Writing & Decorating Accomplishments

I’ve had two Migraines in two days which doesn’t surprise me.  The first was more due to mental, I think and sort of expected.  I wrote over 10 pages of my book.  Actually, I copied over 10 pages from my old diary.  Interesting memories, for sure.  Then, I came home to my beautiful floors and a big, mess.  Between all the dust and the smell of varnish or whatever..it’s no wonder I was down last night.  Anyway, onto more sweeping, mopping, organizing today but our family is back together.

I guess I need to elaborate.  We stayed at Motel 6 while we had our Wood Floors re-surfaced.  They look beautiful.  Sunday, I took almost the entire day to write while at he motel.  Monday, I returned home to the dust and smell of varnish, etc.  Today, will be the continuation of cleaning and organizing.  Sunday night, my husband came home with the dog and I got to stay alone in the motel which was really nice.  Sort of like my own mini (real mini) vacation.  Our Wood Floors look beautiful and the noise really isn’t as bad as expected.  We don’t even hear the cat walking around as long as we keep her claws clipped.  As for the dog..well..he’s a dog, what can you do?

My hubby took me to Claim Jumper where they have a GF-Menu.  Yummy.  It was so full of options, I had a hard time deciding.  I felt like a normal person while ordering there.  That’s the way to go out to eat.

The Write Time

I was on the phone back and forth with the vet and the kennel today figuring out what the kennel needs from the vet in order to board the animals; then I discovered that Motel 6 will take animals for Free!  So, we’ve now decided to take the dog with us when we get the floors done.  My husband is going to bring him back home when he comes during the day and hangs around the back-yard.  We are still going to board the cat though as there is to much risk of her running out the door and tomorrow I am going to get a physical for her and both animals are getting their nails trimmed.

I figure while at the motel I am going  to work on my book.  I keep thinking about and saying I am going to write this and it’s been months since I’ve worked on it.  I can’t let bad memories get in my way forever.  I hoped when I announced it to friends I would get some encouragement but I guess since I haven’t mentioned it in a while ,no-one else has either.  It’s about an abusive relationship I lived through with an ex-boyfriend.  I really want to write this in hopes that it may help others who are going through the situation now.  This is a hard one due to memories and not having the motivation.  It’s quite scary to put into words.

Okay, I’m Adjusting.

Wow, I write more here on WordPress then I do in my actual Diary.  Shouldn’t surprise me though.  I try to write in my Diary at least once a month but feelings really hit, plus, I think the idea that people really read this verses my Diary thoughts, my Diary simply go back in the drawer.

I’ve been seeing the Chiropractor about my back issues and I’ve also made a few changes here myself, as I’ve mentioned.  Today was the first time I actually let him crack me.  I’ve been to a few other Chiropractor’s and I will say that part just makes me nervous.  I have a lot of stomach issues as well and lately I’ve been feeling really bloated and it doesn’t matter what I eat.

Still Proud Even When Nobody Else Cares

Like many other Bloggers, I like to keep track of  Comments and Followers in hopes that someone is interested in what I have to say but, I just got to thinking… WordPress is really good as therapy and for getting your thoughts out.  The actual idea of Comments and Followers is just the added Bonus Feature.

While I would love to know what people think about the fact that China is starting to poison our dogs with the Chicken Flavored Dog Treats and while I would really find it wonderful to talk to others who may be going through Chronic Illness of some kind or who may be married to an Un-Believer, I guess it best to be content to continue to spew my thoughts on this blog which I continue to be proud of even on the days I get no comments and only one or two people choose to look at it.

In health news, I think I may blow up my Exercise Ball and start using that as a desk chair again as perhaps that is part of what is affecting my posture and my lower back problems, although I still don’t know if that is the main problem.


I am in shock over what I found out today and I am a bit relieved and a bit not.  I had a long conversation with my Ex’s Ex-Girlfriends Mother.  Let me go back in case you haven’t been following.

I am writing a book about an abusive relationship I was in for about 4 years or more.  This took place many years ago.  At the time, he had a girlfriend prior to me who was still a big part of his life because they had a child together.  l am still in fear of this man and want/need to know where he is at present as I write my book.  Maybe in one way it will give me a conclusion for the book.  I remembered the name of her father and found his number.  I called yesterday and his Caregiver had said to call back today or he would call me.  I could not wait so I called back and her mother answered the phone.  Her mother remembered having a conversation with my mother once.

Suffice it to say, their daughter, (His Ex at the time)  is back with him and they live not to far from me.  Actually, close to the hospital I go to about every 3 months.  Apparently, he is still not working and she supports him.  He does not have a car.

She said I should not worry as he has probably forgotten who I even am; but she does not know him like I did.  His daughter wants nothing to do with him and calls him by his first name.  She and her husband practically raised his daughter (their Grand-Daughter) and she has a degree in psychology now.  I hope I didn’t make a mistake asking her if she would ask her Grand-Daughter to let me know if  he should ever die but it is something I would really like to know.  She said she and her husband are devastated that her daughter took him back.  I trust and pray that she will not mention to her daughter that I called.

Donations and Motivation

My friend and I picked out a really pretty gray paint color for my room, plus my husband bought a new ceiling light.  This whole house is really starting to take shape.

My friend also gave me bags of her unwanted clothing which I sorted through and I found a beautiful, red, Cashmere sweater that fit me and a few things to put in my OCC boxes for 10-14 year old girls.  Sorting through her bags gave me the motivation to go through my closet full of clothes and get rid of what I didn’t need.  It was a bit depressing because some of the clothes that didn’t fit have cat designs which I absolutely love but I have already started purchasing more clotheslike that so..

Speaking of motivation (I was) ..last year I started writing a book about a really, bad, abusive, relationship I was in.  I really need to start working on it again. It is hard to get motivated to write this because when I go back in time, I sort of freak out and get a headache and need to stop.  I really wish I knew where this man was today and f he was dead or alive.  But, I also Need to write this.

A neighbor had the idea of just giving myself 30 minutes a week.  I know I have stopped way to long.  I am starting from transferring notes from an old diary I kept while with him.  If I ever get that finished, next step will be to put it in book form.

Anyway, to conclude this post and my wknd, I took all my donations to my favorite thrift store and after donating I took myself shopping there.  I wound up buying two things for OCC shoe boxes this time and nothing for myself.  Not to bad.