Fighting a Losing Mushroom Battle

Help!  I am having a battle with Mushrooms and I don’t want to lose.  They are taking over my yard!  Seriously.  They are everywhere.  For every 100 Mushrooms I pick up; there must be 300 the next day.  (I may be exaggerating a bit, but not by much.)  My back yard looks like a land-mine and I don’t want my dog to break his leg when going out to go potty.  I read about shoveling under the mushrooms to get them up.  So, every day I am shoveling under clumps, groups, nests, rows of numberous Mushrooms that have grown the night before.  They grow in lines and circles or they simply follow each other.  Some are just all together.  I also read about a local farmer who sprays Baking Soda and water in the hole after it’s empty to deter the Mushrooms from growing back but then the Mushrooms move to another area.

This is a major problem because I have a dog and for some reason he likes to eat Mushrooms and then he throws up.  I’ve read way to many stories of Mushroom poisoning to dogs and I know the least they can do is cause gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhea and vomiting which my dog experiences quite a bit.

Other than digging up my entire yard or banning my dog from the outside, does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this problem naturally?

I would really appreciate any reasonable suggestions.


Needed Nano Motivation & Mood

This morning was very strange.  I had no motivation for Nanowrimo.  It was quite odd for me.  It was almost Biblical like how God made the world in 6 days and on the 7th day he rested.  Well, this is the 8th day of Nanowrimo and I’ve been at the novel for the first straight 7 days.  This is the first day, it was almost a chore.  I preferred playing games on FB plus I found a comfy, fleece, pajama, set I’ve been looking for and then tonight I got a bit distracted because my husband decided to start watching a show he knows I like and our t.v. is located right next to the computer.. but somehow thorough it all, I did manage to type out 1400 words today.  I also went outside and took a different picture to become the cover.  At least it will be the temporary cover until or unless I find an actual publisher should my novel be good enough.  I don’t know about that yet.

I am extra tired today because my dog woke me up from a sound sleep when the gardeners got here around 8:00 this morning.  I wish they would come at the same time every Thursday morning but it is alway’s unpredictable.

Plus, the stress of the election put me in a really, weird mood.  I think I am a bit depressed over the state of this country but nothing can be helped now.  I don’t want to hear anyone else say anything about wanting change because it obviously isn’t true.  A lot of the other things I voted for or against did not turn out the way I wanted either.  What a drain to really believe/hope that once again your vote would count only to find that it didn’t in a lot of ways.


My Sickly, Adventurous Day

So, here I am sick today and the Jehovah’s Witnesses ring my doorbell despite the fact that there is a ‘No Soliciting” sign right in front of their noses.  They were polite enough to ask if they could leave their literature about God at my door because he loves me or he’s the Savior or something..I couldn’t really hear them because I was talking to them through the window and I was all cloggy + my dog was barking;  Good thing too because otherwise I may have preached to them about what my “No Soliciting’ sign means especially when it actually says, “We love our vacuum, We found God, and We give at the office.”  What part of “Found God” did they miss?

It was the first day of real rain..not like fake rain.  Any rain?  Anyway, it rained pretty well today so my car (I named her Miracle) decided it would be really fun to sort of fishtail after we (me and Miracle.  I was driving her after all.) drove through a puddle.  For a minute I had to think of if I was supposed to drive into or out of a skid.  I just grabbed the wheel, slowed her down..looked around for traffic..thanked God for only one car behind me which gave me some distance and got back on track again.  I also told Miracle “Okay, now we will go slower in the rain and you won’t do that again.”

Then, as I’m driving my car (never mind that it is a very, small Mazda , Miata) a van practically runs me over with no blinker…just slides in my… it’s a beautiful day.   I laid on the horn which I usually don’t think fast enough to do.  I am not one of those people who stare at the people after the event like most people do because it’s already over and I can tell they felt bad because they stayed way back behind me afterward.  But, sheesh..I’m already sick..what else?

Miracle my Miata


Luckily, the rest of the day/night has been uneventful and it is already 10:15 so provided no emergencies happen; I am hoping to get some sleep.

But. I got a chest x-ray and they won’t have the results to my doctor which actually isn’t my doctor…it’s the fill-in doctor (he’s also my friends doctor..but I digress) until Mon or Tues…or Tues or Wed..or whenever…so  I guess they don’t think it’s urgent and I won’t die from whatever this is in the meantime.

Animals or Children?

