Everyone Is A Doctor

Isn’t it amusing when you tell someone you have a medical problem (such as headaches)  and suddenly everyone gets out their medical degree and puts on their uniform and gives you advice?.

I called to return a Therapeutic Pillow I ordered which was supposed to be good for headaches, I thought.  However, I am a side sleeper and it has a crease in the center and is meant more for back sleepers.  One of the Customer Service Reps had called the other day telling me of the return policy.  So, I am talking to the girl on the phone and I mention I am a Migraine Sufferer and the pillow is not helping.  She says, “Are you drinking enough water?  My daughter gets migraines but it’s because she doesn’t drink enough water.”  You ever feel like smacking someone through the phone.  I know she meant well.  But relay.  That’s the solution!  None of the doctors in the world can figure this out and it’s my water intake??  I don’t think so.

Then, on Facebook (although I know well-meaning) I find recipe’s from friends for smoothies or drinks to help with headaches and articles about food triggers.  Gosh, it could be food triggers?  Really?  Yes, I know most of my food triggers.  I love Pumpkin Seeds and Cheese but I try to stay away from them especially when I am having bad headache episodes.       I’m already on a gluten-free diet and I have to eat.  My doctors and I both keep track of my diet record.  Thanks for helping point out the idea of food triggers.

Needless to say, I would be shocked should a friend or stranger figure out a solution to this problem when the doctors can’t.

If someone tells you they are sick with headaches, or any aches, try saying, “I’m sorry or “I”ll  pray for you.”  and leave it at that.  It really does help, just  to know you care.

Sorry So Slow, I’m Writing

Sorry, I haven’t kept up and I hope I don’t drive you all crazy when I do, but it’s NANO month and I’m doing it!  We are supposed to be at 25,000 words today and I am determined to get there.

I need to go to the dentist to and I have to clean the counters. No excuses.  I can’t have the granite chipping off because I am writing a novel.  This is awesome.  This is proving that I can write on a deadline and actually create something.  I am getting my ideas while washing my hair.  It’s crazy.  I don’t post much about it on Facebook because others are doing the same thing but I know I drive my sister nuts.  Come on Sis, You can do this!  Start writing again!  Jump back on the bandwagon.  Pretend it’s the first two days.  You can finish your book that way.  Heck, we don’t even have to worry about spelling, grammar, or punctuation..although we do have spell-check so I will use that.  I’m driving my neighbors crazy.  I tell everyone about this.  I tell strangers about this!  I wore my Nanowrimo t-shirt yesterday.  I am so proud of myself!

In other news… What other news?

I dropped my shoe-boxes off for Operation Christmas Child.  I went  to two different locations.  I’ve learned if you do it that way, there is a better chance of your boxes going to two different countries because they arrive at the Processing Center at different times.    If yo havne’t mad e a box this year, I highly encourage it.  You can even make one interactively at  the website www.samaritanspurse.org. It’s only a $7.00 donation per box and it only takes one box to help one child in another country.  This will be the only present they will probably ever ever receive in their entire lives.

I haven’t really been socializing because I think it’s best to play it safe before my surgery. That doesn’t mean I won’t get together one on one with people but I may avoid some parties.  I was invited to an 80’s get-together tomorrow night and I really want to go but on the other hand, I think it’s best to minimize that at present, with my weak immune system.   After my surgery, I will be happy to party and have fun.

Plus, I will feel more comfortable and my novel will be finished.   Oops, did I mention that again?  My novel?  Don’t those words sound professional?  My Novel?  Say that with me, won’t you?  “My Novel”  Look husband, I have a job.  I’m a Novelist.  Okay, not necessarily.  My first book was a Children’s Book, but I am definitely a Writer.  See, I’m not just unemployed.  I am a Freelance Writer which was I’ve alway’s dreamed to be.

Don’t worry, I’ll tune in again soon.

Story #2..Spider & Teacher or Perv

5th Grade- Had a teacher named Mr. N. (Okay, it may have started with a W,  Celaine. I will private e-mail you if you really want to know).  This teacher was weird.  I remember he had a Tarantula in a tank on the counter in the back and he sat me in the back row.  I hate spiders especially big ones and to make it worse, this thing literally kept staring at me.  It never really moved.  It just stared.  I could feel it’s eyes burning into my neck every day.  I remember one day I seriously lost it.  I yelled at the thing..In the middle of class, ” turned around, looked at it and yelled, “Stop Staring At Me!”  Yeah, everybody thought I was nuts but I didn’t care.  I don’t remember if my seat was changed after that.

Another incident with same teacher came about when I was a T.A. (Teacher’s Aid.) I’m not sure I was his T.A.  I doubt it, however, if I remember correctly,  T.A.ing was a great way to get credit without taking an actual subject..   Anyway, my friend Ardyth (who was a T.A. for the next class over) and I were in the  supply room when Mr. N. walked in.  He made a comment about my shirt.   Now I was never into wearing low-cut shirts and my mother used to say if it is to low-cut to use a safety-pin inside where no one could see it so on this day that is what I had done.  Mr. N.  came really close and started fiddling with my shirt and actually said, “What’s this? Is it a Safety Pin?”  I said, “Yes, Mr. N.  It is a Safety Pin.”  I was freaked out and my teeth were like totally clenched.  He was like way to close for comfort.  After, he left, I started to believe that maybe Mr. N. was the Perv that all the school children (I hate using the term “Kids” unless you are a Goat” called him all the time.

