Resolutions, Giving & Faithful Followers

Happy New Year!  My Resolution is:  Not To Make One.  I gave up on that years ago.  I have ADD.  I can barely concentrate enough to keep up with housework.  I shocked myself by completing a novel in Nanowrimo, but I still haven’t finished editing it or done anything more.  Anyway, if you resolve something, I wish you luck.

I want to talk about giving for a minute and obligations or feeling obligated.  When it comes to the holidays do you really feel obligated to give when you have received something or how about obligated to give..peried?  I believe that is so wrong and takes out the entire meaning of the Holiday.  Shouldn’t the spirit of giving come from your heart and shouldn’t the reception just be thank-you?  Here’s an example:  I gave my neighbor a small Christmas gift.  I know she likes Nativities and I found a small Nativity statue thing.  I snuck it over there on the 23rd so she would not have time to run to the store and buy me something, because I know they are having financial issues.  She called me up after Christmas and left me a msg thanking me and saying she would bring something over later.  I called her in the morning and we had a long talk.  She told me she didn’t like receiving presents and not giving back so she was making cookies for people and would bring over fresh cookies.  Okay, that’s cool.  My husband loves fresh, baked, cookies.  My neighbor said someone from her church did the same thing.

But it really makes me think about people and giving and receiving.  I think this is one reason a few of my relatives cut me  off a while ago from giving them presents at Christmas.  They did not want to have to buy for me.  But you know what?  They don’t.  I don’t do this for a gift back.  I guess I don’t think about giving and receiving the same as other people do.

Before I end this one, I want to thank my Faithful Blog Followers!  What fun stats from the last entry!  I do hope I keep you interested.  I know my topics have gotten a bit more serious lately, but it’s my real life.  As things quiet down, perhaps more humor and memories will evolve again.

New Year but Old Health

I can finally say my cold is starting to get better and tomorrow I plan to go to the store and do an exchange finally.
I am suffering stupid Hemorrhoids/Skin Tags again and may call the other specialist this week.

I’ve just discovered I’ve been eating way to many foods lately that cause gas so that is something else I am going to have to work on I guess…  Monitoring that. 



Just thought it good to say HAPPY NEW YEAR if nothing else today.  I still have a cold or flu or whatever but I seem to be getting a bit better. 

We got the decorations down from outside today but that may be all that gets accomplished as one thing such as that can exhaust me. 

I am not one to make New Year’s Resolutions and am not going to start now.  I am happy I was able to help the people I could this year and I hope I can help more in the coming year.  Better yet, I hope the coming year is better for people and fewer people will need help in the long run.  I also hope that we continue to follow our dreams and ambitions in 2012 despite the troubles that come our way and that goes for Everyone!