Bad Packing, Bad Gluten

My frozen food arrived from The Gluten Free Mall (internet) but it was packed in Dry-Ice which was ridiculous.  I opened the bag and a piece of ice fell out which I had to move real quick because the animals were coming over to check it out and I almost frost bit my finger.  I’ve had frozen food delivered before and those blue ice packs work just fine.  Anyway, it’s great to have yummy Chicken Dumplings and Egg Rolls again.

My Chiropractor keeps telling me that if you even touch Gluten it can get in your system and you can get sick..not cross-contamination like eating it, but touching it with your hands/skin.  This is something that just sounds quite extreme to me and worth more research.   I think anything, that dangerous should be off the market if so many people get sick from it.

So, we were just informed that my husband will not be able to get off work for our 3 night vacation we were planning (good thing we did not plan a cruise) so we will only have two nights somewhere instead.  Originally, we were going to go to Vegas but I got to thinking about the drive and how much time we would have there and then I thought about Primm Valley, Nevada.  They actually have rides and shopping as well as gambling and I’ve never been there.  It looks like they have some good deals too.  So, I think we will try for that.  Plus, it is about a 45 minute distance closer to our house.