First Day of Laughter Since My Hell

Bad News-Sick Today. Guess my body is telling me to slow down and my throat is telling me to stop talking. I only had one errand which will have to wait until tomorrow. My appointment wasn’t until the afternoon tomorrow so I can do todays plan tomorrow morning.

In good news- Yesterday was actually a decent day with laughter. I think it was the first day of mostly laughter. Went to Ruby’s Diner for lunch with a friend. I asked the guy who took our drink order if he had a Gluten-Free menu and first he asked what Gluten-Free meant. That’s a normal question, and in my case it means I can’t eat wheat, which I told him. But, then he asked “Why?” I got thrown off. “Why?” Who asks that? My friend was like, “IBS” and I added, “Yeah, Bowel Issues, Stomach Problems.” He said he was sorry as he just wanted to know and would get the server who knew more then he did. He was a young guy, probably straight out of high school; but my friend and I cracked up. “Why?” How about, because I woke up one day and thought it would be fun to bug people who work in restaurants with making orders complicated and figuring out what and if I can eat anything in your restaurant. Anyway, I wound up ordering a Veggie Sandwich on a Gluten Free Hamburger Bun and some Garlic Fries. The Garlic Fries did have some vegetable oil in them but since I’ve already had some stomach issues lately, it’s not like it’s much worse and the sandwich/bun thing was excellent. But the bun was so big I could hardly get my mouth around it. (Quiet, Celaine!). I haven’t eaten in a restaurant or that much food for so long, I could only eat half so the other half is in my refrigerator for today.

Then, last night, I got re-acquainted with an old friend from years ago. Suffice it to say, this is a person of whom we have had falling outs over and over again but our friendship has always picked up where its left off. Needless to say, we talked on the phone for over two hours last night catching up. Even though he lives a different lifestyle and has never been married, talking to him can really keep me grounded. Even with our falling outs, he has been there for me through some of the hardest times of my life, he is sort of like a brother to me. I know our conversation has a lot to do with my being sick today only because it probably didn’t help to talk until 2 a.m. on the phone but it’s okay. It was worth it in the end.

So, my friend from years ago is back in my life, My friend C. will come over another day, My errand from of today will be done tomorrow, I have lots of soup and stuff, Petey is not here so I don’t have to get dressed and can lay around all day. Today will be a recovery day so I can continue on tomorrow.

Friends & Recluses

There are two types of people in this world, I’ve discovered: (probably more)

The ones who divulge absolutely nothing about their lives unless you are talking or seeing them in person or unless you ask tons of questions to pull it out of them, and the others who share everything so you can rejoice when they are happy and sympathize/cry with them when they are sad.   I belong to the 2nd set.  Sometimes, I think I talk to much, however, I like my friends to be informed as to what is going on.  Most of my friends (and my husband) belong to the first set, which gets hard.

A friend’s sister has been keeping everyone updated via Facebook about her/his mother being in hospital.  Their mother just died a few days ago.  I have left numerous messages with him and he has not even called me.  I have sent him a personal sympathy gift and I am also sending some flowers to the church.  However, I must say his Not contacting me is a bit of a surprise especially after leaving messages.  It also hurts a bit.  I know he has a lot of family, but still.

I have had situations with other friends who have had important situations occur and did not bother to contact me.  Yet, I would get a hold of them as soon as possible should the same thing occur with me.

I remember my therapist saying I expected to much from people.  I guess when you only have 5 or so friends that you consider “close”, you kind of want them to  share the most important things in their lives with you.  At least I do.

I start to wonder if maybe it is because I do not live close enough to see them as often as we  like, or maybe it is because I am sick all the time  Or maybe, it is because I care to much and I need to stop caring so much for others.

Maybe this is one reason I am turning into a Recluse in a way,  and liking it more and more with my computer friends..indoors

Real Friends

How many real friends do you have, in reality..not those you only talk to on Facebook.  But your supposed true Friends or maybe your BFF’s (should you still use that term).  Can you count them on one hand?  Now of those friends, how many can you turn to in an actual emergency or what you may think is an emergency?  .

I can count my friends on one hand and as to the 2nd part..I don’t know.  I had a situation happen where no one stepped up.  Nobody even asked a friend or neighbor to step up.  It was quite annoying.  This may be considered minor but it was a major situation to me.

My husband tells me I need more friends but there isn’t exactly a store for friends.  I try to start conversations and make small-talk in various places but it has never led to anything.  There was someone I thought it would go somewhere with but..she never called back after saying she would bug me all the time until I got tired of her.

Oh, Please Keep Me As Your Friend

  • When you get these questions on Facebook, what do you do?  Do you jump and beg and say, “Oh please, keep me as your friend.”, Do you ignore it and hope the person doesn’t delete you?  Do you actually answer with “I don’t give a crap.” or do you do nothing and not play into this silly scenario.

These questions are insulting.  If you wish to delete me as you don’t think I am that important.  Go a head.  There is nothing I can do about it.  Nobody is that important that I am going to beg for your Facebook Friendship.

I understand having so many Facebook Friends you cannot keep up every day but to have an app making an announcemnt and asking who wants to stay? It feels like another popularity contest in High-School.


Questioning Others Beliefs

MERRY CHRISTMAS!  I am sick.  I am freezing and sweating at the same time not to mention coughing and congested, headachy, etc.  I wanted to try a new church too but one of them has a web service tomorrow so I may just tune in to that.

I say Merry Christmas because I am a Christian and despite being “Politically Correct”, I believe Christ is the reason for the holiday.  Christ-Mas!

  The Arrowhead Guy came the other day and wished me Happy Holidays and when I said Merry Christmas! and explained I am a Christian so I say Merry Christmas, he told me he was too.  That made me feel really good.  I know when you work they make you say, Happy Holidays. 

Another blogger I follow was  talking about people who aren’t Christian but celebrate Christmas and how she believes it is wrong and it did make me question a friend of mine the other day.  I went to his house for our gift exchange and he had taken his Cross down from the wall and put up a Wreath.  When I asked why, he said because he isn’t really religious.  Then he explained that he believes “in a God but not the whole Mary, Jesus thing.  At least I’m not Atheist.”  I almost asked him if he does not believe in the whole Jesus thing, why are we exchanging gifts celebrating someone he does not believe in?  Perhaps we should not do it anymore.  It really was not the right time to ask that question as it might have ruined the mood but I do think I will bring it up sometime as now it bothers me.

Anyway, I hope you all have a Very, Merrry Christmas!!  I’m going back to bed to try to stay warm.

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