My Opinion/Solution On Gay Marriage

So, I just read another post on the Gay Marriage issue.  I wasn’t going to discuss this since I hate debates ( and really won’t do so) but I had a thought.

First of all,  let me clarify that I am against Gay Marriage.  I am a Christian.  I believe in the Bible and it’s teachings.  I cannot and do not get into debates especially with family members because my husband and most of his family are on the other side.  The Bible has many verses against Homosexuality.  Adam and Eve were brought together, and marriage is when man and wife come together as one under the eyes of God.

Anyway, here was my thought:  Since Gay people are going on and on about it being an equal right issue or taking away their freedoms, or whatever,  Why don’t you just term it “Marriage.” when you get married by a member of the clergy, and a “Union” when you don’t; and keep all taxes the same according to the states or whatever… for either service.  The taxes can be the same but terms can be different depending on who you are married/ in union by.  You see how simple things can be?  I should be in the White House.

By the way, someone wrote something about Marriage and how we should all be free to marry who or what we want.  This is what I was afraid of.  This is where we are headed you know.  Next, people will want to marry their dog if this passes because they should be free to do so.  Otherwise, we will be taking that right away from them.

Just my thoughts on the subject.

Here’s another thought;  how can thoughts be up for debate?  Discussion..okay.  Debate? NO!  I’ve told you my beliefs and idea.  Your not going to change my mind but you’re welcome to share your view provided you are polite about it.  Please Don’t slam me for my opinion/belief.  That really gets us nowhere.

I really wish they would just make a decision soon and get this whole matter over with so we could all focus on other the economy..and just stop talking about it soon anyway.

*I changed a part of my thought after a comment was made.  Hopefully that helped a bit.

*I changed my title after another comment was made, however, it led to a spam type main page so I did not post the actual comment.  I do not post comments that link to ad type pages.  Should whoever you are be reading this.  Thank you for your opinion.  I hope this title works better.

Needed Nano Motivation & Mood

This morning was very strange.  I had no motivation for Nanowrimo.  It was quite odd for me.  It was almost Biblical like how God made the world in 6 days and on the 7th day he rested.  Well, this is the 8th day of Nanowrimo and I’ve been at the novel for the first straight 7 days.  This is the first day, it was almost a chore.  I preferred playing games on FB plus I found a comfy, fleece, pajama, set I’ve been looking for and then tonight I got a bit distracted because my husband decided to start watching a show he knows I like and our t.v. is located right next to the computer.. but somehow thorough it all, I did manage to type out 1400 words today.  I also went outside and took a different picture to become the cover.  At least it will be the temporary cover until or unless I find an actual publisher should my novel be good enough.  I don’t know about that yet.

I am extra tired today because my dog woke me up from a sound sleep when the gardeners got here around 8:00 this morning.  I wish they would come at the same time every Thursday morning but it is alway’s unpredictable.

Plus, the stress of the election put me in a really, weird mood.  I think I am a bit depressed over the state of this country but nothing can be helped now.  I don’t want to hear anyone else say anything about wanting change because it obviously isn’t true.  A lot of the other things I voted for or against did not turn out the way I wanted either.  What a drain to really believe/hope that once again your vote would count only to find that it didn’t in a lot of ways.


My Sickly Day and Election Views

So, my day sucked.  I was sick as dog this morning (I don’t know why I wrote that.  I don’t even like that expression but what else do we compare being sick to?) and I missed my doctor appointment because of my migraine headache.  I drove to the election site while sick and the signs were crap so I had to pull over and use my Navigation.  I usually vote by mail but I lost the stupid mail-in ballot.   I’ve only done the bath thing once today for the fissure and it was to long because I had to wash my hair (I have a life, ya know) and I don’t remember if I’ve done the cream thing yet but I’ll do both tonight before bed.

I did get some writing in on Nano and I finally got the tracker on WordPress which I’ve been trying and trying to do since Nono started.  Thanks for you help, Lunatic!  But, I had to completely change the page design and I don’t know if I like this one.  I may only keep it until December so the widget is there and then switch to something else.  To end my day with a bang and make it even better (NOT), the one I voted for (after all that hassle) didn’t even win.  Yeah, now you can bash on me for who I voted for, if you want.  Preferably only the ones that don’t know me.

