He Comes Home Today

My husband is coming home today and as expected, I got nothing done this wknd except laundry and working on my book a bit. It was a Smother’s Day Movie Marathon on Channel 150-Time Warner, so I did watch quite a few movies and I didn’t go anywhere due to not just energy/headache reasons; but also the fact that my transmission is slipping and I would really prefer my husband be local, should anything happen.

My husband forwarded a picture of his Mom and his Aunt so I could see them. It is sad how much weight his Aunt has gained. She used to be big before but… plus, her hair is so short, it is not attractive. I think she lost it big time when her mother died recently.

One thing I learned from the picture, (actually I knew this) if you are a large woman, I don’t recommend wearing splashes of color. At least in this case, it made her look like a Circus Tent.

Anyway, I guess it’s a cleaning frenzy today to see what I get accomplished before my Hero returns.

Why I Could Never Be A Hoarder

I used to have a friend that was a Hoarder before the word became a term.  She was raised that way.  My mother, on the other hand, raised us like we lived in some model home.  We even had a Living Room we were not allowed to use except on occasions and when company came to visit and two antique chairs that mom kept the plastic covers on.  I remember constantly asking her why it was called a “Living Room” if we weren’t allowed to use it for Living.

Anyway, forward to now.  I am not the best housekeeper.  As a matter of fact, I hate doing it.  I know..I know.. I am supposed to have pride in my house and all that and I do keep it presentable for the most part.  But, we live in the house.  One thing I could never understand and still don’t is why we have to quickly rush around and sweep, vacuum, dust, shove things in closets, etc. before someone comes over.  Sheesh, haven’t they seen how I live before?  Why do we alway’s have to put on some display for the public or friends to make them think we are someone we aren’t; just so they will continue to accept us?  (More of that topic in another post, maybe.)

Anyway, I love the shows ‘Hoarding’ and ‘Hoarding-Buried Alive’.  I think it’s sad and ridiculous when the authorities make the residents leave the same night they visit; after the people have been living in their hoard/filth/whatever for years.  What’s a few more nights while you set the date up to start cleaning?

From watching those shows and from visiting my ex-friend, I have come to the conclusion that I could never be a Hoarder.

The first reason is:

I Hate Bugs!  If I saw a Cockroach in my house.  I would freak out.  Those things are nasty. (I lived in an apartment once that had those..next door to a Hoarder but there’s another post some day.  Hey.look post ideas are coming with this one.) I freak out at a Spider in my bathtub or on the floor and if it touches one of my things.  I don’t think so!

The Second Reason is:  I can’t leave things in the middle of the floor to long.  Unless it is in a room I don’t use, it drives me crazy.  I get nuts when my husband leaves newspaper on the floor after reading them and I wind up picking them up.  I can’t imagine living in a house and walking on things that should not be walked on.  Plus, what about my poor animals?  My cat and dog don’t want to be sliding and falling on stuff all over the place.

Thirdly- The Bathroom!  The smells!  Oh my gosh, When people hoard so much and their bills get so high that their water gets shut off..No, Thank You.  Just the smells of myself in the restroom are sometimes enough to drive me out..not to mention those of my husband.  I am constantly telling him to use air freshener.  Most of the Hoarders are becoming insensitive to smell.  I don’t even like the idea of having to do a stool sample for the doctor.

Finally, I love to give to people.  Yes, I know, some Hoarders also give to people.  But, they dumpster dive or they buy things with the intent to give to people and never do.  I put boxes together for fire, earthquake, etc. victims and I also make bags for the homeless.  So, a lot of times, I will put my unwanted clothes and maybe a few other items in those boxes for someone else to enjoy.  I donate my unwanted books to the local library usually and take things to the Goodwill for the tax write-off.  In this economy, the Goodwill seems to be the new mall from what I saw of the parking lot.

I also like the philosophy, ‘Out With The Old, In With the New.”

I do feel sorry for some of the people on the Hoarders shows that really don’t want the help.  The ones that are being forced by their families to clean up their houses (not forced by the city but by the family), the few that don’t have bugs and feces around the house, and it isn’t affecting their children or animals who live in the home.  In my mind, it’s their house and if their hoard  is limited to the inside and isn’t bothering anybody outside, let them live the way they want.  Make them clear a path for an emergency crew but that should be it.


