He Gets The Dog and Other Animal Things


Before we got married, HE had dogs and I had cats. We had cat and dog figurines on the wedding cake next to the Bride and Groom and cats and dogs going down the stairs from the top cake to the ground over a fountain; since we only had one Bridesmaid and one Groomsman.

Now we are separated. I slept solid last night after another sob fest. But, I woke up with a clear head and made a solid decision. HE can have his dog. Yes, I love that dog. Yes, I’ve cared for that dog. However, technically it is HIS dog. HE chose the dog. His friends gave us the dog. He has begged for visiting rights/privileges with the dog. Within the last week, I have finally gotten the dog to pee on the patio. PEE on the patio. That is only one part of his business. I used to sleep in until 9 and 10 because the dog had a dog door. I admit, I will miss the dog, but without him, I won’t have to make myself get dressed right away to take him for walks. I won’t have to force myself to stay up and dressed when I don’t want to in order to take him out for his last walk at 9:30 at night.

I spoke to HIM on the phone. HE said he may stay in the house now and can even put a dog door in the sliding glass door since he has already blocked in the other one. HE sounded happy about my decision. He also said he may just stay in the house now until Petey dies and when the 9 months end, he will probably just buy me a mobile home wherever I want.

I won’t tell you other things he said. I won’t tell you things that could take me out of La-La-Land should I choose to believe them. I won’t/can’t throw hope away even if HE wants me to head in that direction. It’s only been a week! Before you say it, I know, it’s probably been more then a week for him. But, it’s only been a week for me. I’m not prepared to accept it as over yet. Not completely. HE announced it a few weeks ago. Look how much changed in a few weeks. We’ve really hardly been a part. The sale is coming up in a few weeks. Couldn’t his feelings change after the sale, sometime? I NEED more then a week to accept even the thought of the possibility of this being final!

So, even though I told my dog I would not leave him. He is with his daddy. I’m sure he will adjust. Physically, the cat and I are adjusting already, and I am actually relieved of the burden.

Speaking of the cat. I am back to being the Crazy Cat Lady. I lived in a 4-Bedroom House where I had a large Coca-Cola collection and my library was my Cat Room. I’ve decided to decorate my apartment with Cat Things only. I kept one or two of my Coke things only because they are unique, but that is it. I have cat pictures, cat clocks, a cat ceiling pull, a cat rug, cat checks, even a cat license plate frame. I always used to say cats came before a man and if I found a man they would have to approve of each other. If I am/go back into the single life. That will stand again. It is Firepie and I alone now to face the world.

You know the license plate frame I should have gotten: “The More I Know of Men: The More I Love My Cat.” I think I’ll get a sign, or a t-shirt, or something. I know I have to watch my spending but that would really cheer me up. Maybe I’ll buy one thing and put other stuff on my Amazon List. Heck, my friends read this. Someone get me something with that saying, Please. My B-Day is in 6 months.

I think I may actually see what I can find and update my Amazon List now.
One of my favorite shirts just got ripped anyway and had to be thrown away.


My Valentine’s Day Post

Well, Valentine’s Day is tomorrow.  That sappy, syrupy day when you are supposed to be all romantic and dreamy-eyed. Gag Me!  My husband and I are not that way.  Never have been, never will be.  He actually asked me the other day, “When is Valentine’s Day and am I supposed to do something for you?”  I didn’t remember if it was the 12th or the 14th.  I had to look at the calendar.  I’m like, “We don’ tdo that stuff.  I’ll decorate the house with my 5 decorations and we can order pizza or whatever.”  Seriously.

I don’t do candy.  I’m lactose intolerant plus, who needs a box of crap, I mean chocolate.  I love white chocolate but even a box of that would be to much.

We don’t do flowers.  My cat eats them.  She even eats fake flowers.  The last time someone gave me flowers I tried putting them on top of the refrigerator and she got up there and kncoked them down.  I was lucky the vase didn’t shatter.

A stuffed animal?  Nice but not practical, plus, I would have to pick it out and my real animals would probably chew on it if it was too small.  Or, my stuffed bears (I have one I’ve had since I was 16) would get jealous so I really don’t need another bear.

