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Wow, It seems like I haven’t posted in forever but that’s what happens when your stomach revolts from medication. So I went to the doctor with my usual sinus infection thing as my regular doctor wasn’t in. It sucked because my regular doc would have just called in Z-Pak and I probably would not have even had to see him. Anyway, this one puts me on Bactrim and Bactrim gave me diarrhea so bad that I was going all day and night. I swear, I think I lost another 2 pounds. This is not good. Needless to say, after 3 or so days of that crap (literally), I decide to quit that entirely. I called the doctor who suggested taking one more but I told her NO. The sinus infection is 90% better, and yesterday without the Bactrim, my body finally started to heal. Ugh.

It’s funny. I walk around this apartment complex and sometimes I glance in the windows of the other apartments and I think, Wow, people have really made their places homey. But, then I remember. THEY LIVE HERE!

This isn’t a vacation. WE LIVE HERE. FIREPIE, PETEY AND I. It is not going to just end and we are not going to go back to our lives before; Back to the family that we were when I was a wife and the animals would run to the door when their “daddy” would come home. My place is not homey because I have not put any pictures up at all. In my mind, I do not “live” here. This is not our home.

I remember a time before when we got to this point in the relationship and HE had said HE might want to separate temporarily and I had agreed to move out then. We had set the time for about 3-6 months or so. HE was going to stay in the house that time. I had gotten to the point of packing boxes. Somehow, in my mind, I did not think it was really over then..and it wasn’t. HE went to counseling before changing his mind. But, this time? You know the story.

My Mother’s Day Vacation

My husband is off to Vegas to spend time with his Mother and Aunt for Mother’s Day and Our Anniversary. It sort of sucks but it would be wrong to put myself through pain in a hotel room and have to deal with continuous lights and noise right now. I will spend Mother’s Day with my beautiful babies:


I don’t know if I will get the Mary Poppins motivation this time. I seem to always fill with good intentions but can’t seem to follow through.

Perhaps it will be a good wknd to get some writing done on my book, since I am alone with quiet.

“Haven’t Got Time For The Pain”..Sing It With Me.

Would someone please stop this pain?  Like, maybe just come knock me out with a bat and get it over with for a while?  Not permanently.  I think I need to talk to my Neurologist again.  This Fioricet is not working for me!  Since he changed it from my stronger meds, I’m getting these headaches every other if not, every single day!  I don’t know what to do.

Wait, I literally just opened the auth for my Botox injections with my Neurologist.  I am going to call and schedule the first one.  In the meantime, maybe he can change the dose of my headache med or something.  I get so tired of feeling like I’ve been hit by a Mac Truck.  Plus, we have vacations coming up.  I want to enjoy them.  Why am I dreading the thought of being around noise, people, etc.?

Back To My Normal Posting Schedule

Hey, I’m back.

Okay, So, we went to Vegas and spent some time with my Mother-In-Law.  What was really cool is I also got to spent some time with my Foster Sister who I hardly ever get to see.  This may be the last time we see each other since she is moving to Connecticut.  It was so good to see her and her mother and sister.  I haven’t seen her mother and sister in years except on Facebook as her sister and I play games.

Anyway, we stayed at The Golden Nugget which is a nice hotel but quite big and you have to pay extra for a lot.  Even the gym costs extra.  They have a beautiful Shark Tank and CSI filmed an episode there which will be aired this month I think.  I don’t think we want to stay at the bigger hotels anymore because we really don’t find it quite enjoyable having to call each other to stay, “Where are you?, Meet me by the Grill”., etc.    We visited the store where they film “Pawn Stars” and I bought myself an “I Love Chum- Le’ t-shirt plus, the Freemont Experience thing they play above is beautiful.  If my video’s would download the way I want them to, you can see a sample soon.

