Health & Weather

Not much going on other than it being a doc appointment and cleaning week.

Saw my new OB on Mon and he did something called an HPV test along with my regular.  I’ll have to look that up more because I’m not sure just what it is but he said it is done every 5 years or so.

I have had increased headaches this month due to the weather.  Every time there is  a major weather change..especially to colder weather; it messes terribly with my head.

I really hope we have an extra hot Summer again although, my husband would suffer if we do.  He doesn’t suffer with headaches and sickness.  He just whines that it’s to hot because he sweats a lot.

Health & Helping

I saw my doctor yesterday as a follow-up to surgery and I am doing very well.  He actually said the pain should go away completely soon and was surprised I only needed one Vicodin while recovering.  Well, I am a Migraine Sufferer and have been told I have a very, high pain tolerance.  One doctor or nurse went so far as to tell me if I ever gave birth, I probably would not have a problem.  Guess, I’ll never know.

I helped someone else anonymously on  She had written her address on the wrong page so I simply sent a toy to her for her daughter for Christmas.  It is coming directly from Walmart and I don’t think my name will be on the label since it is being paid through Pay-Pal,  so she will have no idea who it is from.  Now, that is the way to get a Christmas Present.

I know I need to stop spending money as I am getting a bit nervous about the upcoming bill, but I do need to go to Walgreen’s for basics and I heard they are having a toy collection for Chips For Kids so maybe one more thing.  I wish I were rich and could afford to help everyone who cannot afford Christmas.  It’s my favorite holiday.  And, every day there is a new story on  It’s getting closer to Christmas yet the stories keep coming and coming.

Just like the Mushrooms in my backyard, per yesterday’s post.


Beginning No Gluten

Before going to Fresh and Easy today, ( I went there due to a time crunch) I went through all my cabinets to see what I had to start with.  I actually surprised myself by some of the things I do have already.  I try to eat semi-healthy  so I already had a bit however, it was surprising to learn what things don’t have Wheat Gluten in them, it was also very surprising to find  some of my favorites that have Wheat Gluten in them.  Like Corn Dogs.  I was surprised to learn that Corn-Meal has Wheat…and Pringles.  Those are Potatoes for goodness sakes, What is Wheat doing in it?

I’ve also noticed that a lot of products that are Gluten-Free are also very, low-protein and most are low-calorie.  While good since I am on a low-protein diet, I do need protein a little and I definitely need calories; so this means I will need to eat more each day to get my required amount.

Anyway, it’s a short one tonight because I have a bad headache and I think I need one of my migraine pills  as I cannot have anything in the morning until after my labs.

My husband is home from his trip and all is well.

Need To Re-Start Exercising

Okay, Let’s see..the night before the Hearing I got a Migraine, the day of the Hearing – I was okay, the morning after, I was in utter pain again.  That’s me..most of the time I get Migraine’s after the stress is over.

I went to the lab for blood today.  I have a new system of getting up super early to drink lots of water before-hand so I can give them enough urine.  Today, I drank water then had stomach issues and prayed to God I would still have enough.  Yeah, I did.  I need to start drinking more water.

I also need to start exercising again despite the fact that it’s cold and it’s really the last thing I want to do when I’m cold or I have stomach issues.  My muscles have been starting to hurt probably from lack of use.  So, I am going to start my routine again this afternoon.  It may not be 30 minutes today because I have really let myself get out of shape.  But I used to be really proud of myself and I know I can get back on track.

Wknd and Health

Saturday was a good day.  The sun was shining.  I got the house decorated inside for Halloween and bought a new Ghoul for the outside graveyard and we went to Spaghetti Factory, my favorite restaurant.

Then, Sunday showed up.  Went to the Swap-Meet and fell over one of those cement parking space markers.  Messed up my knee a little.  It’s only surface but still hurts a bit.  Luckily, it didn’t swell.  At church, one of the guys had a seizure.  He suddenly grabbed his head before his whole body shook and he went down.  I just received an e-mail saying he is doing better but he doesn’t remember anything other than singing at church than waking up in the hospital.  Scary.

I saw my Neurologist yesterday who said I am doing okay as far as my headaches are concerned.  As he said, I know my headaches better than he does.  In truth, I’m sure he would prefer I take the medicine the way he wants me to however, he would have me skip the Tylenol and Head-On entirely and go straight to the Maxalt, and Imatrex.  I would probably get addicted that way and most of the time Tylenol will cut the pain before the headache turns into a full-fledged Migraine.

