How Natural is Capri Sun?

So, today I called the company number from the Capri Sun Lemonade pouch because I threw the main box away and I needed to know if it iwas gluten safe.  It had a few ingredients on the pouch but very few and just because something is “all natural” really tells me nothing.  After all, “Wheat” is “all natural” and that is what I cannot have.

Anyway, so, I talk to a Customer Service Rep whom I think said her name was Lori and she asks me for the bar code #.  I’d already told her I threw the main box away but I tell her again and she says, “Well, that’s a problem since the ingredients are listed on the box.” She goes on to say that their products are mainly gluten-free but cannot be guaranteed gluten-free because they are made in a facility that processes wheat and other items that contain gluten; so she recommends if anyone has a gluten allergy or sensitivity to throw the product away.  I’m like, “What?, I don’t have the box and you don’t have a list of the ingredients in this product of Lemonade?”  (That didn’t make sense to me at all.) and she says, “No, because of the date on the batch. You need the ingredients of the specific date of the batches.”  Needless to say, after that call, I did not throw the Lemonade away (I had like 9 pouches left, but I did give them to a neighbor after asking if her children drank the stuff.

I do find it very odd that the ingredients may be different depending on the date of the batches.  I just think the Customer Service girl was going by the information on the internet which was the same thing I did, and did not have the box which case. She was no real help at all.  Needless to say, if you are gluten-intolerant or gluten-sensitive. I would stay away from that stuff.

How Are You..The Question

maybe it was the day you had your first period, or the day you had your first break-up, or the day you won your first award, or the day you graduated from high school or even the day  you turned 21 and became an “Adult.”  Remember the day?

You had changed and you thought everyone had noticed but, they hadn’t.  Instead, they asked you the question; the clerk said, “How are you?”  They don’t want to know.  Not really.  Oh, if it’s good like the high school graduation..they may say “That’s wonderful, Congratulations!” but that would be it before greeting their next customer.  But if it’s bad they don’t want to know.  So you avoid their eyes when answering the question,  “Fine.” You answer.  But, you’re not fine.  Inside you want to scream.  “What’s wrong with you?  The world as I know it is ending.  Don’t you care?  I am numb.  I am nauseated.  I feel as if this is one big, bad, dream and I will wake up.”  So, your glad they don’t engage you in any more conversation as they finish the transaction and you go on your way.

Not Getting Get What I Paid For

I ordered a poster from a company with the word Poster and the word Revolution in the title where they have really good prices.  (You can do this people.  You can actually figure out the company name.  This is easier than Charades or Scattergory or Password!)  Anyway, I ordered this poster on the 21st of July..  Check your’s now August. . Said poster was supposed to be mailed 3 days after payment which would be the 24th. (Hey, I can do math tonight.)’s not here.  I was supposed to receive an e-mail stating it’s shipped. .Nope..never received one.  ..Yes, I’ve checked my Spam folder over and over and over.  So, I called Customer Service.  First, I’m told “Oh, we don’t have it in stock.  We should have it  but there is a delay with the Vendor.  It should be there on the 8th of August.” (By the way, today is the 9th.) I call again yesterday and speak to someone else.  “No, it should be shipped today but it won’t be shipped until 12.  It is only 2 here now and it has until 12. (Midnight?..really?) Here’s my name and extension.  I will check with my supervisor and I will e-mail you an update the first thing in the a.m.”

This morning comes….No E-mail.  So, I call and I’m put on hold for over 8 minutes with music and the recording that comes on periodically of “Our representatives will be happy to assist you but are serving other customers, please hold the line and..blah, blah, blah..” I hang up and call back.  This time, I try the option O hoping to get to an Operator.  I get disconnected.  I even tried a third time with the representatives extension that I talked to.  Nope.  “Our representatives will be happy to assist you….”  (Can we say really annoyed by now????)

So, I do the next step.  Send an e-mail.  “Where is my poster?  What is going on?  This is the situation.”.described situation including names, etc..” then I go to e-Bay, find same poster from the UK and purchase it.  Go back to Poster website (figured it out yet?) and write another e-mail, “CANCEL MY ORDER PLEASE.”  Yes, that part is in caps.  Add a bit more explanation, but I am not rude.

Guess what?  I got a response.  I am getting my refund in a few days.

If this doesn’t work out, I will have to find another poster of same subject.

I won’t tell you what it is yet because I may post a picture of it when it finally gets here.


*Update-8/10/12-My new poster from e-Bay has already been marked as Shipped.  e-Bay Rocks!