Moving To Mobile??

What a nice wknd.  My husband took yesterday off also.  We went to the local zoo, we got our taxes done and we went to Spaghetti Factory.  The last time we went there, I almost thought I wouldn’t go back  because with the gluten-free noodles they use; my dish was really dry..the Brown Butter/Mizithra just did not stick to them at all.  But this time, I talked to the waiter who suggested extra Brown-Butter and I am so back!  It was delicious again.  I do wish restaurants would use the gluten-free Spaghetti or Angel Hair verses the Penne pasta sometimes, but I’m guessing the Penne is cheaper for the restaurant business.

We also looked at a mobile home and my husband even let me give the realtor my card and told him the price range we would consider.  Yes, I am trying to talk him into moving to a moble home park.  We have talked many times of retiring at Leisure World when I am 55 but that is not for 7 more years.  Here’s the thing; if you’ve been reading my blog, you know I have a lot of medical/health issues.  I also am and enjoy being a recluse (but that’s another story) and I don’t get out much.  I really like the idea of being in a community atmosphere with a pool and more people around and maybe even a few activities once in a while.  Who knows?  I may even meet some friends.  I like the idea of walking around the community (within its walls) and feeling safe and close to home.  It may get me out of the house a little bit more which would be good for me.  Plus, I like to think it would be smaller then our house.  While my husband disputes that last sentence because he says most of the mobile-homes we have seen have more square footage, they feel more compact to me in how they are situated.  We would probably go from a four bedroom to a three and it would just feel smaller, plus, the space rent, after paying the house in full, would be low enough, to continue to be covered by whatever I get, should anything happen to my husband first, God Forbid.   We would probably only live in the mobile home park for the next 7 years or so until I am of age to go to Leisure World.

Back to the health reasons though, I want to live in this type community while I am able to enjoy it.  With my health problems and the fact that my kidney transplant won’t last forever; I am afraid in or around 7 years; I may be on the transplant waiting list or something and usually your health doesn’t get better as you get older; it gets worse.

Living in Orange County, there haven’t been to many stories of mobile homes having been blown over in wild weather, burned down in fires, or even knocked down by Earthquakes.  Yes, it could happen but I suppose the same could happen in my house.  I cannot live in fear of natural catastrophes all my life.  God is in control on those things.

My Storm Watch & Future Preparation

It’s Storm Watch.  Really.  Yes, ..I’m watching for it.  They’ve said for two days now we are supposed to have a storm with thunder, lightening, etc.  We had a wee bit of rain yesterday and last night, but thats it.  I need to go grocery shopping.  Whole Foods is a ways away.  I don’t want to spend an hour shopping at and have to drive home in the rain.  I don’t like driving when people don’t know how to drive and half the time they don’t use their blinkers anyway, so you should see it when its raining.  I found 27 pages of gluten-free foods at Whole Foods.  I am still watching for the storm because after it comes and goes, I can go shopping.  In the meantime, I am trying to finish what I have here. 

I am beginning to wonder if Blue Bonnet Margarine is really gluten-free.  Due to some stomach issues and that’s what I have increased lately;  I think it may not be.

In my last entry;  I talked about writing my book.  I’ve re-started it, albeit very slowly.  I also talked about my kidney transplant 6 years ago.  I got to thinking and talking to my husband.  6 years is a long time.  While his kidney is great and I have had no problems in that regards, that does not mean I will not have a rejection ever.

  I would really love to live in a mobile home park before I get to sick to enjoy it.  Why?  Because they have pools and club-houses and sometimes, activities and maybe I would want to walk around more in a smaller type community.  My husband said we can continue looking.  Who knows? maybe we can even rent something for a bit until we retire and move where we really want to go. 

I also thought of something else in the same regards.  Should anything happen to me, I would want someone to finish my book.  This is how important it is to me.  I just talked to my sister.  She has always wanted to be a writer.  Heck,  I even encouraged her to be a participant in the last Nanowrimo event.  I was so proud she participated.  She said she will finish the book should anything drastic (my passing) occur. I have already written the ending of the story at the top.  She would have all my diary notes and my manuscript to go from.     I very much doubt anything will happen but, it is in God’s hands, not mine.  