No, we didn’t win any money but check this out… we had to leave early yesterday morning so I had 20 minutes and I got on a game called ‘Little Green Men’ which had been my mother’s favorite machine. (mom died about 2 years ago.) It was a quarter machine.  Anyway, I said, “Okay Mom, This is your favorite machine.  I have about 15 minutes.  Let’s win something.’  I started getting bonuses.  Nothing big.  But, I was having fun.  I think I got 3 bonuses in 15 minutes.  I went from $20.00 to about $36.00.  My mother did want to gamble a bit before I left. HA. 🙂

My IBS started acting up since the night before we left (Having accidents) and I had the Flu Shot yesterday at Walgreens so I am feeling a bit weird and like (dare I say it?) crap today.  I know the side effects of any surgery I have would be leakage and I am already experiencing it so I now know I would have no problem handling it.  It’s absolutely disgusting but it wouldn’t be a problem.  I am hoping if I get back onto my diet I eat here at home, I might even out again.  But, I believe the flu shot is now taking effect.


Our Vacation

We returned yesterday from our vacation at Stateline, Nevada.  It was interesting.  I had read enough reviews of Whiskey Petes’ to think the worst but the hotel was actually quite nice. Unfortunately, the pool was closed until Memorial Day and the Jacuzzi was broken.  When we were checking in, they were going to put us on the 12th floor.  I am afraid of heights and my husband mentioned that so they put us on the 2nd floor instead right overlooking the pool and jacuzzi.  The hotel is super small.  Whiskey Pete’s has a Monorail to take you across to the other hotels which we decided to   I’m glad we did because it closes at 8:45 on Sunday’s.  So, we went on the Monorail once.

The Primm Hotel across the way is the largest and it attaches to the Mall.  There was girl with live Parrots and we could have had our picture taken with the Parrots for $10.00 so  my husband decided to return on Monday to do so.Lo and behold..we found out on Monday, the girl with the Parrots only comes on Sundays to do the pictures.  The mall itself, is not real exciting.  Primm does have a buffet titled The Old Country Buffett so we decide to try that.  I am GF and I figure with country..they probably have corn or carrots at least… Nope.  They have fried chicken I can’t eat.  I talk to the Chef.  I’m not sure she knows much.  I wound up having cooked Shrimp, Shrimp Sauce, Watermelon, raw Cauliflower and a GF Bar I brought with me.  I am sure glad I brought those.

Now..let’s hop on the shuttle from Primm and head to Buffalo Bill’s!

Buffalo Bill’s has got to be the best hotel.  So much to do.  Where to start?  “Look husband..there’s a Log Ride inside the hotel!  Let’s go on it.”   “Are you sure you want to do it now?  Why don’t we check things out and come back tomorrow?”  “Come on, it’s not like it’s busy.  They even give you guns and you shoot at targets.  Let’s do it now.  This is cool.”  “Okay.”  As we get to the counter to get tickets some girl runs up, “Are you going on the coaster?  They need 10 people for the coaster so they will run it.”  Husband’s like, “Yeah, I’ll go.”  He wanted to go anyway but once again he was going to wait to do stuff until Monday.  I’m like, “Uh No, I’m not going on that thing.”  Unfortunately, they still don’t have enough people and Counter Guy said sometimes he will go to help out the weight balance but he’d been riding it all day. So, we think okay, hubby can go on the coaster on Monday as planned.

We go on the Log Flume.  It is silly.  You cannot really tell if you are shooting the targets.  I won’t tell you everything but it is fun and husband won!  43-30.  Buffalo Bill’s has a bigger, buffet.  We will try that on Monday.

Monday arrives.  Everything is closed.  Rides are closed.  All Buffets are closed except for Primm which we’ve already been to.  All the big restaurants in the hotels are closed like the steak-house.  WTH?  There should be a note about this on the website!  I try eating a hot dog without a bun at the bar area, I also try eating a baked potato from the cafe however I ate half the skin while noticing it had an oil and salt on it.  Stomach revolted big time Monday night.

We only lost a little over $100. on our trip.

Happy Mom’s Day Especially To Pet Mom’s

You may not hear from me for a few days since tomorrow is our vacation.  Our friends are watching the house and feeding the animals.

