The Shoppers Come Out Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the garage sale.  If you live in Orange County, CA and want more info, go to Craig’s List.  I posted an ad for it.  I really hope I make some money this time.  Even a small profit would be nice.  We don’t have a lot but we do have a lot of  big items like stand-up lamps.

I think after this I will start focusing on shredding, catching up on cleaning, doctor appointments and catching up with friends.

It’s weird not having therapist and chiropractic appointments anymore but it really does help save money.  $20.00 a visit puts your bank account  in the hole fast.  Now, I can get back to ordering gifts for Christmas early so I don’t go broke in December and in covering Birthdays.  Despite the fact that I never used to get my nieces and nephews presents for birthdays since they are adults, I figure since I am trying to stay close to those I have left and if I can afford to send something small for their birthday and it helps to brighten their day (especially the  unmarried ones), I will.  It’s difficult when the branches start falling off the family tree.  Funny, because I’m not really close to family but I’m closer than I realised, I guess.



Day of Mentalness

Yesterday I visited my doctor at CHOC.  Yes, I’m an adult and still visit a Children’s Hospital due to my metabolic disorder.  It’s always fun when the nurse comes in and having not read the notes looks at you with surprise and confirms, “You’re the patient?”  I am gaining weight which is good (can we say more new clothes in the near future?) and they upped my Protein to 44 grams a day.  This is interesting because what they are doing is slowly upping my Protein to see how much I can handle.  With my disease, I am supposed to be on a low-protein diet so technically they are raising it to see what will make me sick.  Fun.

I use a cup to mix my formula which makes a total mess.  The lid either goes on to loose or to tight and and if you don’t hold it correctly, formula goes everywhere.  They told me about a cup called Sensa which supposedly has a ball in it that helps to mix the formula as well as has a better lid so I ordered one yesterday.  I also get to try a formula which is already mixed up.  I like the idea of it being already mixed up provided it doesn’t taste like crap.

After the doctor appointment yesterday, I had a Therapist appointment in the afternoon.

So, my day yesterday was really mental.

I am so happy my marriage is going well right now.  I love my husband so much.

The issues I deal with now have to do with my family.  Choices they have made which affect me indirectly but also directly in a way because I used to be semi-close to one of these relatives and I will really miss one of them.  Have you ever seen the movie, ‘South Pacific?’  There’s a song I’m thinking of now… this is the part I remember that relates.

“You’ve got to be taught before it’s to late.  Before you are 6 or 7 or 8.

To hate all the people your relatives hate, You’ve got to be carefully taught.

You’ve got to be carefully taught.”

The other mental aspect now is the person in my mind that will be… until I know for sure that he is dead.

Needless to say, today I need to get dressed and partake in some physical activities.  I do have one more doc appointment as well.  this one I am looking forward to a bit as I am sincerely hoping for some help.

Censorship and Soliciting

I have two blogs at two different sites.  One is private elsewhere and this one is public so, whomever can keep updated on what is going on.  This one actually reaches a very wide audience..audience.  am I on a stage?  Is this a show?  No, this is my life.  But, I digress.  The point is there are things on this site I would like to discuss but cannot because I do not want to offend my family and friends which is why I have my other blog.  Actually, I suppose my other blog site also can reach a wide audience of people as well if I make the posting public, however, it is not the same as here.  Anyway, it is hard and sad at times to censor what is written here or not discuss a topic because of who may be reading this one..but that is what I do.

I think  today’s topic will be ‘ Soliciting’.  I have a funny ‘No Soliciting’ sign that says, “We Love Our Vacuum, We Found God, and We Give At the Office.”  However,  someone tell me, what is ‘soliciting’?  I continue to open my door and find flyers for real estate, restaurants, voting, picnics, churches, etc.   There is less knocking on the door but the paperwork still arrives.  Is that not still soliciting?  My husband says soliciting is when someone one is trying to sell you something.  I got into it with the neighbor about churches coming to the door because he believes preaching is not soliciting.  But, they are still trying to convince me to attend their church and they still knock on my door and invade my privacy.