Anything PINK is definitely OUT.  I HATE that color.  I barely allow it in the house.  My niece got offended when I was kidding and told her I wouldn’t let her in the house because her hair was pink.  I can’t believe people color their hair pink…but I digress.  Anyway, I’ve told friends and family, if they ever get me anything pink, be prepared to be hit with it.  I don’t wear it, own it, want it, you get the idea.  I also don’t like lace or any other frilly things or words such as sweet or cute.

Yes people, I am still a girl but definitely not your girly girl. Blah.

So, I wanted to watch Charlie Brown for Valentines Day with my husband.  That’s all I wanted.  Guess what?  We missed it!  Why the heck do they play it on t.v. the wknd before?  Who does that?  Why don’t you play it on Valentines Day or the day before?  It’s on ABC, for crying out loud!  So, I guess I’ll be watching it alone on the internet and then, we may go for a drive or just watch a movie and have pizza.  Maybe a horror movie, definitely, not some sappy one.

For you that enjoy the holiday, Happy Valentines Day!

Not Partying, Yes Decorating

Well, it’s been decided and I’ve decided not to attend the party this year for a few reasons:  I said the reason was because my husband made me a better offer which is technically true, although we decided to go gambling on a different day and on Saturday to decorate for Christmas and to go to dinner.  My actual B-Day is on Friday but Friday may be really crowded so we may go to dinner on Sat instead.  I haven’t decided when or where yet, plus, just spending time with my husband is probably better for our relationship at present

The 2nd reason is;  I don’t drink anymore which I think I’ve already mentioned and most everyone else at the party does so it gets weird to watch everyone get drunk and act stupid, plus the fact that they all get into this weird sexy stuff that I am just not into..like last year someone was carrying around a naked blow-up doll which I found disturbing.  Call me a Prude, that way.  This year, they are having a raffle.  Some of the things discussed up for the raffle were questionable. And add to that the fact I can’t eat anything since I am gluten-intolerant so I would have to eat before I go and graze on veggie’s only if they had any.

3rdly is the fact that I am still healing from surgery.  I like to think I am healed but the tape is off now and the stitches are starting to itch as they heal plus, it is pressure in the area and hard to start when I go, so it isn’t like dancing would be good for me; and last year one of the restrooms were out-of-order and one of the girls had to guard the door when I went in.  With how long I take now, I would hate for that to have to happen again.

In other news, I love to theme decorate and as soon as I get the energy and the time, I am going to start indoor decorating.  I decorate my house with Snowman.  I have a few other things scattered here and there that have sentimental value like an Elf my neighbor made (the neighbor passed awynot long ago) and a few things from when I used to sell Christmas Around The World. but otherwise, it is Snowman all the way.  Oh yes, and of course Animal Christmas stuff.  I cannot forget Cat and Dog Christmas.

Do you theme decorate or is it just basically Christmas as your theme or Hanukkah or whatever you celebrate?  Have you already started/finished decorating?  Are you in the mood?

Not Getting Get What I Paid For

I ordered a poster from a company with the word Poster and the word Revolution in the title where they have really good prices.  (You can do this people.  You can actually figure out the company name.  This is easier than Charades or Scattergory or Password!)  Anyway, I ordered this poster on the 21st of July..  Check your calendars..it’s now August. . Said poster was supposed to be mailed 3 days after payment which would be the 24th. (Hey, I can do math tonight.) Uh..it’s not here.  I was supposed to receive an e-mail stating it’s shipped. .Nope..never received one.  ..Yes, I’ve checked my Spam folder over and over and over.  So, I called Customer Service.  First, I’m told “Oh, we don’t have it in stock.  We should have it  but there is a delay with the Vendor.  It should be there on the 8th of August.” (By the way, today is the 9th.) I call again yesterday and speak to someone else.  “No, it should be shipped today but it won’t be shipped until 12.  It is only 2 here now and it has until 12. (Midnight?..really?) Here’s my name and extension.  I will check with my supervisor and I will e-mail you an update the first thing in the a.m.”

This morning comes….No E-mail.  So, I call and I’m put on hold for over 8 minutes with music and the recording that comes on periodically of “Our representatives will be happy to assist you but are serving other customers, please hold the line and..blah, blah, blah..” I hang up and call back.  This time, I try the option O hoping to get to an Operator.  I get disconnected.  I even tried a third time with the representatives extension that I talked to.  Nope.  “Our representatives will be happy to assist you….”  (Can we say really annoyed by now????)

