Post On Spam

Today I want to talk about Spam.  Spam is a lunch meat.  I used to like it before I became Vegetarian/Flexitarain and gave in to my love of animals.  Plus, I need to be on a low-protein diet anyway due to my disease..but I digress.. I used to take Spam Sandwiches for lunch which was basically canned Spam mixed with mayo in a sandwich.    My father was a retired Marine having served a long time in the Marine Corps. (being on the USS Tennessee which was attached to the USS Arizona during Pearl Harbor and losing half his men as well)…  Yeah.. Yeah.  I know… once again I digress.   Anyway, dad used to call Spam “Shit On A Shingle” because he said that is pretty much all they ate and it tasted terrible. but when I was in school, I liked the taste.

Nnow we call the weird messages we get from weird people who have nothing to do with the topics we write about, “Spam.”  Does anyone know how that came about?  Could there not have been another word for it?  Let’s see..we could see it as a possible threat.  We could have just said P.T. or it could cause possible computer harm so there’s always the term, “Warning Llight.”  Hey, I like that.  We already have a trash folder here but Spam?  Is that really insulting enough for all these weird messages we really don’t want, can’t use, and/or are possibly harmful to our computers?

Do you ever wonder just what the production company of Spam thinks of this?

Also, speaking of Spam… I have been.  What types of Spam do you receive on your blog site?  Isn’t it weird to get Spam leading yu to other sites that have absolutely nothing to do with yours?  and why do I get comments starting “Dear Webmaster..”  Now, that is weird.  I guess sex type spam will show up everywhere so that is not to much of a surprise nor are the ones of how to get more followers.  Like I would follow a Spam suggestion.  I think not.


Better For Each Other

One of the low-protein food companies I order from sent me a  ree cake mix for my Birthday so I whipped up a cake.  This is the first cake I’ve ever made that has no Eggs and is Soy based.  The batter was good anyway so..

I talked to a friend last night who has Propionic like I do and she also gets diarrhea when her Protein is off.  To bad we never really discussed this before because it’s good to know that it affects us all.  I’ve been doing a lot better monitoring that thanks to Spark Fitness.

I’ve been kidding around with my husband since he joined a gym.  I don’t know if I mentioned that he accidentally broke the main line of our Jacuzzi and instead of spending lots of money to get it fixed, he decided to join the local gym which has one.  I was teasing that now he is going to get all buff and in shape and not be attracted to me anymore.  Truth is, I just cannot exercise right now.  I am way to uncomfortable but as soon as I get these stupid Hemorrhoids taken care of I plan to get back on track, myself.  I have an Exercise Bicycle here and DVD’s and a Jump Rope,  plus, there is a nearby park.  Of course, there is also Curves which I’ve considered but I would really have to check that out and make a commitment for that.  But, in the future, I think we will both be on the right track.

New Diagnosis

It’s official.  I’ve been diagnosed with ADULT ADHD.  It actually makes sense now.  Read the symptoms.  I wouldn’t be surprised if my mother had ADHD also.  I am surprised I was not tested as a child what with my disease and all my other problems.  How did they miss that?  It explains why I have a hard time on so many simple things or things that are simple to most..why I interrupt people..maybe even why I think so much differently then others..not to mention why I’ve had problems at  jobs.

  Now, I have a problem with my Psychiatrist.  I don’t want to see him anymore.  I don’t think I will.  I need to talk to my husband and my Primary about it.  First of all he is constantly pushing me to stop my Caffeine.  That is NOT going to happen.  You can tell me til your blue in the face about whatever research you read that Caffeine causes headaches and does not help Migraines.  I’ve read other and I live with Migraines and I know what helps me and you’re not the one in bed with the pounding headaches and you’re not the one that would be going through withdrawals (should you survive them) not just with a pounding headache but vomiting or worse yet, winding up in the hospital because you seriously cannot function.  It’s happened before and those headaches weren’t even explained.  I had every test in the world and was drugged up for a week straight before coming out of it.  So, just Shut Up Doc, Right Now!  Now, I have ADHD he is pushing Adderral.  But first, he wants me to take another TOVA TEST which is Not covered by my insurance.  Nor, was the 1st one.  I took the 1st one after taking 3-4 other written tests from two different doctors with varied results and wanting a definitive confirmation.  I knew the 1st ToVA test was not covered by insurance but thought the two TOVA tests were together.  No such luck.  You take the 1st TOVA test then they give you Adderal then they have you take a 2nd TOVA test to see how much Adderal will make a difference and every 6 months or so you continue.  When I spoke to him about the insurance issue, my doctor copped a very bad attitude.  He doesn’t like to talk about money.  Mental health is important, blah, blah, blah.  He will accept a payment plan.  He actually said..”If you don’t want to pay, “I just won’t help you anymore.”  WTH?  I almost walked out then.   My mind has actually started to calm down quite a bit while on the Zoloft and I do not even want another drug right now and while reading about ADHD I’ve read there are other ways to deal with this.  I know this doctors field is ADD/ADHD but I think he also majored in Pushiness.

While at  the Therapist  (not the Psychiatrist) I brought up Operation Christmas Child as I was telling her I feel sort of bad this year as only having been able to make 7 boxes whereas last year I was able to make 24 but with finances the way they are and being on disability and all my medical problems this year, etc.. Anyway, she mentioned that she no longer counsels children under 13 and she had some toys in the back room and would I like them? Some were a bit large though. Of course I said Yes! The large ones can go to Spark of Love or Toy’s For Tots. Little did I know what a blessing this was going to be.

SOME TOYS turned out to be 6 enormous bins full of toys. Plastic-Dishes and Food, Doll-House Families and Furniture, Musical Instruments, a whole bin of Stuffed Animals, toys for 2 Year olds, Erasers and Globe Key Chains for 10-14 Year olds, and the large toys?.. A big Rag Doll. I want to fold her up and fit her in a regular shoebox to send off. If I could, I would. A Drum and a Gigantic Pony! Some child will love this! God is so good!

I have been working lately on making a ‘Frog Box’. Everything in the box is Frog themed or the colors of the main stuffed Frog. I don’t know why. God told me this box is going to a child who loves Frogs. The last two shopping trips I have found absolutely nothing Frog themed. In these bins there was a Frog Puppet and a Frog Maraca. I have never seen a Frog Maraca. It is adorable.

“Minor” Flu

I was starting to feel a bit better yesterday then today I woke up sweating and although the diarrhea had started to calm down before I got sick it’s come back plus, I’ve been having horrible pains in my legs that have been waking me up at night and I have to get up and walk around the room,. I’m not sure which doctor to discuss this with but I think that also may be a side effect of the Zoloft and I have an appointment with that doctor next week. Plus, I had another bad Migraine last night and needed Imatrex which all goes with the territory.  I am also back to having chills again.  I think I’ve deduced this to a minor Flu but hey the key word is “Minor”.  That’s why I get a Flu Shot…to keep things “Minor”.  Especially with my disease, that is key.  My husband has started to feel sick now too In the past few days so here we go. That’s the thing about being married. Even not sharing a bedroom..we still share most everything.

In good news..CHOC (Children’s Hospital of Orange County) called and I am going to be approved for a (she said a Psych but she meant to say Intelligence Test). I need to call and correct her on that.