I Think It’s Still A Secret

My make-up is starting to get old and it is time to buy new.  I do not use make-up that is tested on animals and decided not to go to Origins this time at Macy’s as it is a bit expensive, plus, I think their product line may have changed from checking their website.  I thought of local malls and decided to ask Victoria’s Secret via e-mail if they animal test and this is their response.

“Victoria’s Secret does not test its products on animals, nor does it request any of our third-party manufacturers, or anyone else to perform such tests on its behalf. We utilize ingredients in our formulations that are judged safe, and we do not ask the supplier of those ingredients to perform any such tests on animals.

If there is anything else with which we can further assist you, please be sure to email or call us at any time.’

What does this mean exactly?  They don’t do animal testing themselves and they don’t REQUEST their third-party manufacturers to perform such tests on their behalf?  I should hope not!  “Would you please test this in the eye of a rabbit (who does not have tear ducts) just to see how it reacts before we sell this to a human? , You will?  Great.  Thanks so much.”  What a ridiculous statement,that was.  I take that response to mean..we don’t have a clue or we will not give you that information because either we don’t want you to know or we don’t want to take the time to know the facts ourselves.  If they do know the facts, some people may stop buying make-up there.

Needless to say, I found another company online that guarantee’s no animal testing of their products and decided to buy from them.

What is your opinion of this response?

Improvements & Accomplishments

We have recessed lighting now in the Kitchen and Living Room.  Our neighbor/friend came over on Saturday and took care of the lighting then S. Uncle called on and started the painting on Sat afternoon.  He is still not finished and coming back later in the week to finish as well as work on other projects.  He is a Handyman by trade.

I worked on the side yard and planted some seeds that are supposed to attract hummingbirds plus, I spent the whole day shopping at the mall with my friend, Kat.  It was a really nice day despite the fact that I spent a lot of money.  I went to Victoria’s Secret and bought one of their bra’s which are not cheap.  Plus, a very expensive Face Mask from my favorite make-up place (Origins) in Macy’s.  I do not use make-up that is animal tested at all.

I hate thiis time change and wish it would stay the same all the time.  It is silly to finally get adjusted to it and then have your body get adjusted to something else.    .