I still have those weird leg pains at night (although not every night) and last night every muscle in my body ached.   Then, this morning I felt weird like my whole right arm hurt and since I’ve read about RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) and the possibility that it can lead to Heart Attacks and Strokes and I had just seen what had happened to George at church, I started freaking out a bit.  But, that’s a bit silly.  From what I read my symptoms don’t even seem to match RLS.  I have a Physical set in November so if  it  is still happening I will talk to the Dr. about it then.

We are running low on Low-Protein Food so I just ordered a little over $80.00 from Cambrooke, a low-protein food company and despite the argument on the phone with the insurance company, after sending the paperwork in, the company called and said the insurance company will cover 50% of the cost as of the next order.  I had to order this one first though; as it gets tough once you meet your protein quota and still need a snack with calories.

New Diagnosis

It’s official.  I’ve been diagnosed with ADULT ADHD.  It actually makes sense now.  Read the symptoms.  I wouldn’t be surprised if my mother had ADHD also.  I am surprised I was not tested as a child what with my disease and all my other problems.  How did they miss that?  It explains why I have a hard time on so many simple things or things that are simple to most..why I interrupt people..maybe even why I think so much differently then others..not to mention why I’ve had problems at  jobs.

  Now, I have a problem with my Psychiatrist.  I don’t want to see him anymore.  I don’t think I will.  I need to talk to my husband and my Primary about it.  First of all he is constantly pushing me to stop my Caffeine.  That is NOT going to happen.  You can tell me til your blue in the face about whatever research you read that Caffeine causes headaches and does not help Migraines.  I’ve read other and I live with Migraines and I know what helps me and you’re not the one in bed with the pounding headaches and you’re not the one that would be going through withdrawals (should you survive them) not just with a pounding headache but vomiting or worse yet, winding up in the hospital because you seriously cannot function.  It’s happened before and those headaches weren’t even explained.  I had every test in the world and was drugged up for a week straight before coming out of it.  So, just Shut Up Doc, Right Now!  Now, I have ADHD he is pushing Adderral.  But first, he wants me to take another TOVA TEST which is Not covered by my insurance.  Nor, was the 1st one.  I took the 1st one after taking 3-4 other written tests from two different doctors with varied results and wanting a definitive confirmation.  I knew the 1st ToVA test was not covered by insurance but thought the two TOVA tests were together.  No such luck.  You take the 1st TOVA test then they give you Adderal then they have you take a 2nd TOVA test to see how much Adderal will make a difference and every 6 months or so you continue.  When I spoke to him about the insurance issue, my doctor copped a very bad attitude.  He doesn’t like to talk about money.  Mental health is important, blah, blah, blah.  He will accept a payment plan.  He actually said..”If you don’t want to pay, “I just won’t help you anymore.”  WTH?  I almost walked out then.   My mind has actually started to calm down quite a bit while on the Zoloft and I do not even want another drug right now and while reading about ADHD I’ve read there are other ways to deal with this.  I know this doctors field is ADD/ADHD but I think he also majored in Pushiness.

While at  the Therapist  (not the Psychiatrist) I brought up Operation Christmas Child as I was telling her I feel sort of bad this year as only having been able to make 7 boxes whereas last year I was able to make 24 but with finances the way they are and being on disability and all my medical problems this year, etc.. Anyway, she mentioned that she no longer counsels children under 13 and she had some toys in the back room and would I like them? Some were a bit large though. Of course I said Yes! The large ones can go to Spark of Love or Toy’s For Tots. Little did I know what a blessing this was going to be.

SOME TOYS turned out to be 6 enormous bins full of toys. Plastic-Dishes and Food, Doll-House Families and Furniture, Musical Instruments, a whole bin of Stuffed Animals, toys for 2 Year olds, Erasers and Globe Key Chains for 10-14 Year olds, and the large toys?.. A big Rag Doll. I want to fold her up and fit her in a regular shoebox to send off. If I could, I would. A Drum and a Gigantic Pony! Some child will love this! God is so good!

I have been working lately on making a ‘Frog Box’. Everything in the box is Frog themed or the colors of the main stuffed Frog. I don’t know why. God told me this box is going to a child who loves Frogs. The last two shopping trips I have found absolutely nothing Frog themed. In these bins there was a Frog Puppet and a Frog Maraca. I have never seen a Frog Maraca. It is adorable.