite machine. (mom died about 2 years ago.) It was a quarter machine.  Anyway, I said, “Okay Mom, This is your favorite machine.  I have about 15 minutes.  Let’s win something.’  I started getting bonuses.  Nothing big.  But, I was having fun.  I think I got 3 bonuses in 15 minutes.  I went from $20.00 to about $36.00.  My mother did want to gamble a bit before I left. HA. 🙂

My IBS started acting up since the night before we left (Having accidents) and I had the Flu Shot yesterday at Walgreens so I am feeling a bit weird and like (dare I say it?) crap today.  I know the side effects of any surgery I have would be leakage and I am already experiencing it so I now know I would have no problem handling it.  It’s absolutely disgusting but it wouldn’t be a problem.  I am hoping if I get back onto my diet I eat here at home, I might even out again.  But, I believe the flu shot is now taking effect.


Post On Spam

Today I want to talk about Spam.  Spam is a lunch meat.  I used to like it before I became Vegetarian/Flexitarain and gave in to my love of animals.  Plus, I need to be on a low-protein diet anyway due to my disease..but I digress.. I used to take Spam Sandwiches for lunch which was basically canned Spam mixed with mayo in a sandwich.    My father was a retired Marine having served a long time in the Marine Corps. (being on the USS Tennessee which was attached to the USS Arizona during Pearl Harbor and losing half his men as well)…  Yeah.. Yeah.  I know… once again I digress.   Anyway, dad used to call Spam “Shit On A Shingle” because he said that is pretty much all they ate and it tasted terrible. but when I was in school, I liked the taste.

Nnow we call the weird messages we get from weird people who have nothing to do with the topics we write about, “Spam.”  Does anyone know how that came about?  Could there not have been another word for it?  Let’s see..we could see it as a possible threat.  We could have just said P.T. or it could cause possible computer harm so there’s always the term, “Warning Llight.”  Hey, I like that.  We already have a trash folder here but Spam?  Is that really insulting enough for all these weird messages we really don’t want, can’t use, and/or are possibly harmful to our computers?

Do you ever wonder just what the production company of Spam thinks of this?

Also, speaking of Spam… I have been.  What types of Spam do you receive on your blog site?  Isn’t it weird to get Spam leading yu to other sites that have absolutely nothing to do with yours?  and why do I get comments starting “Dear Webmaster..”  Now, that is weird.  I guess sex type spam will show up everywhere so that is not to much of a surprise nor are the ones of how to get more followers.  Like I would follow a Spam suggestion.  I think not.


Docs & Food

So, I drove to the hospital and picked up my formula refill.  They only gave me about a weeks worth, if that.  So, I called the company who said they would call the shipping company and get back to me.  Not a big deal to them.. I am just one of their clients now.

Saw the doc regarding the sharp pain in my kidney area.  Almost didn’t want to go because that has pretty much taken care of itself.  I rarely ever feel that anymore except once in a while.  I wonder if it had anything to do with my stomach issues.  Anyway, the doctor said the labs did nothing he wanted regarding the 24-hour urin.  He actually said “the test was a waste.”  He wasn’t surprised though because this has happened with other people due to the Insurance Company.  Nothing new on the kidney stone.  He said to just come back in 6 months and he will get a regular x-ray.

Received my fist batch of GF Food I ordered from The Gluten Free Mall this time.  I spoiled myself and got a whole GF-Pumpkin Pie.  Think I’ll have a piece for Breakfast.  Unfortunately, each piece only has two grams of Protein so I’ll need to work on that during the day.  I need 40 grams of Protein and 1700 Calories per day at least.  The Dry Ice they packed it in was easier to get through because I wore gloves and used my gripper/grabber tool.  Last time, the ice fell out of the packet and onto the kitchen floor.  I grabbed it with my bare hands and burned my finger in the process.

A Health Update

I ordered somesomething called H-Fissures from Amoil for these Anal Fissures which I am going to try.  I keep looking up surgery which I don’t think the docs want to do and I am not even sure which type of doc to see anymore.  The last doctor I saw for this was horrible and refused to even consider surgery plus the side effects of surgery sound and can be terrible.  I am tired of this horrible pain so I really need to do something.  It sure doesn’t make daily life any easier.

My stomach has gotten much better by going Gluten-Free and I am looking forward to getting myself some Gluten-Free Cookbooks so I can make more foods here at home.  I find the store foods to be a bit on the expensive side even on the web and I still have to eat a bit to keep up with my Protein requirement… then again, if I eat to many Protein Bars or Protein Chips, I go  over.  But, stomach- wise, it is great to feel almost like a normal person again…whatever normal may be.

Fresh Bread Again

I found tons of Gluten-Free restaurants in Vegas and a lot of them are the same places here so I don’t have to do double the work.  However, I am actually printing the Gluten-Free menu’s here and I am keeping a folder.

My stomach was totally acting terrible today and I woke up at 3:30 thinking I was going to vomit.  I hate it when these things happen out of the blue.  The only thing I can think of is maybe the Soy-Milk I’ve been drinking has been open to long but the date is okay and it tasted fine.

After I wrote that part, I read about Gluten Withdrawal and how it can take months to get Gluten out of your system.  I guess that can make sense after years and years of pain so that is possibly another reason for those times of sudden and fierce episodes I continue to have.

I made a loaf of Gluten Free Bread in my Bread-Machine using Anna’s Gluten-Free Bread Flour and I must say it turned out better than I expected.  It is Tapioca based verses Rice based and it was so gooey I wasn’t sure it was going to mix well.  Adding more flour just made it more wet.  I added more sugar in hopes to dry it a bit so it is sweet.

I got the socks folded, the kitchen floor swept and a Walgreen’s run done today and discovered I have no real appointments this week except the Chiro so I’m hoping to get some more cleaning done each day to see what gets accomplished.

The Same and Changes

I went to Z-Pizza tonight and got Gluten Free Pizza.  It is expensive but it has 6 pieces so two at a time will give me 3 meals anyway.  I called Papa John’s because if you look up Gluten-Free Pizza on the internet it pops up first and a lot of their toppings are gluten-free so I asked about their crust and they said it isn’t.  When I asked if I bring my own gluten-free crust in, if they would be willing to make a pizza with their toppings; they said they cannot do that.  That’s not fair.  Maybe I’ll l’ll talk to a manager or ask Pizza Hut.  I do believe more pizza places should help gluten-free people out.

We are planning a vacation this year and I think we are going to go to Vegas for a few days.  We were going to go to a convention in Oregon but I think I’d like to pass while I give this new diet some time.  I actually had an accident last night and didn’t know about it until this morning.  I think I would like to be in a semi-familiar atmosphere with lots of restrooms available.

Tomorrow my husbands’ uncle is coming over and we are going to have him re-paint my room again.  Sort of like deja-vu as there is another post about this.  I went with a friend and picked out the last color.  I want the room a real pretty shade of gray however the last one I picked has a blue undertone and originally the room was blue.  When he started painting, I had a feeling it wasn’t going to work.  It’s been almost a month and I still don’t like it.  I am tired of Blue.

This time my husband and I went to the store and I chose a color titled “Warm Gray Linen”.  It is actually a bit dark but there is no blue undertone.  I don’t mind the bedroom being dark as it is mainly for sleeping.  I am really looking forward to getting away from the blue and I believe this time I will be really satisfied.

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