Spending Habits = Book

So, I think I’ve spent to much money this month.

I was reading the Shopaholic book by Sophie Kinsella and it was so good, I had to purchase tha series.  Now, that’s wrong somehow when it is about a Shopaholic and it encourages you to buy.  Mind you, the story isn’t true, but still.  You just have to keep following her.  I did not get the one where she has a baby so that was one less book..but still.

Then, I needed food because I’ve been eating the wrong stuff lately and not reading the labels correctly and my body has been paying for the wrong crap; so I order from an online food store for some gluten-free food and the shipping costs are is outrageous.

I’ve also needed jeans since my jeans are getting to big.  I have like three sizes in the closet but not the ones I need,  and I can’t stand the lower- waist nowadays so I found some really cool, Vintage Jordache which are on the way.

So, like the girl in the Shopaholic book would say, “This is stuff I need and not just stuff I want”.  However, in my case, my husband will help me pay off the bills (amidst much bitching probably) because we don’t go allow ourselves to go into debt; so my spending habits would not make a very amusing book.