In The Last Two Days

Well I spent hours in the sun with my dog in the back yard over the last two days and now I’m sun-burned but I splotch burn which is stupid so I’ll be tan on the fronts of my legs and like one arm pretty much only soon.

Our house looks awesome so far but I will have to figure out how to clean and keep clean these floors.  I guess I need to purchase some microfiber cloths since I actually swept, mopped and was on hands and knee’s today and still could not get up all the spots.

Tomorrow is my husband’s B-Day and I am going to try the GF Pizza from Domino’s.  Some people say it is not really GF.  It’s worth a shot though.  My doctors/Nutritionist says I am not really Celiac and shouldn’t go to that extreme but truth is, they don’t know yet (nobody does) so we will see how I do with the Pizza.

I’ve been staying at he motel for the past two nights which was fine but now I am tired.  Shouldn’t be surprised because when at the motel I would have been asleep an hour ago.

My Decorating Adventure- Phase II

Tomorrow, painting begins.  This is really exciting but everything is happening so fast.  I hardly (don’t really) have time to recover and get my life/house back in order from the first phase before we are doing the next step.  But, that’s how my husband is.  when he gets his mind set on something…we get going; even when we got married.  Once the decision was made..there was no long engagement.  We had 3 months to plan the wedding.  I remember kidding around and saying, “What is this a 90-day probation?” but we had dated at least a year before that.  Originally, we were planning to go to Vegas but my mother insisted on a church wedding.  But..I digress.

The dog and I will be hanging around the back yard tomorrow and getting some sunshine.  The cat will be in the bedroom.  My husband said the fumes should not be to bad and I should be able to get in the house once in a while as most of the day should be prep work but they did say the whole thing would be done within a day and a half to two days so…As soon as Hubby gets home, I’m out of here headed to the motel and then I’ll do it all again on Wed.

Who Should I See?

Help.  What type of specialist (s) do you recommend for Anal Fissures/Skin Tags?  They need to take Blue Shield/ ADOC–(Affiliated Doctors of Orange County-HMO)  I need to ask my GP to get me to someone soon,  and this time I don’t want another GP that also knows about this.  I want a  Specialist of some sort.

So much pain.

This will sound gross but I described it to my husband as a Flea bite.  Now, multiply that by 12 (more like 100) and imagine them coming from inside your body every time you use the restroom.  I’ve been using the Healing Oil I ordered for a few days now (two?) but I’m not sure that’s going to work and it was really expensive.  I know they have a guarantee but I should give it at least another week before returning it..I just have a feeling it may be making me sting more.

Re-thought the motel situation while painting.  I am not going to bring the dog with me.  My husband will be here at night.  The idea of me going to the motel is so I don’t get sick staying here with paint fumes.  I am going by myself without the dog.  I have to be here all day with the animals anyway.  As soon as my husband gets home, I’ll take off and this way I will be away from the fumes as much as I can, to help my immune system.

He’s Hired..& Trying To Heal

So, we’ve hired someone to paint the Living Room/Hallway and they are going to start Tuesday!  I’ve already booked  motel room again (this time just for myself and the dog) as I really don’t want to get sick from paint fumes and I am going to call the Kennel tomorrow regarding the cat.  I hope I can get her in on such short notice.  I would take her to the motel but you cannot leave her in the room alone when you leave and I am not leaving her in her carrier all day.

I will need to change some appointments around this week as well since I can’t leave my animals or the workers alone while they are painting.  I will have to hang out in the back-yard while they are here. my husband did most of the time when the floor guys were here.  It’s very odd but we can’t trust everyone who works on our house.

I made this the last day for my Chiropractor as I really am not sure he was doing much for my back pain.

Also, I ordered and received  some Natural Healing Oil for my terrible Anal Fissures.  I sure hope/pray it works.  It says to test it first on your arm in case you get an allergic reaction but I have so much pain there anyway I don’t hink one drop will cause to much of a problem even if I have some sort of reaction.  I really need to try something soon.

Floor Dates Are Set.

Yeah, We’ve hired someone to do the floor and set a date.  We are planning on staying in a motel for a few days and I have chosen the kennel in which to board the animals.  I am a bit concerned about our poor dog because he’s never been boarded but he’ll survive.  My husband is funny.  He said while they are working in the Living Room we could alway’s stay in the back rooms and jump in and out the window.  I don’t think so.  He is going to come home from the motel and hang around in the back yard or whatever just to make sure we don’t get robbed by the workers or something.

Finally went to Spaghetti Factory tonight and got my Browned Butter/Mizithra Gluten-Free.  They used these weird, spiral noodles though which I wasn’t expecting.  A bit drier than I’m used to.