Sharing The Giving Experience

Last night after watching half of the series of Roots which was on t.v. or my husband had taped it previously.. we went for a drive and looked at Christmas lights which we do every year.  This time we had our 13 year-old dog with us and I had also brought my  bag with me that was filled and ready to give to a Homeless Person.

It had been a long drive this time and my poor dog was tired and he kept laying on my arm and he would lay his nose and head in my shoulder instead of on the window ledge in the cold night air periodically.  Plus, I also, was starting to get tired but I would have been willing to check out one more area for lights.  Plus, with the cold. I didn’t have much hope of seeing a homeless person, which was actually a good thing because I really wanted to believe no one would be out on Christmas Eve and they would have shelter somewhere.  But alas, my husband and I saw someone at the same time.

8 p.m. may not seem late to most but when it is cold and you are sitting alone on a step next to a Liquor Store looking as  if you are asleep with your head on your hands and your hands on your legs, 8 p.m. is probably really late to you.  Although, we did not see the person as having a bag or a cart, they seemed to be homeless and did not look as  if they were waiting for a ride.  At first, my husband looked at me.  I know he wanted me to be the one  to take the bag to this person, but I had the dog, and I could not toss him aside this time.  My poor, tired, 13-year old dog.  So, my husband volunteered to take the bag to the person in question.  We were both surprised to discover said person is a Girl! I yelled Merry Christmas to her before we drove away and my husband was telling me how happy she seemed and that she was already starting to look through the bag.

It reminded me about God saying whenever you give to others, it is the same as giving to him.  I am so happy to have been able to make that Christmas Eve miracle plus, I think it was good for my husband to have had that experience.

I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas (or whatever Holiday you celebrate) so far.



Small Ways To Make Big Differences

Yesterday was busy but such an awesome day!

  I saw the Therapist at 11:00 then spent the day at church from 1:40 until 9 p.m. at our Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Packing Event!  It was a lot of work setting up and organizing Shoe Boxes.  The church makes 240 Shoe Boxes every year and the lady in charge makes lists of what  goes into the boxes so every child gets a certain thing which means everything has to be organized and counted.  Of course, the extra things people think of to donate are amazing.  Everything left over is saved for the next year when it is all done again.  What’s  shame is that I was told only about a half-dozen people actually bring things to donate for the boxes so most everything falls on her shoulders.  That’s not quite fair.

  Anyway, in the morning, I had said a prayer for God to lead me to someone who needed food that day, as I have been driving around with a bag of canned and boxed food in my car for someone in need.  I was getting afraid the dates would expire and it is getting cold and so many people are hungry.  As I was leaving church, I saw a Gentlemen with a cart of things.  At first I thought he was going through the Dumpster before I noticed he was picking up plastic bottles from the ground.  I asked, “Sir, Are you hungry?” and he said, “Yes Maam” so I gave him the food from the car and he said, “God Bless You.”  I told him to “Have A Good Night” and he said he would try.  It felt so good to know that I not only helped all those children but I also helped someone in my local area who really needs it.

  In actuality, I did not help them alone.  God does the main work and I am his tool. 

I was talking to a friend of mine today who said the boys in her church (the one I used to attend) are going to start putting Shoebox Kits together to give to the homeless when they see them containing socks, food, etc.. and pass them out.  I think that’s a wonderful idea and much better then giving money.  I think I may do the same thing.  I could just make a small one up and keep it in my car until I see someone, then do it over and over again.

What a small way to make a large difference.