Would you rather I get a sign that says, “Keep Out..Go Away…Don’t Knock On The Door!”  Sheesh, now that would be rude.

Somebody knocking on the door, Somebody ringin the bell, Somebody knocking on the door, Somebody ringing the bell, Do me a favor,  Don’t open the door.


Have a good day.

My Doc Says To Come In Sick

A long time ago I mentioned that S. Uncle was coming over to do some painting for us.  Well, he has also put in some interior doors with S help but it has been really slow since he doesn’t come every day and it has almost been a month so far.  I have been sick for the past 3 days on top of my usual issues thanks to all the sanding and dust around here and  S. and I had to do a lot of the work ourselves at least with prepping the doors before  S. Uncle showed up.  He does mean well though.  Sometimes it is hard to know what is the best thing for a family member/relative to do verses a professional.  While he is cheaper, a professional would have been faster.

Tomorrow I see my Nephrologist for what I hope to be my last time before choosing a new one.  My Nephrologist just has no time and constantly overbooks.  I tried calling to reschedule til next week since I felt like crap today but they said I need to try to come in since they won’t have anything until late May.  So, in other words, “Just come in sick and infect everyone else.  It doesn’t matter.”

Thankful, Vegas & Holidays

Just returned from Vegas and had a great time.  I mainly played the Penny Machines so I didn’t lose to much money but you don’t really go to win.  That would just be an advantage. 

Thanksgiving was quiet.  I didn’t even get dressed.  It was chilly here and we ordered Chicken.  I am not a Turkey person and my husband and I don’t really care what kind of food we eat for the holiday.  I am just thankful we are together and my kidney is still working so I can survive another day.  The same kidney from my husband.

In other health news, my husband took himself to the San Diego Zoo today and I did not go due to my Hemorrhoids.  I had pain in Vegas but a lot of my time was spent playing the machines so sitting down isn’t to bad.  Walking around is another story.  I will be making an appointment with the Specialist soon however I still need to get my stomach re-settled and I was sort of off the last few days as I haven’t figured out quite how to work my new phone yet so I have to plug in my foods now that I ate then.  

Yes, my husband bought me an LJ Optimus V Smartphone as an early B-Day/Christmas Present and my MIL bought me a  Las Vegas Sweatshirt while we were there for my B-Day.  The phone deal is super cool and the plan from Virgin is only $35.00 a month. with unlimited text, e-mail, photo’s and video player + 300 talk minutes.  I also e-mailed my MIL a copy of my Amazon Wish-List so she can get what I really want for Christmas.  I love those Wishlist’s.  I remember for years (even as an adult) I would write a Wish-List for my mother so she would start giving me what I wanted versus what she thought I wanted.  Makes life a lot easier..unless like one relative I have..we give each other funny things each year to see who can top for the funniest.

Hooray, My Sis Is Coming!

She called this morning and I haven’t seen her since our mom passed away last September.  This is one of the last pics we have together before mom got so sick.  I think it was long before but I don’t remember because time went so fast.  Anyway, she and my Bro-In-Law are going to be going to dinner with us and staying the night here.  I am really looking forward to it.  It won’t be for a few weeks but luckily we will be really busy while waiting. 

I am also looking forward to a party next wknd with some friends from High School plus this Sat my husband and I will hopefully be looking for and purchasing a Smart Phone as an early B-Day/Christmas Present for me.  I totally Need one verses want one since I log all my food and I will be using his on our trip which is the next thing I have to be thankful for and look forward to. 

So, there is a bright, immediate future a head anyway.  At least for the next few weeks and Christmas is my favorite time of the year!! 

Plus, in March I get to go to the OCC (Operation Christmas Child) Convention again because it is local and the hotel looks awesome!