He Comes Home Today

My husband is coming home today and as expected, I got nothing done this wknd except laundry and working on my book a bit. It was a Smother’s Day Movie Marathon on Channel 150-Time Warner, so I did watch quite a few movies and I didn’t go anywhere due to not just energy/headache reasons; but also the fact that my transmission is slipping and I would really prefer my husband be local, should anything happen.

My husband forwarded a picture of his Mom and his Aunt so I could see them. It is sad how much weight his Aunt has gained. She used to be big before but… plus, her hair is so short, it is not attractive. I think she lost it big time when her mother died recently.

One thing I learned from the picture, (actually I knew this) if you are a large woman, I don’t recommend wearing splashes of color. At least in this case, it made her look like a Circus Tent.

Anyway, I guess it’s a cleaning frenzy today to see what I get accomplished before my Hero returns.

The Legacy We Leave Behind

When you die, what do you want to be remembered for?  Will your words and deeds matter in the end?  I’ve written a Children’s Book which is at least something tangible to hold onto and maybe even to be passed down.  Perhaps, I will even finish the novel/ true story I am working on as well.  But, aside from that, will my family remember me as being the sick one with all the health problems?  Will they and my friends also remember me as being the generous one who helped out others in time of need?  Will my memory fade quickly as time passes and only come up once in a while such as when others pass or when you hear one of my favorite karaoke songs “Bunny would have liked that.” (No, not my real name. but one you can use on this site.)

I think of this today because my friends mother passed away quickly from an illness.

I think of my mother and what we remember of her.  I wonder how much our family holds on to or wants to hold on to in the future about her.  I found some notes from when I had asked her about her life that I had taken in 1999.  I learned about her birth and a bit about her growing up.  I also learned about a man she dated before my father.

My prayers go out to my friend and his family today as they have the funeral service for his mother.

I know we don’t live this life for others, but I do hope I leave some sort of good impact on the ones I leave behind when that occurs.


I Vote For The Elusive Deer

My Nephew-in-Law is going to be on T.V.  He is a Hunter.

As you all know, I am the complete, opposite direction however, I’m sure some of you believe in hunting so you may wish to watch this episode plus, there is a vote at the end.  I have included the written preview of the show but I don’t know how to include the link to the video.

Unfortunately, I watched the video preview because my sister said it was safe for me to watch.  It wasn’t.

“Swat team members, avid hunters, and brothers Regan and Ryan McCarthy scale the steep mountains of Arizona in pursuit of record-book couse deer. Be sure to check out this all new episode April 18 exclusively on the Sportsman Channel. — with Regan McCarthy and 2 others at Arizona.”


The Sportsman Channel

April 18th

5:30 Pacific Time (I think)

go to outlandertv.com for more info.

Christmas Adventures

Christmas was  interesting this year.  Not the being sick part. I get used to that having been sick a lot in my life.  I really enjoyed visiting with my sister and bro-in-law when they were here but the day they left, Steve’s friend dropped his dog off for us to babysit for 8 days.  The dog is a Pit/Lab mix, 1- 1/2 -year-old  puppy named Coco who has never been trained.  Our 12-year-old Corgy made it known that he did not want her here and the cat took one look through the glass door and bolted.  We tried putting our animals in separate rooms and letting Coco in but she immediately went for our animals toys, knocked stuff on counters, etc..  Coco chewed up a decoration, ate a used tissue from the trash, dug in the yard, ate sticks, chewed our jacuzzi and tore up her own bed.  She stood up and scratched the glass door also.  Needless to say, Coco was a handful.  We took our Corgy for 2-3 walks a day which was almost to much for him.  The cat started to get a bit curious but when she would look at Coco, Coco would bark at her and jump at the glass door.

Aside from being sick, I was exhausted by the time Coco left last night.  I slept until 10 a.m. today.

I’ve been feeling a bit odd and have not mentioned it to Steve yet because I don’t want to be imagining things.  I just pray nothing serious is going on.  My muscles have been aching everywhere and I have started having just weird pains.  I was reading about Kidney Rejection and it said to watch out for flu-like symptoms.  Of course, I could also have a minor touch of the flu.  Some warning signs are vomiting and/or fever which I do not have.  Others are clay colored stool, and other flu like symptoms which I do.  I will wait for a few days and see how I am since my P.C. is gone until the 29th anyway and see how I feel by next week.  If I don’t feel better by then, I will go see him.