So, I do the next step.  Send an e-mail.  “Where is my poster?  What is going on?  This is the situation.”.described situation including names, etc..” then I go to e-Bay, find same poster from the UK and purchase it.  Go back to Poster website (figured it out yet?) and write another e-mail, “CANCEL MY ORDER PLEASE.”  Yes, that part is in caps.  Add a bit more explanation, but I am not rude.

Guess what?  I got a response.  I am getting my refund in a few days.

If this doesn’t work out, I will have to find another poster of same subject.

I won’t tell you what it is yet because I may post a picture of it when it finally gets here.


*Update-8/10/12-My new poster from e-Bay has already been marked as Shipped.  e-Bay Rocks!


Love = Our Own Rooms

When my mother passed away a liitle over a year ago, I had a breakdown.  Part may have been due to overuse of my medication, part may have been due to the idea that my husband had not long before brought up the idea of having his own room.  I had never been raised that way and the thought of such a thing brought to my mind the idea that he didn’t love me and thoughts and feelings of abandonment came cerashing in.    In my mind, if your husband did not want to sleep in the same room with you, something is seriously wrong with your mariage.

Since then, I have talked to my Therapist, I have talked to my friends, I have read up on the idea on the internet and I talked to my husbands mother.

Times have changed so much since I was young.  I gave in to letting him have his own bed.  It’s been fantastic having my own bed with the animals.  And, he loves his own bed.  I don’t have to have the t.v. on all night.  I don’t have to hear him gas when I don’t want to.  He doesn’t have to worry about me waking him up with nightmares or sitting up in bed or whatever weird things I do.  I don’t jump every time the bed moves when he rolls over.  (He isn’t a big man.  I don’t even know what’s up with that.)  He doesn’t need to hear me get up 12.000 times or however many to use the restroom.  It’s a Win-Win.  I didn’t think I would enjoy it so much.  It took a while to stop my mind from reverting back to what I’d been taught and to push Satan away and to convince myself that room location has nothing to do with love.

I’m ready to take it further.  I am ready for our own rooms!  It’s what he’s wanted.  I can do this.  I am gettting excited this time.  My Coke Collection is being moved to my room.  I can paint it whatever color I want.  Closets are being re-arranged.  His dresser and clothes are being moved to his room.  We are still husband and wife.  We still love each other and he loves me even more because he will have his own room.  Most men would love to have their own rooms.



In A Doctors’ Time

I saw the Nephrologist yesterday and was quite perturbed upon arriving on time and hearing that” He stepped out for a while because no one was here but he should be back in about twenty minutes.  He knew he had patients.  Don’t worry you are the 1st one.”  This is the same doctor that makes people wait 1-3 hours for him and the doctor I re-scheduled last week because I got tired of waiting.  He showed up a little over half hour later and I was the first one seen.                        The appointment went well (as expected).  He doesn’t say much.  He did say to send him over the ingredients of Focus Factor (or I may just send any other Focus Vitamin/Med I may consider) so he can check out the ingredients but he does not agree with natural things since they aren’t proven and I cannot take Ginseng since I’ve had a Kidney Transplant.  The only thing he can recommend for my focus problem due to my ADD is to play Brain Games which I think are the ones by Luminosity so I’ll have to check those out.  I wonder if Solitaire and Slot Machines count because I play those quite often.

I got the inside of the house decorated today and this wknd we are probably going to do the outside.  It shouldn’t take long because we really don’t have much to put up as a lot of it was gotten rid of last year for one reason or another but I did buy something new this year and I will probably buy one thing new every year like I do at Halloween.  I never know if it will be for the inside or out but I’ve been trying to theme the house Snowman pretty much although I do have some Santa and Reindeer as well as a few other things here and there.

It’s funny, I alway’s say I like the Snow but I sure don’t like the cold so I don’t think I could live in it.  I live in So. CA and I am already looking forward to receiving my fleece-lined pants I ordered from Haband.  I am really hoping I don’t have a problem this time.  The last company I ordered them from they fit horrible.  But, I’ve bought clothes from Haband for years so I think they might actually fit this time.  One thing I would like about Snow though is to see it fall, I’ve only seen that happen once in my life and then if I remember correctly, it turned into slush like right after.  To watch an actual Snowflake and maybe to catch it on your tongue might be really magical.

