What I Learned In History

Since people are returning to school, it made me remember my time in school and I thought I would share a story or maybe a few.  Here is one that I hope you find interesting.

During High School, some of our teachers for general subjects such as History and Science were also the coaches for the athletics department.  This was the case for my History class.   My teacher’s name was Coach N. and he was Fine (if you know what I mean.)  He knew it too and he was a big flirt.  Sometimes the Cheerleaders or some of his ex-students would come visit during class and hang all over him.  Anyway, he would come straight from coaching and would wear these tight shorts while teaching class and he usually stood at the chalk board.

This was a problem.  He sat me in the front row facing the chalk board and my eyes were even with his. crotch.  Yeah, I know..I was supposed to be looking at the chalk board.  I can’t stand History (at least I couldn’t then.  I am into the Holocaust now and a few other things), I have no idea what he wrote on the chalk board.  This man wore Tight…really tight.. Did I mention they were tight? shorts.  He could have taught the history of his shorts and I probably wouldn’t have heard anything he said.  I saw nothing on that board.  I tried to focus.  I really did.  I tried to do the paperwork correctly and I did all the homework but…

I decided to talk to my mom, Seriously,  I said, “Mom, I think I am going to flunk History.”  When she asked me why.  I told her I thought I had a crush on my teacher.  She told me it wasn’t a crush.  Man, was she right!  What would it have been?  A crush on one part of his anatomy?  Sheesh.  She made me promise to get a D and not to flunk.  I think I got a D+ or a C- .  I don’t remember and don’t ask me if I learned anything.

Oh yeah, I learned:

Coaches should not wear tight shorts when teaching class.


Trying To ManageTime

As hard as it is, I really need to start  working on my timing of things.  I get so distracted on this computer I barely start anything until noon each day.  This computer is my main way of socialization.  Surprisingly, I actually prefer it that way.  I have a few friends I am close to and I enjoy spending time with but other than that, it’s hard to meet people and I’m not the going out shopping/eating type.  I never was the mall shopping type and now I’m never comfortable to walk far distances…wonder if I ever will be again?  but I digress.. and as for going out to eat..Well.. Now, that I have to measure everything.. it’s fine but it’s sort of a hassle having to figure out where to go and then trying to figure the menu before-hand if at all possible so I don’t go to far over my allotted Protein requirement and suffer in the long run.

I really need to work on my Disability situation this week-end since I have a Hearing scheduled on the 20th and this will more likely be the last Hearing they give me.  It’s so tiresome having to continue to prove that I am disabled.  What with my stomach issues, the pain of my Skin Tags/Hemorrhoids and how often I get URI’s,  Sore Throats and Colds, Migraines or other symptoms of something..attendance alone would get me fired if I try to work.  Plus, the issue of focus is really bad for me and I really do not want to take medication just for that purpose what with all the other meds I take now.