The Shoppers Come Out Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the garage sale.  If you live in Orange County, CA and want more info, go to Craig’s List.  I posted an ad for it.  I really hope I make some money this time.  Even a small profit would be nice.  We don’t have a lot but we do have a lot of  big items like stand-up lamps.

I think after this I will start focusing on shredding, catching up on cleaning, doctor appointments and catching up with friends.

It’s weird not having therapist and chiropractic appointments anymore but it really does help save money.  $20.00 a visit puts your bank account  in the hole fast.  Now, I can get back to ordering gifts for Christmas early so I don’t go broke in December and in covering Birthdays.  Despite the fact that I never used to get my nieces and nephews presents for birthdays since they are adults, I figure since I am trying to stay close to those I have left and if I can afford to send something small for their birthday and it helps to brighten their day (especially the  unmarried ones), I will.  It’s difficult when the branches start falling off the family tree.  Funny, because I’m not really close to family but I’m closer than I realised, I guess.


What Do You Do All Day?

For those who are unemployed, (especially with ADD/ADHD) how do you spend your day?

My husband asks the question, “What do you do all day?” Heck, my doctor has asked that one too.  It’s hard to explain:

I admit, I spend way to much time reading then doing.  I read way to many blogs on WordPress and my other journal catching up with new blogs I follow to make whatever comments necessary and to feel as if I’ve gotten to know the authors of the blogs before posting my own blog.  I check my e-mail and Facebook every day without fail.  Okay, the e-mail without fail.  I may look at Facebook but if I don’t post, that’s not a big deal.  I make a list of things to do but I am so slow in the morning I usually don’t get started until 11 or 12.  Plus, I give myself credit if half the list gets done.  The list includes things like wash hair, fill coffee container, make husbands lunch.  Simple things that normal people (whatever normal is) would naturally do without a reminder.

I have been focusing on the upcoming garage sale  lately and finding more things to sell each day and I put an ad on Craig’s List and posted on Facebook about it so it will be a success.  Plus, I have been looking for a framed picture of a Black Panther (animal) for the Living Room Wall since we’ve decided to decorate with wild animals and abstract art.

Sometimes, it doesn’t look like I accomplish much, but I really do.  I only allow myself one  or two t.v. shows during the afternoon and the rest are after my husband gets home from work.

I make a list every night for the next day and transfer over the things that didn’t get done  to the next days list.  It’s a never-ending cycle.  Weekends..nothing on the list gets done though since my husband is home and it is a wknd after all.

Different Updates

The weather has changed to semi-cool and rainy.  Actually, it’s warm and rainy which is odd for here but it is causing me migraine headaches.

I saw my new Nephrologist yesterday and he seems okay.  He actually spent more time with me in the first visit then my old Nephrologist did in every visit I went to in the time I saw him  from 2005.  I mean individual visit..not combined.

I called to make an appointment with the specialist for the skin tags however, they wrote anal fissure on the authorization and since I have skin tags there too, the doctor won’t look at the skin tags (which is what needs to be removed) unless it is specifically written on the referral.  It’s alway’s something!  So, I need to get a new referral before I see the specialist.

We have 5 houses including us participating in the yard sales next wknd so I am going to take the permits to the city today.  3 more and it would have been half the street.  On well, it’s still multi-family.

Eye Vessel Pop & Other Issues

A blood vessel in my eye popped Tuesday morning but what was really weird was I felt it happen.  It freaked me out as  my eye filled with blood.  I had to check the internet to make sure I could close it to go to sleep.  It still hurts a bit and is causing headaches.  But, I am a headache sufferer anyway.  I guess I won’t worry unless my vision starts getting bad or something  as it is supposed to heal itself.

Luckily, it was the day prior that I had dropped all the notes and permit forms for the garage sale to the neighbors offering to take them to the city when I take mine.  One has already returned theirs.

I received my referral in the mail for the surgeon regarding my anal skin tag situation.  I was pleasantly, surprised to discover she is a female.  It will be good to see someone with a better manner than the last male specialist/surgeon I saw regarding this.  Being a female, I’m sure she will have some more understanding and empathy for this situation.

My husband and I went to Sizzler last night.  I looked at the picture of the shrimp and remembered it (which I cannot have anymore) but the Salad Bar is still really good.  Plus, when I went shopping yesterday, I bought quite a few more fresh fruits and veggies.. like Artichokes and Raspberries.  Yum.


Making A Mountain From A Molehill

My friend Kat lives in an apartment and wants to have a garage sale so she asked me if we might be having one soon so she could bring stuff over since I live in a house.  We don’t have much to sell but…. well…I’ve done it again.

Somehow, I’ve turned a simple garage/yard sale and made it into a production.  I love Garage Sales.  Anyway,  I thought..why just us?  Instead of just one measly sale on our street, why not ask our neighbors who alway’s have yard sales during the Summer.  So, that’s what I did.  I asked most of them if they were interested, even going so far as to offer to go to the city and getting the permits however: this means I have to print out the form, get it over to everyone’s house and have them get it back to me by a certain date.  (I am going to check the date today).

What I am really proud of is I even asked the neighbors I haven’t talked to in over two years.  There, I talked to you.  See, we can still be “friendly neighbors.”  Sorry, I digress.

So, there you have it.  Multiple Family Yard Sales.

My friend Kat better not cancel now.  Of course, if she does, it will be my own fault if I look like a fool or I could say at least I helped everyone else out with theirs.

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