Blogging Is Good Therapy

When I started seeing my Therapist, I had issues.  My mother had died which still bothered me.  I went mental for a while.  My husband and I had some serious issues.  I had a mental breakdown or maybe just messed up my pills and took to much of my one of them, I’m not sure but I had some weird seizure along with hallucinations which scared us to death.  Anyway, things are well now.  Except for the stupid skin tag issue which my Therapist cannot help with anyway.  My husband and I are doing great!  We’ve been appreciating and listening to each other more, I think and we are both making some sacrifices for the other.  My brain has calmed down a lot since I have an easier system of keeping track of my meds and I’ve changed my anti-depressant medication.  I know my mother is gone but she is still watching me (no longer with criticalness (my word) and judgement) and sometimes I still share with her what is going on.

Needless to say, I think I am going to end the visits to my Therapist.  This is very hard as she has become a friend, as well in a way.  However, if I have issues.  I will just blog about some of them.  I must remember family and friends read this.   I’ve com to the conclusion that blogging is a lot cheaper than therapy and a lot more fun too.  I do believe I may feel guilty after leaving my Therapist which may be the hardest part to deal with but should I need to see her again..my insurance covers so many visits and I could alway’s call and start again, I suppose.  After all, you cannot keep a Therapist around just to talk about the weather without a good reason.

Petey Bird??

I bought the birds outside some new birdseed and Petey decided he would eat it.  Now, Petey cannot digest Corn very well at all so for two days he had been vomiting undigested birdseed and of course birdseed was in his stool as well as every time he would get sick and we did not notice it right away, he would take himself outside and stay there until I told him he could come in.  I have never yelled at him or sent him outside for being sick.  The bird feeder we had before hang from the patio roof and although he would eat some of the seed remnants, this is new Wild Birdseed that is supposed to attract different types of birds.

  I love this dog but I hated the idea of having to never be able to watch birds again. We even have a cage outside so the cat can watch the birds as they fly around and eat.  Anyway, I am periodically checking the bird feeder since I moved it and if they keep it on the table, it should work fine.  There is another type feeder that will also work which is on a pole and enclosed.  Petey only seems to eat the birdseed from the patio and does not eat the stuff theat falls on the grass.  Needless to say, there are a few different feeders on my Amazon Wishlist.  I swear, I have never had a dog who thought he was a bird before.  I also have a cat who yells at me whenever I sneeze.  Where did these animals come from??   

 Petey’s picture was supposed to be at the top but it isn’t working out that way.

ADD Is Distracting Me

Today I am trying to work on distraction.  I only seem to get one to two main chore type things done in a day and it is not that I am lazy.  From what I’ve read, this has a lot to do with my ADD and it is actually driving me crazy.  My Therapist seems to think ADD doesn’t have much to do with timing however she has not dealt with ADD patients for a long time.

  Here’s an example:  –  I will start to fold the laundry, then will come in and have lunch, then will need to look up something on the computer or write in what I had for lunch.  Before you know it, I’ve been on the computer for an hour and the laundry is not completed.  But, that’s okay..it can wait.. I need to water the lawn.  While watering  I can watch T.V…Oh, I can watch that right niow, I should finish reading the paper so my husband can have it.   After about 20 minutes…Did I set the timer?..Whoops…I need to switch the water.  Wasn’t I supposed to make a phone call today?    I should probably e-mail so and so about such and such.   There’s another hour or more on the computer because that article looked good and maybe I won’t stay up until 1 or 2 a.m. if I play computer games now instead of later. 

 Before I know it, the day is over and I might have watered the Lawn,  made that important call and sent that e-mail I was supposed to send.   The rest will wait to be put off for another day

ADD/ADHD Intelligence Level

Okay, So, I’m a little confused.  Seems in reading most blogs about ADHD/ADD, most people are Geniuses or at least super smart.  I am neither.  I have other problems.  I think my Intelligence is below average.  Yet, I still have ADD.  One person said he is highly intelligent and his doctor said he has the “classic signs of ADHD”.  Why is this common?  What would be the percentage of smart people verses under-achieving type people like me with ADD?  I am not stupid.  I did write and publish a Children’s book on Lulu.com. and I am working on another book at present. 

If Smartness or being at Genius level is a prerequisite for ADD/ADHD then my Psychiatrist and the TOVA Test diagnosis was completely and utterly wrong!

ADD & Time

I’m not sure my husband agree’s with the ADD  diagnosis but I do.  Actually, maybe he does but not with the idea of another medication.  He is insisting that this still has to do with the fact that I am afraid he may leave me.  This may have started from there or it may have started when my mother died but I don’t think I’ve even considered that for a long time.

  As far as the medication, my main problems seems to be focusing on something.  I’ll tell my husband I will watch a show with him after I take my pills and get a snack.  However, when I take my pills I have to be looking at the computer so I don’t focus on swallowing and I don’t choke.  While looking at the computer I get involved in reading articles or a Facebook Game or maybe even here at WordPress.  Soon my husband is asking me if I am still coming and I’m like..”Oh yeah, I’m sorry”  and I still need to make and eat a snack before I can watch something.  Plus, I’ll read a date for a doctors referral and think I missed the referral so I’ll e-mail my Primary requesting a new referral because the old referral expired.  After he says okay, I re-read the 1st referral and the date does not expire til next month so I am actually okay for another 2-3 weeks. 

 Things like this keep happening and are driving me crazyl.  Lately, I keep telling my husband I want to watch shows with him that I think have been recorded on DVR which haven’t been recorded yet.  He sort of snapped tonight and said he cannot invent time.

  My Therapist said ADD doesn’t have anything to do with Time Management but then again she hasn’t helped ADD/ADHD people in a long time so she may have forgotten.