Finally Getting Sleep…7th Day.

And on the Seventh day, God rested. Yeah, I know that was after he made the world and all was good but I’ll gloss over that part. I’ll fast forward to the rest because that’s what Firepie and I are going to do tonight and tomorrow, and tomorrow night, and maybe even Sunday night if HE will keep Petey that long.


My day started crying during a conversation over birds. I was talking to a friend about birds in her garden and how she watches them through the window and loves to feed them from the bird feeders. I used to do that every day. I would even give them old bread. That started a sob fest. She went on and on and changed it to Humming Birds. Thanks, now your reminding me of the Humming Birds I fed every day and the nest in the back of the house that could be hatching any day but I won’t get to see.

Then, it’s washing my hair which is supposed to cheer me up but it doesn’t because I love hot water but water has to be constantly adjusted to get the right temperature and doesn’t stay hot like it did at the house. I was spoiled before and could take nice, long showers. So, I cried and wondered where Norman Bates was when I needed him. “Gee Officer, I don’t know. I know she was very depressed but there was absolutely no way those knife cuts could have been done by herself.”

I dropped the dog off and HIS uncle was there fixing up the house. Which tells me HE is seriously getting ready to sell. I looked in the frig and got a bit annoyed that he had not even opened the mixed salad I had bought him I left. He used to eat some salad and salads are probably healther then some of the junk he is eating now. Yes, I left him a note but I won’t tell you everything written in it. I’ve decided to keep a few things between Him and I, and hold onto at least one little straw that I have, which is all I have for at least a little while longer. Even if the straw is only in my mind. Physically I really have accomplished a lot in 7 days and mentally, I have not had a nervous break-down but; if I have to drop that straw right this minute. I cannot guarantee anything.

Let me see if I can remember all or most of what I have done this week:

Physically moved into the apartment.
Started unpacking.
Started seeing a Psychologist
Sent new address info to friends, family, DMV, Voters Info and CDL Info, and Social Security/Disability Administration, had televisions, utilities, etc. installed, walked Petey almost continuously and trained him to at least pee on the patio, bought numerous extra things for the apartment including a Mattress Topper today and a new pillow because I’ve started having back pains the last few days on the new bed, changed checking account address information and received temporary checks, Put up the shower curtain with rings in bathroom.

All this amidst much mental anguish and crying and pain. Plus, mini breakdowns with Xanax as my answer + headache, weight loss, diarrhea, etc. some of which is due to not taking care of myself because I am very depressed and exhausted.

But, it is the 7th day. I bought a beautiful Fieldcrest Mattress Topper at Target. It looks soft. I also bought a soft pillow to sink into. Firepie and I will be alone and we plan to curl up and sleep. As soon as I got home at 4:50. I put my pajama’s on. I don’t have to go out again tonight and that feels good.

Life at present.

All my pre-tests are done for surgery and my novel is almost complete for Nano.  The ending is tough but it is writing itself.  I do believe I’ve got the ending in my head figured out.  Bad english, let’s try that again… I do believe I have the ending figured out in my head.

My Christmas shopping is completely finished as I do it all on-line.  I even bought a few extra items for people I don’t usually buy for.

Plus, my husband bought me a Wii with the Wii Sports and Sports Resort for an early B-Day present.  It is so cool.  It gets me  off the couch now and really does get me sweating playing bowling and tennis, etc.  I look forward to recovering from surgery and doing even more.

So, that’s life right now, as I know it.

No Inside Accomplishment Is Okay

I could say the wknd was a bust so far in accomplishing things but it isn’t really for that.  That is actually in my own mind and something I think I just really want to do for credit but in actuality it is good to go out and have some fun.

Yesterday, my friend and I went out to my favorite thrift store so she could finally experience it and then to lunch.  I dropped off  a donation at the thrift store prior which is in the same center but a separate building.  It was quite interesting to see things from her perspective and to see what she was interested in, then we wound up going to lunch at a Chinese restaurant titled, ‘Brown Rice”.  This was very interesting because I remember this restaurant as having once been an Italian place my husband and I used to go to and we commented that we wondered how it would stay in business as they had so few customers.  The food was delicious, healthy and very reasonably priced..and no, it doesn’t serve only Brown Rice before you ask, but Yes, it does serve that in/with many of their dishes.

Today is a bad stomach day and I’ve decided to try Gluten Free for the next week to see if it helps.  I took a long drive to Mother’s Market/Kitchen today because I believe they have a good selection of Gluten Free foods only to discover that they are closed on Easter.  Someone told me they are a Christian Company.  I did not know that.

Since they happen to be located next to the Pet Cemetery where my 3 cats are buried, it was not a complete waste of gas.  I picked up some flowers at a grocery store nearby Mother’s and took them to the Pet Cemetery.  I will alway’s miss my 1st three kitties who went with me through a lot.  My one even got thrown/pushed off the 3rd story balcony by my abusive ex-boyfriend but that is for another time.

Anyway, I guess all the Christian Companies closed for the Easter Holiday.

I wish all my Christian WordPress Friends a very happy and blessed Easter!