My Giving Addiction.

I can hardly believe it’s almost June which means the year is half over and I have hardly started Christmas shopping. According to my calculations (which I just did) I need to buy 4 gifts each month to keep up with my list. Even on disability, this should not be to hard as I don’t pick the most expensive of gifts. So, yesterday, I had fun going through one of my many gift catalogs and finding things for my husbands’ and my family. I actually enjoy picking things that I think they might like.

My gift-giving list has gone down from the past because people pass away, friendships are lost and some relatives tell me not to give to them.

Here’s the thing. If you know someone like me who Loves to give where giving means the world to them,(for whatever reason) it is really an insult for you to tell them not to give to you anymore. Honestly, it feels like a slap in the face; almost as if you don’t want me to care.
It does not matter if you like the gifts received, I do not go to your house and ask what you have done with them or where you have put them or why you aren’t using them, or whatever.

It is simply that you are taking my joy of caring away from me toward one more person; thereby diminishing the joy I get in choosing and giving a gift.

Unlike most, I love giving…especially at holidays. I think it my obsession, compulsion, addiction. It does not cause problems for me financially and I don’t see why it causes problems for the receiver. You are welcome to donate the gift, sell it, give it away, whatever, if it is not something you desire. However, don’t tell me.

I have one friend that gives things that are used. The thing with that is, she will announce before-hand that they were used and she either didn’t want it or didn’t like it, etc. so she gives it to me. I do find that a bit tacky because when it comes to re-gifting; I do not believe you shod announce the fact a head of time. She will also ask later on, what I did with the gift received. This puts me in a tough position because I don’t keep a lot of what she gives me. I do not lie to her, however, I do feel a bit bad when I tell her I donated something she gave me.

I do believe before you give something; you should know something about the persons interests (unless it is a which case, that can be tough) and go on that. You usually cannot go wrong with a favorite animal, favorite color or gift card. Of course, gift cards are iffy because it’s good to know where they shop.

Anyway, this blog post started with Christmas Shopping and somehow diverted. I get hurt sometimes when a homeless person turns me down after I offer a bag filled with clothing, soap, food, etc. If you are really homeless; why wouldn’t you accept that?

I think I’ve concluded I definitely have a Giving Addiction which is not a bad addiction to have.

Dating Memories #3 – A Friend, Not A Date

A Friend – Not A Date

Our high school held a dance.  I don’t remember if it was Roaring 20’s but it was a fun, dress-up type dance and anyone asked anyone to go. It was not a formal dance.  I asked a “friend”..Renton, not a boyfriend, to the dance.  Renton agreed to going as “friends only” which was great because I was totally looking forward to dancing with Henry if he was there.  Most of the dancing would be “group dancing” anyway but Henry was totally popular and friendly and it was the only time I would ever get to dance with him.  It was agreed that Renton would drive since he supposedly had just gotten his license.  Well, he picked me up along with his mother because he technically did not have his license but only had a permit.  I can’t imagine what his mother thought since he didn’t explain to her what type of dance it was nor why I was dressed the way I was.  Of course, he didn’t dress up.

Then, we went to dinner.  His mother dropped us off at Del Taco which wasn’t far from the school and Renton told me we were going to have to walk to the school from the restaurant.  Nobody else was in Del Taco but I was totally embarrassed and the workers in Del Taco could not believe that’s where we went for dinner before the dance.  Needless to say, I did not eat much and Renton could not help but comment about me being a cheap date as I nibbled on my small french fries.  Walking to the school was not fun in the shoes and outfit I was wearing either by the way.

So, we get to the dance and I figure the night can only get better but it gets worse as Renton gets mad upon discovering I want to dance with Henry.  Hello?  This is not supposed to be a date. Remember?  We are here as “just friends.”  Needless to say, Renton refuses to dance with me the rest of the evening by faking a hurt ankle or something and Henry and I never do get to dance alone.

As the night starts to close, Renton informs me that his mother will not be able to pick us up and we have no way home.  I’m like “What?”  He said, “He could not ask her to pick us up.  It was not part of the agreement…or something.”  Uh…yeah it was.  It’s called, “transportation.”  I was furious.  I wasn’t about to call my parents at 12:30 or whatever time and wake them up because my friend is not living up to his end of the bargain!  As, I sit there fuming and Renton lives in La-La-Land or whatever…a friend comes over and announces that they are going to the beach after the dance and invites us both to go with them.  Renton immediately says, “Yes.”  I responded with, “No., We have no way to get home, remember?”  I explain the situation to D. who invited us and she and her date offer to take us both home before going to the beach.  Problem solved.

The drive home is silent.  I had worked it out with D. to drop Renton off at his place before me.  As Renton gets out of the car and is walking to the door, D. teases me and say, “Don’t you want to help him find the way?” and I said, “He’ll find it.”

Needless to say, that was the worst Non-Date/Date I’d ever gone on.