Dating Memories #3 – A Friend, Not A Date

A Friend – Not A Date

Our high school held a dance.  I don’t remember if it was Roaring 20’s but it was a fun, dress-up type dance and anyone asked anyone to go. It was not a formal dance.  I asked a “friend”..Renton, not a boyfriend, to the dance.  Renton agreed to going as “friends only” which was great because I was totally looking forward to dancing with Henry if he was there.  Most of the dancing would be “group dancing” anyway but Henry was totally popular and friendly and it was the only time I would ever get to dance with him.  It was agreed that Renton would drive since he supposedly had just gotten his license.  Well, he picked me up along with his mother because he technically did not have his license but only had a permit.  I can’t imagine what his mother thought since he didn’t explain to her what type of dance it was nor why I was dressed the way I was.  Of course, he didn’t dress up.

Then, we went to dinner.  His mother dropped us off at Del Taco which wasn’t far from the school and Renton told me we were going to have to walk to the school from the restaurant.  Nobody else was in Del Taco but I was totally embarrassed and the workers in Del Taco could not believe that’s where we went for dinner before the dance.  Needless to say, I did not eat much and Renton could not help but comment about me being a cheap date as I nibbled on my small french fries.  Walking to the school was not fun in the shoes and outfit I was wearing either by the way.

So, we get to the dance and I figure the night can only get better but it gets worse as Renton gets mad upon discovering I want to dance with Henry.  Hello?  This is not supposed to be a date. Remember?  We are here as “just friends.”  Needless to say, Renton refuses to dance with me the rest of the evening by faking a hurt ankle or something and Henry and I never do get to dance alone.

As the night starts to close, Renton informs me that his mother will not be able to pick us up and we have no way home.  I’m like “What?”  He said, “He could not ask her to pick us up.  It was not part of the agreement…or something.”  Uh…yeah it was.  It’s called, “transportation.”  I was furious.  I wasn’t about to call my parents at 12:30 or whatever time and wake them up because my friend is not living up to his end of the bargain!  As, I sit there fuming and Renton lives in La-La-Land or whatever…a friend comes over and announces that they are going to the beach after the dance and invites us both to go with them.  Renton immediately says, “Yes.”  I responded with, “No., We have no way to get home, remember?”  I explain the situation to D. who invited us and she and her date offer to take us both home before going to the beach.  Problem solved.

The drive home is silent.  I had worked it out with D. to drop Renton off at his place before me.  As Renton gets out of the car and is walking to the door, D. teases me and say, “Don’t you want to help him find the way?” and I said, “He’ll find it.”

Needless to say, that was the worst Non-Date/Date I’d ever gone on.

Dating Memories #2-First Crush

I was 13 and he was 12.  He had blond hair and gorgeous, green eyes.  We held hands and walked around the school track.  We danced the last dance at every school dance.  “Stairway To Heaven”,  I remember it being a long song and not wanting it to end as I lay my head on his shoulder.  We kissed behind the bushes.  My first kiss.  On, those were the innocent times,  I even bought a stuffed fox with bright green eyes and named the fox after him.


It was on New Year’s Eve, I was babysitting my Niece at the time, we were talking on the phone but his friend took the phone and said, “Chet wants to break up with you.”  I told him to have Chet tell me himself.  Chet did.  I was angry.  I was hurt.  I told Chet I never wanted to see him again.

Chet moved away.

I cried the whole Summer.  He had been my first crush.  But the worst part?  I did not mean the part about never wanting to see him again.  That was mean.  He was not supposed to move after I’d said that.  I felt so, so guilty.  I wanted to apologise a thousand times over for saying that.  I prayed and prayed that he would forgive me.

Chet and I are FB Friends now and he and I have forgiven each other; but that was the first of my heart being broken… and the stories will continue.

Changing The Good Boys

Before I get back to my dating stories, and I will,..I wanted to talk about the affects of dating.

I believe everyone you’ve dated has an affect on you and your life in some way.  Some people and experiences can affect you much more than others.

It has come to my attention that one of my exes has chosen another sexual path to put it plainly..has become Gay.  I must say, this bothers me quite a bit.  It does not matter when I dated this man, the fact that I dated someone who has chosen this path makes me wonder what part I may have had in his decision.  It also makes me wonder how a woman gets over finding out her husband was secretly Gay all along?  I’ve heard of that before many times now in this day and age.

Another ex (we were both Virgins when we met) who was not the partier and quite straight-laced, if you know what I involved with strippers and I was informed also got into the party scene (I am not sure about drugs) after we broke up.  Is it possible that my goodness drove him to his badness?  Is it possible that my boring, normal way of life was not enough for him which is why he went that direction?

With the many ‘bad boys’ I’ve dated, I’m surprised I married the ‘nice one.’


Dating Memories #1

Let’s leave school for a while ((‘ll come back if I remember something) and talk about least my experiences when dating and how I was raised.  I’m sure a date was a lot different than now; but maybe not.  It was not like Tom Leykis days ((He was on 97.1 KLSX but is now only on the internet..wait, I think he may be on Satellite, I am not sure…Anyway, “Dating did not equal Porking” as he so fondly puts  it.)  I am going to change all the guys names to protect the ..uh…innocent…err..well, we aren’t together anymore so they had to be guilty, right?  Anyway, all names are changed!  I am not discussing the worst one ever!  He scares me.  I am writing a book about him.  Okay, I may gloss over him but it would be probably super quick.  I don’t want to rel-ive it on WP and in print for my book.  I can’t re-live it, this book is taking forever to write and talking about him would be an entire journal.  Anyway..

DatingGames #1

The things you do to impress guys and the ramifications.

We won’t count when I was in Pre-School or 1st grade and my mom got a call from the teacher asking her to talk to me because I was chasing the boys in the yard kissing them.  Oh, the things I did to get the guys attention..

One time, our school had a science fair and the guy I had a crush on was selling baby frogs.   Frogs freaked me out and I was afraid to touch  them but I had to buy them because Snead was selling them.  So I bought some frogs in a jar and brought them home.  My father told me to put them in the back yard.  Well, there were two evils in the back yard.  We had a dog and we had a pool.  There was a gate between the dog and the pool and there were some bushes by the wall on the side of the pool.  I dumped the frogs in the bushes not far from the pool.  Months later, my father asked me, “Do you remember when you got those frogs from school?”  I said,  “Oh yeah, i got them from Snead.  I don’t even like him anymore.”  Dad asked, “Where did you put them?”  I said, “I put them in the bushes by the pool so Pepe wouldn’t eat them.”  Dad said, “Dog’s don’t eat frogs.  Don’t they teach you anything?  That explains why for the last week I’ve found a frog family in the filter of the pool. ”  Needless to say, I felt pretty bad about killing those frogs.