Finish Organizing

I still haven’t finished putting everything back since the housekeepers came.  That’s the thing about having a housekeeper, even for a day.  You have to move everything.   Especially the first time.  plus,  one thing I didn’t like…  You know how they ask you, “How often do you clean?” but not in an innocent way.  It comes off more like, do you ever clean?, have you cleaned in the last century? do you know how to clean?  I don’t need your guilt tone lady..we hired you to clean for a reason.  The holidays had passed, I’d had surgery, I’d been sick.  I don’t need to explain my entire life to you and why I hadn’t cleaned.  Sheesh.

Anyway, January has been a horrible month for migraines but it’s February now so lets hope things get better.  Maybe since the weather is supposed to warm up.

I’ve already come to the conclusion there is no way I could live in a cold climate.

Health & Weather

Not much going on other than it being a doc appointment and cleaning week.

Saw my new OB on Mon and he did something called an HPV test along with my regular.  I’ll have to look that up more because I’m not sure just what it is but he said it is done every 5 years or so.

I have had increased headaches this month due to the weather.  Every time there is  a major weather change..especially to colder weather; it messes terribly with my head.

I really hope we have an extra hot Summer again although, my husband would suffer if we do.  He doesn’t suffer with headaches and sickness.  He just whines that it’s to hot because he sweats a lot.

How You Really Live

Do you clean before people come over?  Why do we do this?  My mother used to keep the house like we lived in a magazine.  It drove me crazy.  We never even used the Living Room except at Christmas or when guests came over.  I remember I used to ask all the time why it was called a ‘Living Room’ if nobody ever lived in it.  Plus, we had two antique chairs that we weren’t allowed to sit on.    I guess that’s why I’m not the perfect house-keeper.  I want to be able to live in my house.

Before I got married, I don’t remember cleaning the house every time someone came to visit, my friends know how I live.  Heck, most of us may leave some dirty dishes in the sink once in a while (I don’t usually do the dishes until the end of the day) and we can’t alway’s get around to dusting and vacuuming.  I believe in keeping the toilet presentable but other than that..does the bed have to be made and do all the papers that are strewn on the tops of tables or the top of the t.v have to be picked up?  I am not saying to have your house looking like a Hoarders (God Forbid) but why are we afraid to be ourselves?  Why do we put on a front so others believe we live perfect every day?  Do we really think they live perfect every day?

My husband has me clean the house before a Cleaning Lady comes.  Yeah..I know.  Not the basic dusting, vacuuming, etc..but clearing of everything because he wants it to look presentable and that way she/they won’t have to move anything.  He is lenient with me on the house-cleaning but I know he feels I could do more since I “don’t have a job.”  The truth is I stay at home due to health issues.  Most are getting a bit better but should I get a job  I would not get disability, so I am getting money and with all my health issues I could not hold a full-time job.  Being at home is a job.  We may not have children but I do take care of the house and the animals which are jobs in themselves.  He likes to tease me a lot; but in some ways he is quite happy I’m home to do things around here.

Back to the topic at hand… I really don’t believe in cleaning before people come over.  I mainly do it because my husband (and society) worries so much about what others think.   I am proud of who I am and people should accept me for that.  That includes the way I live and the way I keep my house.

Your thoughts?

My Mental Timer

Do you ever watch the show; ‘Chopped’?  I love that show.

I tend to do the dishes at night before going to bed and sometimes I just start get tired or day-dream and lose track of time so the water runs and runs as I do them by hand.  Well, since watching Chopped, I’ve been timing myself on the dishes and it’s been working.  I look at the dishes I have to do and I look at the clock before hearing the announcer’s voice in my head saying, “You have 25 minutes on the clock and your time starts….Now!” and I will get those dishes done.”  Usually, before the time runs out.  The time includes rinsing out the dog dish and the coffee-pot.

Chopped has become a mental timer for dishwashing.

To bad  I can’t use it as a mental timer for my time on the computer. Ha, Ha.

In The Last Two Days

Well I spent hours in the sun with my dog in the back yard over the last two days and now I’m sun-burned but I splotch burn which is stupid so I’ll be tan on the fronts of my legs and like one arm pretty much only soon.

