Sorry so long..No excuses

Gosh, I hadn’t realized how long it’s been since I’ve written.  I try to write at least every other day.  I won’t use the I’ve been sick excuse (although I have) because that would be annoying and you would get tired of hearing it.  I just finished the last day of my Z-Pack today and started feeling a bit better yesterday.

I just finished playing Wii for an hour.  I consider that a work-out.  It was Wii Bowling, Tennis, Ping-Pong, etc.  but it still kept me moving so it is still considered fitness for this girl.

The weather today is cold for us.  I say for us because if I whine about the weather to much, my relatives in WA like to remind me that they have snow or are freezing or whatever; like it makes a difference.  I don’t choose to live in those type area’s where it is even colder to affect my headaches and sinuses.  I am not a cold weather person at all.

I saw my Metabolic Specialist yesterday who was quite impressed with the changes I’ve been making since I started seeing him.  Although I do need tokeep taking my pills correctly.  It gets tough sometimes with as many pills as I have to take; but that’s why I am on disability and it is nobody elses responsibility but my own.

As my husband keeps reminding me; my health is the most important thing in my life to keep track of.

I Can Rest Easier Now

The Disability Hearing went Fantastic!  The Disability Lady she is going to reverse her decision and my Disability will be continued.  I won’t have to go through this again for another 3 years.  It totally helped that we went overkill on all the paperwork.

My D-Day Hearing Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the Disability Hearing.  If you are a Christian, Please Pray For Me!  I’ve done the best I can with getting everything together.  I am so thankful to my wonderful husband who actually did most of it as this was really confusing.  Now I just hope I can vocalize everything I feel and go through or answer.. whatever.  That is the hardest part, I think.

Hope Thx To More Problems

The Disability notes pretty much stop in 2010.  They barely have anything on me.  I’ve gotten much worse since then.    The main problem is that a lot of my problems don’t have a lot of hard evidence to back it up plus I have a lot of difference problems going on and I think Disability likes to focus on a main one.  Plus, my claim started with my Kidney Problems however, since then we have discovered problems due to my Metabolic Disorder and my ADD has been causing problems since I have gotten older and I’ve had to adjust my depression medication.  I could go on but it is Disability I need to convince.

Anyway, I am getting copies of my medical records from as many doctors as I can despite the fact that I only have 2-3 days to go pick up the copies.

I finished the last of the Z-Pak the day before yesterday (I think) and I am finally feeling a bit better.  I am still a bit off and am afraid to go visit everyone again yet but ..

This Will Go Away Someday, Won’t It? I know I’m going to get over this eventually but I still have to wonder just how long this is going to hang on.  Tired of freeze/sweating and headaches.  I had to sweep the floor to the library and clean up a broken plate which had me wiped out.

I was reading my Bible last nite when all of a sudden I noticed a string on the wall with no plate.  It didn’t register at first..I Baby Plate has hung there for over a year (since my mother passed away) and in my mind I was like, did I take that down for Christmas?..I don’t think so.  Then, it hit me.  It must have somehow fallen off the string.  Maybe Firepie knocked it off.  Wait..then, where is the plate.  Oh, I hope it didn’t break.  It did.  Shattered in like tons of pieces.  I picked up the big pieces but had to sweep the little ones up today.

Tomorrow we go review the file at Disability to see what they are using against me.  Then, this wknd we finish putting our packet together and continue to pray for next Friday.  In the meantime, I also continue to pray for my health.

Nasty Nightmare & Nasty Side Effects

Well, I started the Z-Pak today and discovered it has a side effect of causing/increasing diarrhea which I already had.  Not fun.

I don’t know if I mentioned but I have a Disability Hearing scheduled for the 20th which is causing a bit of stress.  We are going on Friday to review the file to see what their case is.  I already have 3 doctors writing letters to help me out this time.  It’s ridiculous how so many people get away with abusing the system but those of us that have numerous problems and really need it have such a hard time continuing on Disability.

I woke up with tears running down my face from a horrible nightmare.  I dreamed my husband gave or talked me into giving my cat away.  We were at some conference thing and originally we gave her to the leader (whom I think was my Therapist) who in turn gave her to some rude, Arab guy.  I kept saying, “I want my cat back.”  My husband asked if he would change his mind and he said “No.”  Then on the last day, the leader made some sort of speech about how we had all learned to get along with one another but the Arab guy felt like he was being harassed so she was letting him leave early and I started freaking out and screaming not to let him take my cat.  My cat’s name is Firepie. But, he yelled at me and said, “She’s my cat now and her name is PieHole.” – – Needless to say, I was so thankful to wake up and have her cuddled in her usual place next to me.

I think a lot of this dream has to do with the fact that I gave some stuff to a family who lost their house and cat and guinea-pig in a fire, plus, I’ve been keeping up with the news and all the shooting and killing in other countries.  After I’d heard about the fire, I made my husband check the Smoke Detectors.  I’ve just been a bit paranoid since then.

Trying To ManageTime

As hard as it is, I really need to start  working on my timing of things.  I get so distracted on this computer I barely start anything until noon each day.  This computer is my main way of socialization.  Surprisingly, I actually prefer it that way.  I have a few friends I am close to and I enjoy spending time with but other than that, it’s hard to meet people and I’m not the going out shopping/eating type.  I never was the mall shopping type and now I’m never comfortable to walk far distances…wonder if I ever will be again?  but I digress.. and as for going out to eat..Well.. Now, that I have to measure everything.. it’s fine but it’s sort of a hassle having to figure out where to go and then trying to figure the menu before-hand if at all possible so I don’t go to far over my allotted Protein requirement and suffer in the long run.

I really need to work on my Disability situation this week-end since I have a Hearing scheduled on the 20th and this will more likely be the last Hearing they give me.  It’s so tiresome having to continue to prove that I am disabled.  What with my stomach issues, the pain of my Skin Tags/Hemorrhoids and how often I get URI’s,  Sore Throats and Colds, Migraines or other symptoms of something..attendance alone would get me fired if I try to work.  Plus, the issue of focus is really bad for me and I really do not want to take medication just for that purpose what with all the other meds I take now.