Financial & Paying For Blog?.Your Advice

I won something from e-Bay the other day. (Oh, the excitement!) It was actually the 80’s work-out outfit I told you about in my post about 80’s fashion.  Anyway, so I just had to pay as they so nicely remind me.  I click the little Pay-Pal button since that’s the only, safe way to pay.  They keep telling you that too..those silly “they”..Pay Pal People..although it may not be.  I mean, Pay-Pal People are real and how do we know all those people are real honest.  Do they all have background checks or something?  Anyone who works in the financial industry should get a background check first, in my opinion.  But, I digress.  Anyway, so I hit the button but instead of confirmation.. I get some message saying my Pay-Pal Account needs to be verified or needs to be linked to my bank account or some such nonsense because it won’t take my payment.  WHAT?  No, I am not giving you Pay-Pal people my social security number and I do not want to link you to my checking account.  I use a separate credit card for pay-pal and I pay it on time.  What is going on with e-Bay?  So, I call up Customer Service.  Luckily, it’s only like a minute wait.

Imagine when the Customer service guy, we will call him Jon, since he said that was his name, tells me this:  “You have been with us 6 years.  We have a limit you can spend and in your case it was $8,771.77.  It has nothing to do with paying your credit-card bill.  That is completely different.  You need to get verified by linking your account to your checking account or get a free, Pay-Pal Credit Card.”  He did let me pay for the work-out outfit, while I decided what to do.

First I did the math (before I or my husband had a heart attack) 6 years at $8,771,77 total = $1,461.96 year =$121.83 month  which really isn’t to bad.  Then, I had to really think about it.   I do get some really good deals on e-Bay and it mainly takes Pay-Pal.  So, I opted for the Pay-Pal Credit Card but I only used my Disability Income as income so my limit is low.  Of course, this will be my monthly limit.  I still spend less than the total limit amount a month anyway, according to my calculations, so I should be okay and like my husband said if we want to buy anything higher; we could use his Pay-Pal account.

But, here’s the ting.  I feel after 6 years; I am being penalized for being a good Pay-Pal Customer!  We should be rewarded, not forced to be linking our accounts and giving information we don’t want to give.  Just like a credit card, we should have our limits raiseed; not have lifetime limits forced upon us without our knowledge.

So: now I have a question on the same yet different topic:  Let’s talk about WordPress and free blog sites.  I love my blog.  It is another addiction.  I am on the free level.  What happens when I run out of room?  I’ve  considered paying the $18.00 a year but I want to hear from others that do it?  What exactly changes?  Is it true, my blog will definitely stay here as mine?  I don’t want to spend the money and be cut off for some reason.  I really want to hear from people that are using the pay option before making a decision.  

I appreciate any look forward to any and all responses (minus weird spam ones that have nothing to do with anything) and I thank you for reading my blogs.

Unwanted Advice

If someone has an idea or is doing something that you think is good, you are welcome to praise them and tell them you think it is good but I don’t suggest giving unwanted advice on what they are doing.  Example:

I make Tote Bags and pass them out to the Homeless on the street.  I put in the Tote Bags what I feel God is leading me  to put in as well as what I feel necessary or they would like..soap, combs, soups or canned beans, Granola bars, kleenex, toothbrush, etc.  I do this because I want to and I feel good about it.  I feel as if this is my ministry that God has called me to do.  I do not preach to anyone, however, I am having cards made that simply say “God Loves You.” which I am going to include.

Usually when I bring this up for whatever reason..because I am buying something from the store or someone see’s the Tote Bag in my car or I happen to ask someone if they see a Homeless Person on the street to let me know so I can stop to pass it out, they are fine about it; but I have also had people say things like, “Don’t give them Granola Bars because a lot of Homeless people don’t have good teeth.” (if this was someone I am close to; I don’t mean to offend you.)

Mind you, this was a spin-off from a church idea which is doing the same thing but with Shoe-Boxes, but that is not the point.  Since this is not with an organization; there is no specific list as to what is to be included in my Tote-Bags.

The point is back to the main sentence which is you are welcome to develop your own idea’s  Tote-Bags, Shoe-Boxes, etc. and add your own things while appreciating what others are doing.