Making Time For Pain, and Life.In Between

So, I had my IVIG Infusion on the 20th for the Hypogammagobulynemia and it did last 6 hours.  The process itself was not to bad.  It was a basic I.V. and I drank a lot of water and watched a few movies.  The nurse that came was really friendly.  As a matter of fact, I think she talked a bit to much.  I was glad my husband was home because we had to lock up my cat in another room and she cried and cried so he would close my door and let her out once in a while.

The Hellish part came afterward.  That same night the headaches hit.  As you all know, I am a headache sufferer anyway and these were intense.  I mean Intense!  They would slam on sharply and cause nausea.  Needless to say, I was up crying and taking meds and even vomiting (once) along with dry heaves until 3:30 in the morning.  I was actually thankful we don’t have a gun in the house because you just want the pain to end at a time like that.  (No, I would not do that.  I don’t believe in it.).  Anyway, the next day was pretty much drugs and sleep and today I made it to the postal store and to Walgreen’s before some more meds and Yes, more sleep.  My husband had taken the day off too.  I really am a sucky or sicky wife.

I have my first Botox treatment on Thursday.  I sure pray I don’t have headache side effects from that.  I seriously don’t now if I can handle anymore.

In other news., I mentioned I went to the Postal Store today.  That’s because someone posted on Facebook about someone needing help due the flooding in Indiana.  It always makes me feel good to be able to send a Care Package to someone who really needs it verses going through the organizations such as Red Cross, Salvation Army, etc.

So, I got a box together and got it out.  I’m sure he can share what he can’t use with friends and neighbors who also suffered loss.

It feels good to know that between my pain bouts;  I could still do a good deed for someone else.

Film and Children Review..My Opinion

There has been a lot I have wanted to write about but I haven’t had/made time.  My husband and I both have really bad colds, plus, we went to Cedar Sinai yesterday for my annual doctor visit.  But, today,  I am going to discuss a film we saw this wknd.

If you’ve read any of my previous posts; you know I help the homeless in my  own way.  So, you know I am interested in helping the homeless, feeding the hungry, etc.  You also know I don’t have children.

There is a film out titled: A Place At The Table which is supposed to focus on the needs of society and the facts about being food poor and obesity.  While interesting and I did learn a few facts, they totally aimed it toward Child Hunger.  They also dared to say the religious organizations, food banks, etc. don’t help much and made it mainly a government issue.  I don’t agree with this because I think the government is getting to involved in everyone’s lives anyway.  But, that’s my opinion.  Anyay, back to the film.  the women interviewed were mothers…mostly single.  I don’t recall more than one person being interviewed and hungry (food poor) that was single or just child-less and food poor being interviewed.  They skipped quickly through the diabetes issue and focused quite a bit on the food stamp issue, being sure to point something interesting about Obama and his growing up.  I won’t tell you, in case you want to see the film.

Needless to say, upon leaving the film, my husband was almost convinced of my hating children because I was not impressed with the film.  I was not impressed because I did not got to see a film on Childhood Hunger in America.  I went to see a film about everybody that is hungry.  I did not wish to hear so much about the school lunch program.  What about more of the other, average  americans like the college students, or the ones who are simply losing their jobs and apartments, or the people who are getting sick with medical problems (not just diabetes or obesity) and cannot afford food.  There could have been more interviews with those people.

I look at the bigger picture.  I am sorry but to me, it is not All About The Children.

Do you realise a lot of these children that everyone keeps going on and on about are the same children that wind up killing or playing some sort of revenge on the adults in their lives?  Shooting their parents, getting emancipated from them, reporting them (the parents) for child abuse.  They know their rights now (because they have to many) and they use it against the adults.



Restaurant Reviews

For my birthday we went to Red Brick Pizza for dinner.  May have been a mistake since  I should not be eating Olive Oil.  Olive Oil is bad for my system due to my metabolic disorder, but I digress.  Oh my gosh, the pizza was so good.  Yes, mine was gluten-free.  They have a large gluten-free menu.  They have the freshest of ingredients.  I don’t remember CPK (California Pizza Kitchen) being that fresh.  Then, my husband took me to Sensitive Sweets in Fountain Valley, CA to get dessert.  Everything at Sensitive Sweets is made gluten-free, dairy-free, allergy-free, etc..  It is my favorite place to go.  However, it is quite expensive..  We spent $20.00 on 2 cupcakes, 4 cookies, a donut, and a muffin.  Mind you, these are like really small in size but they are good.

I think I am helping two families on this year.  You know in a way this isn’t any riskier then when I sent boxes to help homeless people or victims of floods or hurricanes, etc. in the past.  It’s even safer because people are actually asking for the help and you are getting a name and address..not to mention a background story.  You just have to choose who to believe.  The one lady already received my box and thanked me.  I think I am going to mail all my packages off today or tomorrow and get them out of here.  I cannot believe Christmas is coming so quickly.

Complaints on Free Help

So, yesterday I mentioned which is a free way to help and get help from others.  I sent a box of things from Walmart directly to a family for Christmas and I feel good.  I don’t remember if the father lost his job or was on disability; but they have a 2 1/2-year-old daughter and the mother is working, yet, they are having trouble making ends meet this year and the bills are hard, so they may not be able to have Christmas for their daughter.  It feels good knowing it is going directly in the hands (or at least believing it is) of someone who really needs it.