Today, I went to Mother’s Market and Kitchen to pick up some GF-Bars and Snacks for the trip.  My Gosh, I think I was in GF Heaven or something.  I must have wandered around for like two hours and came home with 3 bags of stuff.  They even have Rice Ramen Instant Noodles which is sort of like Top Ramen and really helps to satisfy that craving.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mother’s out there.  Especially to you Pet Mother’s because we do count as Mother’s;  despite what others may believe.


Feeling Good & Busy

I’ve been feeling really good stomach-wise for the last 3 days.  I sure hope it continues into our vacation this wknd and I find some food I can eat while there and not just potato’s.  I love potatoes but..  I am having a hard time finding menu’s for GF (I am going to word it that way verses Gluten-Free) foods at State-Line.

I took Firepie (my cat) to the vet yesterday and she was really good and didn’t bite the vet.  She is healthy but they did find a soft, heart murmur.  We aren’t going to worry about it yet as it may have been stress from having been poked and prodded by the vet.  She and the dog also both had their nails trimmed.

I ‘ve been super busy getting things tied up before we go.  What with cleaning the house, making calls, catching up on bills, etc.. not to mention my own appointments and I need to make sure the animals have enough food, etc..  I also need to watch my Netflix movie so I can return it and get the next one.  It’s not good to keep them to long.

Bad Packing, Bad Gluten

My frozen food arrived from The Gluten Free Mall (internet) but it was packed in Dry-Ice which was ridiculous.  I opened the bag and a piece of ice fell out which I had to move real quick because the animals were coming over to check it out and I almost frost bit my finger.  I’ve had frozen food delivered before and those blue ice packs work just fine.  Anyway, it’s great to have yummy Chicken Dumplings and Egg Rolls again.

My Chiropractor keeps telling me that if you even touch Gluten it can get in your system and you can get sick..not cross-contamination like eating it, but touching it with your hands/skin.  This is something that just sounds quite extreme to me and worth more research.   I think anything, that dangerous should be off the market if so many people get sick from it.

So, we were just informed that my husband will not be able to get off work for our 3 night vacation we were planning (good thing we did not plan a cruise) so we will only have two nights somewhere instead.  Originally, we were going to go to Vegas but I got to thinking about the drive and how much time we would have there and then I thought about Primm Valley, Nevada.  They actually have rides and shopping as well as gambling and I’ve never been there.  It looks like they have some good deals too.  So, I think we will try for that.  Plus, it is about a 45 minute distance closer to our house.

The Same and Changes

I went to Z-Pizza tonight and got Gluten Free Pizza.  It is expensive but it has 6 pieces so two at a time will give me 3 meals anyway.  I called Papa John’s because if you look up Gluten-Free Pizza on the internet it pops up first and a lot of their toppings are gluten-free so I asked about their crust and they said it isn’t.  When I asked if I bring my own gluten-free crust in, if they would be willing to make a pizza with their toppings; they said they cannot do that.  That’s not fair.  Maybe I’ll l’ll talk to a manager or ask Pizza Hut.  I do believe more pizza places should help gluten-free people out.

We are planning a vacation this year and I think we are going to go to Vegas for a few days.  We were going to go to a convention in Oregon but I think I’d like to pass while I give this new diet some time.  I actually had an accident last night and didn’t know about it until this morning.  I think I would like to be in a semi-familiar atmosphere with lots of restrooms available.

Tomorrow my husbands’ uncle is coming over and we are going to have him re-paint my room again.  Sort of like deja-vu as there is another post about this.  I went with a friend and picked out the last color.  I want the room a real pretty shade of gray however the last one I picked has a blue undertone and originally the room was blue.  When he started painting, I had a feeling it wasn’t going to work.  It’s been almost a month and I still don’t like it.  I am tired of Blue.

This time my husband and I went to the store and I chose a color titled “Warm Gray Linen”.  It is actually a bit dark but there is no blue undertone.  I don’t mind the bedroom being dark as it is mainly for sleeping.  I am really looking forward to getting away from the blue and I believe this time I will be really satisfied.