New UnWanted Chapter Begins Today

Two weeks ago, I was a Housewife feeling a bit depressed over the fact that I was not going on my Anniversary trip to Vegas due to headache pain, however, knowing it was the best choice.

Today, I am signing the Lease for the apartment and entering it as my own for the first time.

Today, I am starting a new life chapter I never wanted to start.

I pray for strength as I go alone again.

*Computer will be unhooked tomorrow. May not be back until next week due to moving. May go to computer room, may not. Don’t worry, I will be back soon though. I really appreciate this blog.

My Mother’s Day Vacation

My husband is off to Vegas to spend time with his Mother and Aunt for Mother’s Day and Our Anniversary. It sort of sucks but it would be wrong to put myself through pain in a hotel room and have to deal with continuous lights and noise right now. I will spend Mother’s Day with my beautiful babies:


I don’t know if I will get the Mary Poppins motivation this time. I seem to always fill with good intentions but can’t seem to follow through.

Perhaps it will be a good wknd to get some writing done on my book, since I am alone with quiet.

A Date By Myself

Yesterday I took myself to Red Lobster for lunch.  It was a pain using my Nutrition Tracker App deciding what to eat but having had barely any Protein at breakfast..what a reward!  I had one of their yummy Crab Cakes and wonderful Biscuits.  Nothing like fresh Crab Cake from a Seafood Restaurant.  I just ate the other one for breakfast today.

Reminds me of a time years ago when I had self-confidence and just enjoyed going out by myself.  This was also when I was in between boyfriends.  I decided to take myself to the movie one day to see The Muppets.  I love The Muppets.  Anyway, as I was leaving my of my neighbors asks me where I’m going and I say, “I’m going to the movie.” and he says “With who?”  so I say, “Me, Myself and I.” so he asks, “Can I come?” and I said, “Sure.  If you want to see The Muppets.”  He thought for a second and said, “The Muppets?, Can we watch something else?” and I said, “No.  You invited yourself to the movie.  I am going to see the Muppets.  If you don’t want to see The Muppets.  Forget it.”  So he said, “Have a good time.” and I said, “Thank you, I will.”

and I did.

Yesterday was one of the first times in a long time I arrived early (an hour early) for an appointment.  I played on my phone in the car until the actual appointment time.