My Opinion/Solution On Gay Marriage

So, I just read another post on the Gay Marriage issue.  I wasn’t going to discuss this since I hate debates ( and really won’t do so) but I had a thought.

First of all,  let me clarify that I am against Gay Marriage.  I am a Christian.  I believe in the Bible and it’s teachings.  I cannot and do not get into debates especially with family members because my husband and most of his family are on the other side.  The Bible has many verses against Homosexuality.  Adam and Eve were brought together, and marriage is when man and wife come together as one under the eyes of God.

Anyway, here was my thought:  Since Gay people are going on and on about it being an equal right issue or taking away their freedoms, or whatever,  Why don’t you just term it “Marriage.” when you get married by a member of the clergy, and a “Union” when you don’t; and keep all taxes the same according to the states or whatever… for either service.  The taxes can be the same but terms can be different depending on who you are married/ in union by.  You see how simple things can be?  I should be in the White House.

By the way, someone wrote something about Marriage and how we should all be free to marry who or what we want.  This is what I was afraid of.  This is where we are headed you know.  Next, people will want to marry their dog if this passes because they should be free to do so.  Otherwise, we will be taking that right away from them.

Just my thoughts on the subject.

Here’s another thought;  how can thoughts be up for debate?  Discussion..okay.  Debate? NO!  I’ve told you my beliefs and idea.  Your not going to change my mind but you’re welcome to share your view provided you are polite about it.  Please Don’t slam me for my opinion/belief.  That really gets us nowhere.

I really wish they would just make a decision soon and get this whole matter over with so we could all focus on other the economy..and just stop talking about it soon anyway.

*I changed a part of my thought after a comment was made.  Hopefully that helped a bit.

*I changed my title after another comment was made, however, it led to a spam type main page so I did not post the actual comment.  I do not post comments that link to ad type pages.  Should whoever you are be reading this.  Thank you for your opinion.  I hope this title works better.

My View on Organized Religion

I was raised Roman Catholic and there were a few things they taught I always Purgatory. Iin the Bible, there is a verse about separating the Sheep from the Goats: it was never suggested putting them into 3 groups for one group to repent or be decided later, Confession was another one that was a bit confusing..only because when I was young I had to think of things to confess.  I’m not perfect but I wasn’t the type to steal things and I didn’t usually lie to my mother so if  copying someone’s paper was a sin that’s what I would confess  Then we have types of sins.  Types of sins?  Where in the Bible, are there types of sins?  Someone please point these things out.  I have read the entire Bible.  (It took me 3 years.)  The Catholic church believes there are two types of sins..Mortal and Venial.  Mortal would be knowing what  you are doing is wrong and doing it anyway and Venial would mean not knowing what you are doing is breaking a commandment.    Another problem I had with a belief of the Catholic Church was Communion.  I’ve alway’s believed in The Last Supper, however, I could never grasp the concept that I was actually eating the body and blood of Christ.  To me it was alway’s a reminder of that night.  To me, the Priest is not a Magician and we are not Cannibals.  No matter how much my mother (or others) tried to convince me, it never registered, Plus, the money from the collections should be used to help others not for new air-conditioning, seats, etc.  I don’t know why but that alway’s bugged me..  But, what really made me leave that church/religion was when I was in the Youth Group and the church preached over and over again how sex before marriage was wrong, wrong, wrong.  Then, the popular girl in the youth group got pregnant by the popular guy and everyone got happy for her and threw her a baby shower.  People like me were still ignored.  People like me who didn’t do wrong.  People like me who followed the rules.

Later on I changed to the Baptist Church.  They seemed like a really nice group of people.  They were friendly,  it wasn’t a stand up, sit down, follow what is in this book type church. it was more interactive.  they even believed  communion to be a symbol of the last supper, however… they believe even if you think something wrong you can go to Hell;  they believe everyone on Earth is a Saint.  That can’t be true.., I learned a song and a prayer which part of it says; “all the Angels and Saints, and to you my brothers and sisters…”),   Problems…they don’t believe in regular rock music and they think Satan is going to jump out of  my Halloween decorations, plus, they become clicky and talk behind the backs of others and they jumped on the bandwagon like the Catholic Church.  You need to be here Every Sunday.

Nobody tells me where I need to be every week!

Needless to say, I am pretty much done with organized religion.  Yes, I am a Christian.  A Christian is a Follower-of-Christ.  I read my Bible and I’ve found sermons on the t.v. and the internet.  I’ve considered attending a service or two at a Non-Denominational church nearby but I don’t think I will join anywhere again.

Back To School #7

Explanation/Continuation of #6-  I just realized my last post made it sound like I go around slapping slow people.  That is not the case at all!  You would have to know A.F.  He and I were actually friends although it was a very odd friendship.

Today’s Post: 

There was an elective  class (a class other than the classes required that you could sign up for if you wanted) titled ‘Bible As Literature’ .  Now, I really wanted to take this class.  My sister recommended it and she had the same teacher quite a few years prior to me (she is 8 years older than I) plus, I alway’s read the Bible but not from the literary stand-point and was very curious.

This class was only offered as a Junior. or a Senior so as soon as I got to registration line, I beelined for that class to register.  Now, my last name started with H.  How the heck was the class filled by the time I got to the table every time?  That seemed impossible.  When this happened again as a Senior, I immediately went to the counselor’s office who told me to keep and eye on the Class Board and as soon as someone transferred out, I would get the next seat.  I checked that board before school, every break, lunch, and after.  Imagine my surprise when……

I’m sitting in Mythology bored as ever and one of the Foreign-Exchange-Students gets a note from the office before standing up and announcing, “Yah, I’m out of here!”  I said, “Great, Where are you going?” and he said…..Wait for it……”Bible As Lit.”

As soon as break/lunch came I went to the counselor’s office and demanded to know why he got in the class and I didn’t.  The counselor was walking around the yard so I followed her with my question.  “Why did ‘Juan” (probably not his name) get in the class and I didn’t?” ..she said, “You needed to watch the board.”  I said, still following her.  “I watched that board every morning, break and after school.  Why did Juan get in the class when you said I was next?” ..we kept walking.  She’s walking toward the Smoking Area.  I don’t go in there.  I don’t smoke, I hate that area but I am following her.  She said, “Well..he is a Foregn-Exchange-Student.”  We are in the Smoking Area.  I said, (Yes, I did say this…Remember, this was the 80’s.)  “I don’t care if he is from Saudi Arabia.  Why did Juan get in the class and I didn’t?”  Now, she is really flustered.  She said (remember this is High-School and we are Seniors.)..By the way she is really fustered and practcally stuttering; probably wishing to heck she hadn’t dealt with me  “Uh.Uh…His mother wrote a note.” ..I smiled and said, “Thank you very much.” and I left.

I went home.  I told my mother to “Call The School!  His mother wrote a note.  If you call the school, I have to get in the class.”  She agreed but said if I get in the class, I better get an A.  I said “Mom, its English.  Of course, I’ll get an A.”  The next day I was to report to the counselors office.

The counselor said she would meet with the teacher but if there were no spots, she did not want to hear anymore about it and I agreed.  Everything was perfectly cordial.  Imagine my surprise when she came back and said there were two spots left.

So, I got in the class and I came out with an A+ and the other thing.  I got some attention from the popular guys at the time because they didn’t know how to look up verses in the Bible and I did.. so they asked me to help them.  It was a great class!