Petey the DogBird

My dog Petey wants to be a Bird.  A long time ago, I had a hanging bird feeder and Petey would run out and eat thr bird seed the birds dropped all over the ground.  It drove me crazy.  I discovered he cannot digest corn and his poo looks just wonderful after that.  Imagine picking up crackling dog poo?? (but, I digress.). Anyway, I took the bird feeder down and the birds flew to the front and started craping all over my car.  (They are prettty smart, those birds.  I’m just happy they didn’t crap on Petey.)  I thought I had the problem solved by getting a new bird feeder that stands up in the middle of the grass.  Mr. Smarty Petey has started again and he keeps going outside and eating the seed not to mention any bread I put in the feeder should we run out of seed.  He must go out there 6-8 times a day.  If you call him in, he just comes in all smiling and licking his chops.  I’ve had the talk with him about the difference between dogs and birds..but to no avail.  He just looks at me and listens with his big ears, then runs to play with his toy before going out again to sneak some more seed.

My husband is going to build a fence around the bird feeder.  That will take care of him.  He cannot jump on the bed so I am not worried about him jumping over the fence.  Now, I will wait to see what else he decides to come up with to drive us crazy.  I think he is losing his mind.  He is after all almost a teen-ager in human years.



Censorship and Soliciting

I have two blogs at two different sites.  One is private elsewhere and this one is public so, whomever can keep updated on what is going on.  This one actually reaches a very wide audience..audience.  am I on a stage?  Is this a show?  No, this is my life.  But, I digress.  The point is there are things on this site I would like to discuss but cannot because I do not want to offend my family and friends which is why I have my other blog.  Actually, I suppose my other blog site also can reach a wide audience of people as well if I make the posting public, however, it is not the same as here.  Anyway, it is hard and sad at times to censor what is written here or not discuss a topic because of who may be reading this one..but that is what I do.

I think  today’s topic will be ‘ Soliciting’.  I have a funny ‘No Soliciting’ sign that says, “We Love Our Vacuum, We Found God, and We Give At the Office.”  However,  someone tell me, what is ‘soliciting’?  I continue to open my door and find flyers for real estate, restaurants, voting, picnics, churches, etc.   There is less knocking on the door but the paperwork still arrives.  Is that not still soliciting?  My husband says soliciting is when someone one is trying to sell you something.  I got into it with the neighbor about churches coming to the door because he believes preaching is not soliciting.  But, they are still trying to convince me to attend their church and they still knock on my door and invade my privacy.

Would you rather I get a sign that says, “Keep Out..Go Away…Don’t Knock On The Door!”  Sheesh, now that would be rude.

Somebody knocking on the door, Somebody ringin the bell, Somebody knocking on the door, Somebody ringing the bell, Do me a favor,  Don’t open the door.


Have a good day.