BEWARE of This Scam

I am writing this to warn people to be aware of these Scammers.  They are hitting everywhere and have hit our neighborhood.

Two very nice teenagers came to the door while I was standing on the porch.  They are selling children’s book sets and cookbooks.  They told me it is in order to get points so they can go on a trip to Italy and they are working in teams..boys against the girls, “Go Boys!.Yeah.”  I told them we have been burned before with these types of things and I don’t usually buy from people I don’t know.  They assure me this place is legit and rated highly by the BBB.  The book list does not have prices but they tell you it starts at $40.00.  They also tell you some of the books can be donated to a charity such as CHOC (Children’s Hospital of Orange County) and they name a few others.  CHOC gets to me because I got there, myself.  However, I am not going to spend $40.00 for a book so I ask if I can spend $20.00.  I ask if I can make a donation to CHOC so they get points.  They said it would be considered a” gift” because they don’t use the term “donation.” and I would be buying half of a book set.  They can get someone else to buy the other half.  I felt good thinking whatever book was chosen would go to a charity and wrote out a check.  They had me write the check to the actual company.  It was a bit fishy because they asked me my husbands first name and what we did for a living.  That was all I told them but I was vague.  My husband works for the Naval Base. They said they needed to know this because they get more points for career.  They actual said, “Can we say he’s in the military so we get more points?”  I said, “You can say whatever you want.”  To convince me further in the conversation..they dropped the name of Melanie and told me she had bought some of their books and really supported them.  When I called my neighbor really quickly while they were on the porch, she didn’t know what I was talking about.  They cleared that up by saying, it was not the same Melanie.  Ther is a different Melanie down the street.  Possible. I don’t know everyone in my neighborhood.  Who does?  I had them write me a hand-written receipt as I couldn’t get one from the receipt book since I didn’t buy a full order.

Needless to say, I checked the company ..MTS CIRCULATON after they left, and it is a scam.  They have tons of complaints with the BBB.  They are taking your money and not giving you your merchandise.  Plus, they ask to use your restroom and get a drink of water to get in your house.  I gave them water but my dog stood guard at the door and I got paper cups and took them outside to them.

I  went to my local Police Department to inform them what was going on and spoke with a very cute, unhelpful Policeman.  He wouldn’t even take a report because he hears this complaint every day.  He says these teens are being dropped off  in neighborhoods to do this and usually stay in the same neighborhood for a bit before moving on.  They do get a few of them when they are in the act because most have warrants already and you need a permit in CA to sell magazine, books, etc. door-to-door.  However, otherwise there is no recourse.  I supposedly entered into a legally binding contract by making the check to the actual company (is it an actual company?) and unless my merchandise was not received or something; there was no way to get it back.   It is not so much the money issue for me as it was just letting the police know that these teens are in the neighborhood preying on unsuspecting people.

We need to find a way to stop these scamming, lying companies!  This one is


4428 N. 12th Street

Phoenix, AZ.  85071.USA


The Shoppers Come Out Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the garage sale.  If you live in Orange County, CA and want more info, go to Craig’s List.  I posted an ad for it.  I really hope I make some money this time.  Even a small profit would be nice.  We don’t have a lot but we do have a lot of  big items like stand-up lamps.

I think after this I will start focusing on shredding, catching up on cleaning, doctor appointments and catching up with friends.

It’s weird not having therapist and chiropractic appointments anymore but it really does help save money.  $20.00 a visit puts your bank account  in the hole fast.  Now, I can get back to ordering gifts for Christmas early so I don’t go broke in December and in covering Birthdays.  Despite the fact that I never used to get my nieces and nephews presents for birthdays since they are adults, I figure since I am trying to stay close to those I have left and if I can afford to send something small for their birthday and it helps to brighten their day (especially the  unmarried ones), I will.  It’s difficult when the branches start falling off the family tree.  Funny, because I’m not really close to family but I’m closer than I realised, I guess.