Helping A Stone Pass

Well, I chose a Urologist and have an appointment scheduled this Friday for a consultation.  My husband is taking the day (at least morning) off work and going with me.  The appointment is in Long Beach but after that I can start going to the  office which is closer to my house.

I’ve been reading about the passing of Kidney Stones and making the process easier and I know about not eating extra salt ( I usually don’t) but lately I’ve been snacking on Pumpkin Seeds which I probably should not or won’t be allowed to have anymore  so I had my last serving today.  I also read about needing more vegetables or vegetable juices and more WATER!  I don’t know why I have such a hard time drinking water.  We drink Arrowhead which is my favorite water, and we even have Perrier which I like, but I still have a hard time.

It isn’t so much that it’s water.  It’s any fluid actually.  I guess it’s the fact that drinking a lot of fluid makes me go to the restroom so often and I am in there so often’s just completely annoying.

Next Step = Urologist

So, I talked to my Nephrologist and finally got it clarified that I have a Kidney Stone on my transplanted Kidney.  I had a Kidney Transplant 5 years ago.  He told me to contact Cedars-Sinai where I originally had the Transplant done as they may want to do a Systoscopy?  He also originally acted/talked like it was no big deal since it is a “small stone and not blocking anything.”  I told him I am in pain and had to ask him exactly in what area is the stone located.  He should have just offered that information..but of course he had to yell for his receptionist to check while we were on the phone.

Anyway, I called Cedars who said I need to see a Urologist about this so that is the good news anyway.

Now, it’s in God’s hands ans whichever Urologist is chosen on where we go from here.

Kidney Issues

My CT-Scan results came back and I have Kidney Stones.  I’ve actually had Kidney Stones in my old kidney’s for a while but I would not be surprised if my Kidney Stones are moving since I am having pain now.  I remember having this type of pain before the transplant.

I was just getting ready to change my Nephrologist and now we will have to wait.  Darn.  My Primary wants to fax the results to him and possibly send me to a Urologist.  That might be a good idea since I have not seen a Urologist for this before.  I hope there is a pill they can give me to help me pass these easily.

Something I am wondering..they said I have Kidney Stones in both my Kidneys.  Yet, I actually have 3.  When you have a transplant, they leave your old Kidneys in and add the new one.  Can Stones spread from the old to the new Kidneys?  Hmm, I’ll have to research that?  That would really suck.  When I was recovering from surgery 5 years ago, I met a girl who had 6 Kidneys.   They may just have to remove my old Kidneys to solve this problem.  My husband was my Donor and he only has one Kidney now.

Stomach Verses Kidney Pain

So tomorrow I am probably going to call my P.C. and see about making an appointment.  I am really starting to think my stomach pains are more kidney related as they are in my lower abdominal area and I am having horrible pains especially on my left side kidney area.  This is not good as I had a Kidney Transplant 5 years ago (of which my husband was my Donor) but they did not remove my old Kidneys which were both giving me trouble.

I am full of Cysts and Stones in my old Kidneys but supposedly they are really high and won’t drop.  I am wondering if they are moving around now causing the pain.  I have never dropped a kidney stone (as far as I know) but my neighbor did and from what I’ve heard..the pain is so bad in the process.. I would know about it.