Weddings and Moms

Tonight I want to talk about weddings.  Yes, my marriage is fine and No, I’m not doing it again.  It’s actually to discuss some things about the wedding ceremony and reception.

I’ve heard this discussed on a show on T.V. and I’ve lived it personally, I’ve also found out recently that my sister did the same thing I did.  I’m talking about The Wedding Dress.  Please don’t choose a wedding dress to please someone else.  Unless, it’s a money issue; if you don’t get the wedding dress you absolutely fall in love with and know is right for will regret it forever.  A wedding is supposed to only happen once in your life (we won’t even go there) and if I’m correct, the 2nd wedding is usually much different from the first; so your favorite wedding dress won’t be in style anymore or definitely won’t fit the occasion with a different/new spouse. (I have to say Spouse because people from all walks of life read this, I’m hoping.)

The dress I really wanted was Beautiful!  I felt like a Princess with the billowy skirt and it had sparkles on it, however, my mother had a different idea and had me try a plainer, type dress.  When I exclaimed, “Oh Mom, I feel like a Princess.” she said, “You aren’t supposed to be a Princess, You are supposed to be a Bride, Try this one on.” so I did.  My mother was paying for the dress But..they were both the same this one was not a money issue.  I picked the dress my mother wanted.  After all, my father had already passed.  My fiancée and I had actually just planned to go to Vegas and get married.  The whole wedding itself  was more for my mother’s benefit.  But to this day, I still wish I had fought on that one issue and worn the Princess Dress I’d loved so much.

I talked to my sister and it turns out she went through almost the same thing with mom except it was over the color.  The dress she wanted was more of an off-white versus white and according to mom at the time, Brides had to be married in a White Wedding Dress.

I also thought I would share a few minor arguments my mother and I had while planning the Reception.  We had a small reception with a Buffet my mother and sisters did themselves.  The reception was held at the clubhouse of the mobile home park where my mother lived.  Now, I HATE the color PINK.  Everyone who knows me knows this.  So, obviously I wanted NO PINK ANYTHING of any kind at the reception.  While setting up, there were vases with fake flowers including pink ones on the side tables all around.  I was like, “Nope, That’s out.  That’s out…”  Mom said, “We are not moving the arrangements.  They need to stay in the hall.”   I said, “No, I told you I don’t want Pink.”  Mom said I was being immature because they are just a few flowers.  I didn’t care.  It was my wedding and I did not want Pink in that hall.  Then, my sister had an idea.  She called me aside and said, “Will this work?” and she started pulling just the Pink Flowers out of the arrangements and taking them in the back room. BINGO!  A simple solution.  Problem solved.  Next.

2nd and only other issue….  This is a Buffet so…. I love Spinach Dip.  Let’s have some Spinach Dip at the Reception!

Mom- “You don’t have Spinach Dip at a wedding reception.”

Mee- “Why not? I love spinach Dip.”

Mom- You just don’t.  It’s a wedding reception.  That’s ridiculous.”

Me- “I want Spinach Dip.  If you won’t make it, I’ll make it myself.”

Sister- “I’ll make the Spinach Dip!”

Guess what was eaten all gone at the Wedding Reception???