Feeling Better & Future Exercise Option

I am starting to feel a bit better although the cough is hanging on.  I definitely got enough sleep this wknd.  Luckily, it was more of a super bad Cold then a Sinus Infection this time. 

I need to get going on decorating the inside of this house and finish shopping.  I should be completely done but there are those last few I’ve discovered I’ve missed as I was wrapping packages not to mention I have to finish wrapping packages to get them ready and mailed by next week probably.

My husband broke the main pipe of the Jacuzzi yesterday and decided to get trid of the Jacuzzi and join a Gym instead which is fine because I have a Jacuzzi Bathtub.  I, myself, cannot even consider joining a Gym until after I see a specialist about my Hemorrhoids (which is scheduled on the 14th) and get that taken care of and even after that is taken care of, I sincerely doubt I will join the same gym should I join one at all because we just do not have the right types of personalities to be working out together.  He is the type to be making me do things right and in order and in a certain time frame versus letting me do things on my own and going to the gym would not be an enjoyable experience.  Should I ever get comfortable enough to work out in a gym type atmosphere, it would probably be a woman’s only type gym like Curves.


Debate Over Halloween Decorations

I almost had a debate with my Pastor at church on Sunday but it didn’t really turn into a debate because pastor’s at churches think they are alway’s right and they use Scripture Verses to back up their viewpoint of whatever it is they want you to believe plus, when they stop trying to convince you of their thinking (because it wasn’t working) the rest of the church participants sneak something in during the nights topic of “What’s Your favorite Verse and Why?”

  The topic in question is Halloween and should you participate?  I decorate my house for Halloween with Ghoul’s and a Graveyard.  I was telling Pastor and the others that my neighbor believes that decorating my yard like that is just opening the door to Satan which I think is going overboard.  I did not expect my church members to agree with her.  Pastor went on and on about as Christians we are supposed to glorify God every day 24/7.  He tried to compare the symbol of the Cross to a decoration of a Ghoul as if I am seriously symbolizing it.  When I mentioned it as being only in fun..Pastor compared it to people doing drugs or committing suicide or weird stuff like that being fun and going along with it. 

 This is the new church I am attending and they are a bit more extreme than the one I last attended.  Good thing I did not tell them I dress up as a Ghoul and scare the children. 

 I am strong in my Faith and I know God is with me. . .  It is what you believe on the inside and in your heart and how you show your love to others that matters.  One night/wknd of the year scaring people in a costume is not going to change things overall.

Wknd and Health

Saturday was a good day.  The sun was shining.  I got the house decorated inside for Halloween and bought a new Ghoul for the outside graveyard and we went to Spaghetti Factory, my favorite restaurant.

Then, Sunday showed up.  Went to the Swap-Meet and fell over one of those cement parking space markers.  Messed up my knee a little.  It’s only surface but still hurts a bit.  Luckily, it didn’t swell.  At church, one of the guys had a seizure.  He suddenly grabbed his head before his whole body shook and he went down.  I just received an e-mail saying he is doing better but he doesn’t remember anything other than singing at church than waking up in the hospital.  Scary.

I saw my Neurologist yesterday who said I am doing okay as far as my headaches are concerned.  As he said, I know my headaches better than he does.  In truth, I’m sure he would prefer I take the medicine the way he wants me to however, he would have me skip the Tylenol and Head-On entirely and go straight to the Maxalt, and Imatrex.  I would probably get addicted that way and most of the time Tylenol will cut the pain before the headache turns into a full-fledged Migraine.

I still have those weird leg pains at night (although not every night) and last night every muscle in my body ached.   Then, this morning I felt weird like my whole right arm hurt and since I’ve read about RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) and the possibility that it can lead to Heart Attacks and Strokes and I had just seen what had happened to George at church, I started freaking out a bit.  But, that’s a bit silly.  From what I read my symptoms don’t even seem to match RLS.  I have a Physical set in November so if  it  is still happening I will talk to the Dr. about it then.

We are running low on Low-Protein Food so I just ordered a little over $80.00 from Cambrooke, a low-protein food company and despite the argument on the phone with the insurance company, after sending the paperwork in, the company called and said the insurance company will cover 50% of the cost as of the next order.  I had to order this one first though; as it gets tough once you meet your protein quota and still need a snack with calories.

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