Our house looks awesome so far but I will have to figure out how to clean and keep clean these floors.  I guess I need to purchase some microfiber cloths since I actually swept, mopped and was on hands and knee’s today and still could not get up all the spots.

Tomorrow is my husband’s B-Day and I am going to try the GF Pizza from Domino’s.  Some people say it is not really GF.  It’s worth a shot though.  My doctors/Nutritionist says I am not really Celiac and shouldn’t go to that extreme but truth is, they don’t know yet (nobody does) so we will see how I do with the Pizza.

I’ve been staying at he motel for the past two nights which was fine but now I am tired.  Shouldn’t be surprised because when at the motel I would have been asleep an hour ago.

Writing & Decorating Accomplishments

I’ve had two Migraines in two days which doesn’t surprise me.  The first was more due to mental, I think and sort of expected.  I wrote over 10 pages of my book.  Actually, I copied over 10 pages from my old diary.  Interesting memories, for sure.  Then, I came home to my beautiful floors and a big, mess.  Between all the dust and the smell of varnish or whatever..it’s no wonder I was down last night.  Anyway, onto more sweeping, mopping, organizing today but our family is back together.

I guess I need to elaborate.  We stayed at Motel 6 while we had our Wood Floors re-surfaced.  They look beautiful.  Sunday, I took almost the entire day to write while at he motel.  Monday, I returned home to the dust and smell of varnish, etc.  Today, will be the continuation of cleaning and organizing.  Sunday night, my husband came home with the dog and I got to stay alone in the motel which was really nice.  Sort of like my own mini (real mini) vacation.  Our Wood Floors look beautiful and the noise really isn’t as bad as expected.  We don’t even hear the cat walking around as long as we keep her claws clipped.  As for the dog..well..he’s a dog, what can you do?

My hubby took me to Claim Jumper where they have a GF-Menu.  Yummy.  It was so full of options, I had a hard time deciding.  I felt like a normal person while ordering there.  That’s the way to go out to eat.

Different Things

My doctors have upped my protein to 40 grams a day which should be interesting considering it was a bit tough to get 36 but they want me to start drinking Soy Milk to help out.

Yesterday was a really good day health wise and today seems to be starting off well too.  I threw some Chicken in the Crock-Pot for my husband and made his favorite potato’s for dinner for him last night.

We booked our hotel for our trip.  Primm Valley is also called State-Line as it is bordering the states of California/Nevada.  The hotel we chose is the same hotel my dad used to stop at all the time on the way back from Vegas.  Maybe it will bring me/us some luck.  Wouldn’t that be nice?

We are having 3 people come tomorrow to  give us estimates on refinishing the wood floors.  We are having wood floors done in our Hallway & Living Room areas.  I have to totally clear out and sweep the Library though (my Hoarder Room, as my husband likes to call it ) because that room already has wood floor so that will have to be the sample room.  So  cleaning that room, even if it means putting everything in closets, is my main goal of the day.

Fresh Bread Again

I found tons of Gluten-Free restaurants in Vegas and a lot of them are the same places here so I don’t have to do double the work.  However, I am actually printing the Gluten-Free menu’s here and I am keeping a folder.

My stomach was totally acting terrible today and I woke up at 3:30 thinking I was going to vomit.  I hate it when these things happen out of the blue.  The only thing I can think of is maybe the Soy-Milk I’ve been drinking has been open to long but the date is okay and it tasted fine.

After I wrote that part, I read about Gluten Withdrawal and how it can take months to get Gluten out of your system.  I guess that can make sense after years and years of pain so that is possibly another reason for those times of sudden and fierce episodes I continue to have.

I made a loaf of Gluten Free Bread in my Bread-Machine using Anna’s Gluten-Free Bread Flour and I must say it turned out better than I expected.  It is Tapioca based verses Rice based and it was so gooey I wasn’t sure it was going to mix well.  Adding more flour just made it more wet.  I added more sugar in hopes to dry it a bit so it is sweet.

I got the socks folded, the kitchen floor swept and a Walgreen’s run done today and discovered I have no real appointments this week except the Chiro so I’m hoping to get some more cleaning done each day to see what gets accomplished.