He’s Hired..& Trying To Heal

So, we’ve hired someone to paint the Living Room/Hallway and they are going to start Tuesday!  I’ve already booked  motel room again (this time just for myself and the dog) as I really don’t want to get sick from paint fumes and I am going to call the Kennel tomorrow regarding the cat.  I hope I can get her in on such short notice.  I would take her to the motel but you cannot leave her in the room alone when you leave and I am not leaving her in her carrier all day.

I will need to change some appointments around this week as well since I can’t leave my animals or the workers alone while they are painting.  I will have to hang out in the back-yard while they are here. ..like my husband did most of the time when the floor guys were here.  It’s very odd but we can’t trust everyone who works on our house.

I made this the last day for my Chiropractor as I really am not sure he was doing much for my back pain.

Also, I ordered and received  some Natural Healing Oil for my terrible Anal Fissures.  I sure hope/pray it works.  It says to test it first on your arm in case you get an allergic reaction but I have so much pain there anyway I don’t hink one drop will cause to much of a problem even if I have some sort of reaction.  I really need to try something soon.