When Obama first got elected, I lost a friend.  Stupid Prop 8 was on the ballot at the time too so it was mainly for that but it was the same time/ballot.  I won’t go into detail of why I didn’t want him but I did want change.  What we need to change is the Electoral College Vote garbage.  I don’t understand that, at all.  One of the guys on the news was like, “We will give you the number of the Popular Vote since it is interesting, but it doesn’t really matter in the long run.”  That is what should matter in the long run.  What the people want!  I don’t  understand the Electoral College thing at all.  I’ll have to read up more on that.  Not that it makes a difference now, cause it doesn’t.    I am really emotional at present, I feel like I am going to cry.  Very weird.

I think it’s just that my day has been so bad and I went through so much to get my vote in and it was to no avail.  On well, we will have to see how some of the issues I voted for or against turned out.  Maybe I didn’t lose all the way.  Although, I’m sure whatever the majority wants will be deemed “unconstitutional.” and overturned or appealed or whatever.  They almost alway’s do.

Does God Regret?

I lost a friend during Prop 8.  We had been friends for years. Close friends, I’d thought.  He was Gay which hadn’t bothered me.  He knew how I’d felt.  We had alway’s been honest with each other.  He asked me which way I was voting on Prop 8.  Then our friendship dwindled away because his other/Gay friends did not think he should hang around with those who voted/believed the other direction of them.  After all those years.  He never apologised.  He claimed he had Amnesia at the time and didn’t remember much.  I tried to tell him how hurt I was.  We have gone our separate ways and I’ve told him I want no more to do with him.  I don’t hate the man.  I pray for him all the time.  I miss our long conversations and the fun times we had.  But, it would never be the same.  That life chapter is closed.

I hope this Chck-Fil-A. situation doesn’t end the same way.  I am learning a lot about myself and others with this issue as well.  It has become way to much of an issue, in my opinion.  I have discovered an ex to have really changed his lifestyle from the time we dated (in Jr. High.) Guess my didn’t mean very much. Ha, Ha…  I’ve learned another friend is extremely supportive of the lifestyle and chooses never to eat at Chick-Fil-A again even going so far as to announce now who is voting for.

I’ve realized that I am very conservative and will continue to follow the rules of the Bible which may cause me to lose a few more friends.  I am well aware that Christians are being persecuted for their beliefs and with the way the world is living now, sometimes I wonder if the Lord regrets promising not to send another flood.  But, then again..if I were the Lord and I sent a flood..this time I would say Forget It and not even want to start over.

Standing For A Belief

Along the lines of my last post, today was Chic-Fil-A Appreciation Day for those of us who appreciate the owner and workers of Chic-Fil-A for standing up for and abiding by what they actually believe.  Without getting into my personal viewpoint on the subject (which would cause a debate I’m sure amongst many) I don’t think a Christian company abiding by the beliefs of the Bible should be very surprising.  I do think its great that they are/were able to speak out and state what they believe and stand for and are willing to continue to stand behind it.

Pondering Politics

I usually do not speak about politics on my Blog.  However, I have two political comments for you today.

I wish our President would make a decision/thought/opinion/ and stick with it.  Whatever side or issue you are for or against if you make your should stay with it.  We as low-lifes the U.S. can change our minds any time and announce it to anyone we want..however, as President of the U.S., any change of heart or thought he has..affects everyone.  So, to suddenly change your mind or even change the wording on an important issue when you are in office really makes you sound wishy-washy when you are President of The United States.  Only my opinion.

I also do not feel that the President should even be able to campaign as a normal candidate running for President with speeches, etc when he is running again.  He is already in office so we know what he can and is doing.  Plus, some other candidates have to watch what they say about him because it may be offensive as he is already in office.  To me, that does not stack the actual race fairly.  I wonder who I could write to about this.  Maybe we could change how the campaigning is run in the future.

I am writing this with care and refuse to get into my personal, political beliefs.  I refuse to debate with anyone on specific issues, etc.