It’s THEIR Card.

Walgreen’s has a prescription savings card which can also be used for Walgreen’s products.  If you use it for Walgreen’s products it saves you money by putting a % of the purchase onto the card when you purchase it and then using those funds for the next time you shop there.  Thereby, saving you money.   The problem is this:

The people at the front register at the Walgreen’s near me do not know how to use their own savings card.  I am constantly having problems when using the card.  They don’t know when to scan it or the machines aren’t taking it or “that is supposed to be used for the pharmacy” or the latest was, “I’ve never seen that before. Is that a Gift Card?:  There is no employee training on the savings Card and I am so frustrated.

I’ve contacted the  office or at least made a comment via computer, I’ve talked to every manager that works at the store. I’m almost ready to train them myself on how to use their own card.  The new total is supposed to show up on the receipt when I use the card but it doesn’t, so I fight with them almost every single time.  I am so frustrated.  I go in almost every time just expecting more problems.

I talked to the Pharmacy Manager who said I can pay for everything there and avoid the front desk register; but you would think they would find a way to fix this andI’m sure other people are experiencing this too.

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