Here’s the thing though:

So many people are down on their luck and there are so many stories and families to choose from to help.  Some want money for food or medicine, some want money for trips or just whatever.  Some want specific items and have linked a Walmart Wish List and some, like the family I chose to help, want just “Anything” to put under the tree for the child to make Christmas brighter!  The stories may or may not be true.  You have to believe, trust and have faith that they are.  The people who choose to help do so out of the kindness of their hearts.  Most of us are not rich (far from it) and begging does not necessarily mean your want/need will make it to the top of everyone’s or someone’s delivery.

I read a complaint from someone who has been posting on Aidpage complaining because their need/want has not been met and others have.  What?  I’m so sorry but aren’t we all adults here?  The site is for aged over 18 and it is free.  Is this not like a street person complaining because you gave to the guy at the corner and not to him?  Perhaps, you may want to re-think what you are asking for or the way you are asking for it.  Or perhaps, you are giving the wrong impression and may have to step up.

To conclude: In my opinion, you cannot rely on a website with strangers to solve your problems

Life & Helping Others

Well, plans have changed again and we are not going anywhere for my B-Day yet.  My choice.  I think I want to be healed so badly; I’m pushing it and taking a trip would be a bad idea.  I really need to be taking my baths and sitting on my pillows plus, the thought of using public restrooms all day is not appealing.  After I heal fully, we can do something..maybe even something Disneyland!  We live close but don’t go much and thye have a new land now.

In other news, I got a surprise phone call the day before yesterday from an imaging center that my Nephrologist had wanted me to have an Abdominal x-ray.  But, I scheduled that and had it done yesterday.  That was annoying.  My whole day was thown off because I could not eat anything before and the appointment although scheduled at 11, did not happen until 12 or after so it screwed up my food and my medicine times and I developed a killer Migraine headache and had to take a Maxalt last night.

I  did get some more wrapping done.  Two more things to wrap.

Plus, I found this really, cool, website called where people write in what they want be it money or cards or material items and others offer to fulfill those needs.  You use passwords and user names so as to be anonymous but it is an awesome way to help poople.  I am waiting to hear from one person to take me up on my offer.  In this way, I know I am helping someone who really needs it.

He Told Me To Leave It There

After taking the excess garage sale stuff to the Goodwill today, I drive to my local Carl’s Jr/Green Burrito and as I’m going through the drive-thru I see a woman in black sitting beside the building.  Something tells me she is homeless and needs help.  She does not look like a bag lady but it may be her airport type suitcase that is a foot or so away as she sits and drinks her coke or it may be the look in her eyes as she watches the car go through the drive-thru and meet my gaze, or maybe it’s also the red, electric type chair with the basket that may or may not be hers.  Anyway, I bring my tote bag from the back seat and move it to the front and I buy an extra Beef, Bean & Cheese Burrito as part of my lunch to give to her.

After driving around I park but alas, she is gone.  The bag is still the but she has disappeared.

So I wait a minute and say, “Now what,  Lord?”  I get the strongest urge to just put the tote bag next to the large, airport one.  She should figure it out since they are so close together.  So, that’s what I do and I just pray she discovered her gift..

My Calling

How I started helping people in convalescent homes.

When I was young, my mother would take me to convalescent homes at Christmas and we would go Christmas Carolling.  I think there were other times we would go also but I don’t remember why.  I do remember bringing cookies.

As I got older, I discovered they had an Adopt-A-Grandparent program…where you would visit one person who did not have family visiting and you would be the prime person to talk with them and read to them and just spend time with them.  Later on, they changed the name of the program to Adopt-A-Resident because most of the residents have family but the family does not visit to often.

Needless to say, I got involved in this program and have met some awesome people.  One gentlemen liked to play his Harmonica.  Okay, he didn’t really play the Harmonica and he drove the other residents crazy with it.  But, when I was there I encouraged him.  One lady I found out after she died had been an artist of sorts and her family met me and thanked me for being there for her.  They even gave me one of her paintings she had done.  Supposedly, some of her artwork is in Hearst Castle.  Unfortunately, I did not keep it.  One lady, my boyfriend and I set up a surprise party for her Birthday at the home.  It was really simple and with a few other residents.  She loved it.  It turned out, she had never had a Birthday Party before.

The hard part of this is you visit one person and you get attached.  You visit this same person for years and you get to know them…like a Grand-Parent.  Then, they die.  And, you grieve and you say you aren’t going to do this anymore.  But a few years later, God sends me back.  I don’t know if Ann was the longest person I visited but I’ll say again that I don’t want to do this anymore.  I pray God doesn’t make this my true calling.  It tears me up inside at the end.  It is worse now since the death of my mother.

One thing I have started doing lately is  filling Tote Bags and literally giving them out to the Homeless  I see on the street…the ones with the carts.  I fill the Tote Bags with soap, shampoo, easy-open food, water, etc..   I would rather that be my calling so I don’t have to get close to them and there is no grief at the end.  Instead, I know I am helping them to keep going and to make their lives better.  Anyone is welcome to join me in this endeavor.

I miss Ann, I miss Muriel,  I miss June, I even miss Mr. Harmonica Player and I hope you are all having fun where you are now but I am mentally drained.  Lord, Please don’t let this be my calling anymore.