Certificate of Incompetency

So I e-mail my Primary today and tell him to go a head and send the results of my CT to my Nephrologist then I call the Nephrologist a few hours later (like 4) to see if they received the fax and to have the doctor call me back after explaining the situation to the desk girl along with the fact that I am in pain and want to see a Urologist and want the doctor to call me back.  She goes, “Hold on, Let me check the Fax Machine.” then comes back to tell me they have not received the Fax yet.  I called the Primary back (they are alway’s on top of things.) who tells me the Nephrologist office got the fax at 9:37 a.m..  It’s like 2:00 p.m. now.  She said the Fax Machine stamps the time as it goes through…I tell her what was told to me by the Nephrologist girls so she re-faxes it.  So I call back the Nephrology office where the girls again say they never received it andI  let them know it is coming again.  I get a call within a half hour from the Primary girl telling me the fax was received by the Nephrologist office as the girls had talked to each other.  So, now I just wait and pray to hear from the Nephrologist.  He never called.

I really hurt and will have to call him again tomorrow.  I really hope a Urologist gets approved since I have not seen one before and I am so tired of dealing with the incompetent Nephrologist Office.

My husband said as soon as we get these stones figured out, I can go a head and change as I had originally planned.

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