This post may be offensive to some people; however; it should anyone I know be reading this, it is not personal in any way, shape or form.  That being said:

I am so tired of hearing about/from people giving up the animals they have had since the animals were puppies/kittens/babies, because they are moving or they have had children or for whatever reason.  It seems as if once the person has had a child or children, the animal takes a complete back seat to the child and gets shoved in the corner.  Unless the child is allergic and you have gone through the steps or have been advised it best not to, can you not teach your child respect for animals and keep the pet in the family?  Then, there is the moving aspect.  So, you are moving, so what?  Do you really want to move away without a family member?  Is it to much to fork over the required security deposit?  This is not the new puppy/kitten/bunny ,etc you’ve only had for a week and haven’t gotten used to.  This is the pet you have raised and named and loved for years.  You would rather find it another home or leave it at a pound before taking it with you?  Really???

Now, before you go on about the financial situations of people now.. I had a bad financial time myself and I had three cats.  My cats were in plenty of foster homes with friends and strangers, believe me.  But, I made sure my cats were cared for and I made sure to visit them.  I also had the stipulation that these were temporary facilities and in the end I got settled and got them all back.

My husband and I also had a terrible dilemma before we got married of getting rid of one of my cats or my husbands dog.  My husband and I lived together for about a month or so before we got married because we sold our condo’s and bought a house.  My cats had to adjust to his dogs moving in.  My Russian-Blue did not take well to this situation at all and decided he would attack one of the dogs.  After all, they were in his territory.  If we locked the dogs in the bedroom with  us at night, Kila (not his real name) would cry and cry so I would sleep on the couch with him.  We wound up giving him to a friend of my husbands’ with the stipulation that if for some reason he could not keep him, we would take him back and yes, we visited often.  Guess what?  After we got married and moved into  our house, the friend could no longer keep Kila and he came home.  So that story, does have a happy ending.

Anyway, if this is what happens to our animals after having children, I am very glad I did not have children.  I was not raised that way.  I was raised with animals being part of the family.  It was not a choice of either/or.

Petey the DogBird

My dog Petey wants to be a Bird.  A long time ago, I had a hanging bird feeder and Petey would run out and eat thr bird seed the birds dropped all over the ground.  It drove me crazy.  I discovered he cannot digest corn and his poo looks just wonderful after that.  Imagine picking up crackling dog poo?? (but, I digress.). Anyway, I took the bird feeder down and the birds flew to the front and started craping all over my car.  (They are prettty smart, those birds.  I’m just happy they didn’t crap on Petey.)  I thought I had the problem solved by getting a new bird feeder that stands up in the middle of the grass.  Mr. Smarty Petey has started again and he keeps going outside and eating the seed not to mention any bread I put in the feeder should we run out of seed.  He must go out there 6-8 times a day.  If you call him in, he just comes in all smiling and licking his chops.  I’ve had the talk with him about the difference between dogs and birds..but to no avail.  He just looks at me and listens with his big ears, then runs to play with his toy before going out again to sneak some more seed.

My husband is going to build a fence around the bird feeder.  That will take care of him.  He cannot jump on the bed so I am not worried about him jumping over the fence.  Now, I will wait to see what else he decides to come up with to drive us crazy.  I think he is losing his mind.  He is after all almost a teen-ager in human years.



Who Should I See?

Help.  What type of specialist (s) do you recommend for Anal Fissures/Skin Tags?  They need to take Blue Shield/ ADOC–(Affiliated Doctors of Orange County-HMO)  I need to ask my GP to get me to someone soon,  and this time I don’t want another GP that also knows about this.  I want a  Specialist of some sort.

So much pain.

This will sound gross but I described it to my husband as a Flea bite.  Now, multiply that by 12 (more like 100) and imagine them coming from inside your body every time you use the restroom.  I’ve been using the Healing Oil I ordered for a few days now (two?) but I’m not sure that’s going to work and it was really expensive.  I know they have a guarantee but I should give it at least another week before returning it..I just have a feeling it may be making me sting more.

Re-thought the motel situation while painting.  I am not going to bring the dog with me.  My husband will be here at night.  The idea of me going to the motel is so I don’t get sick staying here with paint fumes.  I am going by myself without the dog.  I have to be here all day with the animals anyway.  As soon as my husband gets home, I’ll take off and this way I will be away from the fumes as much as I can, to help my immune system.

The Write Time

I was on the phone back and forth with the vet and the kennel today figuring out what the kennel needs from the vet in order to board the animals; then I discovered that Motel 6 will take animals for Free!  So, we’ve now decided to take the dog with us when we get the floors done.  My husband is going to bring him back home when he comes during the day and hangs around the back-yard.  We are still going to board the cat though as there is to much risk of her running out the door and tomorrow I am going to get a physical for her and both animals are getting their nails trimmed.

