Writing & Decorating Accomplishments

I’ve had two Migraines in two days which doesn’t surprise me.  The first was more due to mental, I think and sort of expected.  I wrote over 10 pages of my book.  Actually, I copied over 10 pages from my old diary.  Interesting memories, for sure.  Then, I came home to my beautiful floors and a big, mess.  Between all the dust and the smell of varnish or whatever..it’s no wonder I was down last night.  Anyway, onto more sweeping, mopping, organizing today but our family is back together.

I guess I need to elaborate.  We stayed at Motel 6 while we had our Wood Floors re-surfaced.  They look beautiful.  Sunday, I took almost the entire day to write while at he motel.  Monday, I returned home to the dust and smell of varnish, etc.  Today, will be the continuation of cleaning and organizing.  Sunday night, my husband came home with the dog and I got to stay alone in the motel which was really nice.  Sort of like my own mini (real mini) vacation.  Our Wood Floors look beautiful and the noise really isn’t as bad as expected.  We don’t even hear the cat walking around as long as we keep her claws clipped.  As for the dog..well..he’s a dog, what can you do?

My hubby took me to Claim Jumper where they have a GF-Menu.  Yummy.  It was so full of options, I had a hard time deciding.  I felt like a normal person while ordering there.  That’s the way to go out to eat.

Floor Dates Are Set.

Yeah, We’ve hired someone to do the floor and set a date.  We are planning on staying in a motel for a few days and I have chosen the kennel in which to board the animals.  I am a bit concerned about our poor dog because he’s never been boarded but he’ll survive.  My husband is funny.  He said while they are working in the Living Room we could alway’s stay in the back rooms and jump in and out the window.  I don’t think so.  He is going to come home from the motel and hang around in the back yard or whatever just to make sure we don’t get robbed by the workers or something.

Finally went to Spaghetti Factory tonight and got my Browned Butter/Mizithra Gluten-Free.  They used these weird, spiral noodles though which I wasn’t expecting.  A bit drier than I’m used to.