Reaction To Flu Shot

For those that say you cannot get the Flu from the Flu Shot, that may be true however you can get side effects that mimic the Flu.   I’ve had the side effects or the feelings of the flu after having the Flu Shot a few times.  One year, they gave the Flu Shots at work and within a few hours I was sweating and nauseated and  just feeling terrible.  My boss let me go home and when people said it was not from the shot, even my boss said, “Well, she didn’t come in like this!”  I was healthy to begin with.

It may be my weak immune system since I am on anti-rejection meds from my kidney transplant; but I have a reaction every year.

This time, it is mainly a sore throat and hot/cold chills which is a bit better than yesterday.  It helps that I slept 10 hours last night and yesterday I did not talk at all and used a Dry-Erase-Board all day.  I’m sure my husband was much appreciative for a day of silence and luckily he knew better than to make me laugh.

Next Step = Urologist

So, I talked to my Nephrologist and finally got it clarified that I have a Kidney Stone on my transplanted Kidney.  I had a Kidney Transplant 5 years ago.  He told me to contact Cedars-Sinai where I originally had the Transplant done as they may want to do a Systoscopy?  He also originally acted/talked like it was no big deal since it is a “small stone and not blocking anything.”  I told him I am in pain and had to ask him exactly in what area is the stone located.  He should have just offered that information..but of course he had to yell for his receptionist to check while we were on the phone.

Anyway, I called Cedars who said I need to see a Urologist about this so that is the good news anyway.

Now, it’s in God’s hands ans whichever Urologist is chosen on where we go from here.

Kidney Issues

My CT-Scan results came back and I have Kidney Stones.  I’ve actually had Kidney Stones in my old kidney’s for a while but I would not be surprised if my Kidney Stones are moving since I am having pain now.  I remember having this type of pain before the transplant.

I was just getting ready to change my Nephrologist and now we will have to wait.  Darn.  My Primary wants to fax the results to him and possibly send me to a Urologist.  That might be a good idea since I have not seen a Urologist for this before.  I hope there is a pill they can give me to help me pass these easily.

Something I am wondering..they said I have Kidney Stones in both my Kidneys.  Yet, I actually have 3.  When you have a transplant, they leave your old Kidneys in and add the new one.  Can Stones spread from the old to the new Kidneys?  Hmm, I’ll have to research that?  That would really suck.  When I was recovering from surgery 5 years ago, I met a girl who had 6 Kidneys.   They may just have to remove my old Kidneys to solve this problem.  My husband was my Donor and he only has one Kidney now.

Transplant Anniversary & House Projects

Today is the 5th Anniversary of my Kidney Transplant from my husband and I am still going.  The doctors said he was so healthy it should last about 10 more years before I need a new one.

I had my yearly check-up at Cedar’s-Sinai yesterday and then we went to Pechanga.  Unfortunately, we lost a bit but the Buffet was worth it, in itself.  I asked the Chef at the Pasta Bar to mix up some Spaghetti with Black Olives and Roasted Garlic only and he said, “That should look interesting.” and he made a huge fire while doing it.  It was totally cool.  The he offered to put White Wine on top.  Yummy.

We’ve finally started working on the house this wknd too.  We have recessed lighting in the Living Room now and a new light in the bedroom. (the weird fan/light we had before kept turning on or off by itself.  If you forgot to hit the switch, sometimes in the middle of the night you would wake up to the light and fan on.  It was crazy)  We are also having recessed lighting put in the Kitchen and we are having the Bedroom (soon the whole house) painted, a shelf put in the closet in the Library, the carpet taken up and hopefully the hardwood floors under it re-finished so we can go all hardwood, and more.

We’ve been talking about doing this forever.  So, it’s super exciting to be finally making some progress.

Stomach Verses Kidney Pain

So tomorrow I am probably going to call my P.C. and see about making an appointment.  I am really starting to think my stomach pains are more kidney related as they are in my lower abdominal area and I am having horrible pains especially on my left side kidney area.  This is not good as I had a Kidney Transplant 5 years ago (of which my husband was my Donor) but they did not remove my old Kidneys which were both giving me trouble.

I am full of Cysts and Stones in my old Kidneys but supposedly they are really high and won’t drop.  I am wondering if they are moving around now causing the pain.  I have never dropped a kidney stone (as far as I know) but my neighbor did and from what I’ve heard..the pain is so bad in the process.. I would know about it.