I figure while at the motel I am going  to work on my book.  I keep thinking about and saying I am going to write this and it’s been months since I’ve worked on it.  I can’t let bad memories get in my way forever.  I hoped when I announced it to friends I would get some encouragement but I guess since I haven’t mentioned it in a while ,no-one else has either.  It’s about an abusive relationship I lived through with an ex-boyfriend.  I really want to write this in hopes that it may help others who are going through the situation now.  This is a hard one due to memories and not having the motivation.  It’s quite scary to put into words.

Floor Dates Are Set.

Yeah, We’ve hired someone to do the floor and set a date.  We are planning on staying in a motel for a few days and I have chosen the kennel in which to board the animals.  I am a bit concerned about our poor dog because he’s never been boarded but he’ll survive.  My husband is funny.  He said while they are working in the Living Room we could alway’s stay in the back rooms and jump in and out the window.  I don’t think so.  He is going to come home from the motel and hang around in the back yard or whatever just to make sure we don’t get robbed by the workers or something.

Finally went to Spaghetti Factory tonight and got my Browned Butter/Mizithra Gluten-Free.  They used these weird, spiral noodles though which I wasn’t expecting.  A bit drier than I’m used to.

American Made Animal Food

The new treats arrived for my dog today from Petmeds.  I live in SO. CA. and there was a big thing on the news about chicken treats from China making dogs sick.  If it isn’t us worrying about Pink Slime in our food, now we have to worry about this too.   Anyway, my dog is 13 years old so I am not taking chances and he is only getting American made products from now on.  I don’t care if it costs a little extra.

Also, I was watching the show, ‘My Strange Addiction’ last night and a repeat was on about a girl who ate cat treats as her complete diet.  When the doctor told her what chicken meal and other meal is made of, I thought I was going to vomit.  Why do we feed our animals food that are barely for human consumption?  No wonder my cat kept getting sick on her canned food when she was young and had to be taken off!  I have switched both my dog and cat to natural animal foods.  If you read the ingredients, they are actually made from foods humans eat.  So, are the new treats I just got for my dog.

I wonder if the girl on ‘My Strange Addiction’ would have munched on those instead of the other ones (like if she had actually read the label) if she would have been healthier in the end.  I don’t see a problem with munching on a cat treat once in a while, if that is your thing..but making it your main or only diet is going way overboard.

Heck, I remember one day we were out of snacks and my friend came over so we munched on a few Milk-Bone Dog Treats when I was young.  Needless to say, when my mother asked what we ate because she knew she hadn’t gone shopping yet and I told her, she made sure she we were stocked on chips or crackers from then on.

Christmas Adventures

Christmas was  interesting this year.  Not the being sick part. I get used to that having been sick a lot in my life.  I really enjoyed visiting with my sister and bro-in-law when they were here but the day they left, Steve’s friend dropped his dog off for us to babysit for 8 days.  The dog is a Pit/Lab mix, 1- 1/2 -year-old  puppy named Coco who has never been trained.  Our 12-year-old Corgy made it known that he did not want her here and the cat took one look through the glass door and bolted.  We tried putting our animals in separate rooms and letting Coco in but she immediately went for our animals toys, knocked stuff on counters, etc..  Coco chewed up a decoration, ate a used tissue from the trash, dug in the yard, ate sticks, chewed our jacuzzi and tore up her own bed.  She stood up and scratched the glass door also.  Needless to say, Coco was a handful.  We took our Corgy for 2-3 walks a day which was almost to much for him.  The cat started to get a bit curious but when she would look at Coco, Coco would bark at her and jump at the glass door.

Aside from being sick, I was exhausted by the time Coco left last night.  I slept until 10 a.m. today.

I’ve been feeling a bit odd and have not mentioned it to Steve yet because I don’t want to be imagining things.  I just pray nothing serious is going on.  My muscles have been aching everywhere and I have started having just weird pains.  I was reading about Kidney Rejection and it said to watch out for flu-like symptoms.  Of course, I could also have a minor touch of the flu.  Some warning signs are vomiting and/or fever which I do not have.  Others are clay colored stool, and other flu like symptoms which I do.  I will wait for a few days and see how I am since my P.C. is gone until the 29th anyway and see how I feel by next week.  If I don’t feel better by then, I will go see him.