The Future Of Gender..My Beliefs

This one is going to upset some people but it is my blog and my opinion and free speech so if it offends you..well.. Uh.. Okay, I’m sorry if my personal opinion on this issue offends you. However, it is my opinion.  Anyway, here we go:

Apparently, Little Saigon (I believe it was there) has a Tet Parade every year and they do not include the LGBT groups because they do not believe in them as part of their religious culture.  Well, as you may have guessed, the LGBT groups did not like this because it is unfair and discrimination.  They must be part of the parade because as you know, everyone must know that they have their own groups and we should all be excited to see them flaunt the fact that men like men and women like women..but I digress.  So, they took the case to court..but they lost this time because it was to close to the actual parade date.  However, now the rules may be changed for future parades and the Tet parade may have to be held without prejudice or discrimination.  In other words, it will no longer be their parade.

I miss the times of boys and girls forts and clubs when boys or girls were not allowed.  I believe there should be places for only Men and Woman.  I believe organizations should be able to have parades and clubs they believe in and if they don’t want a certain group; it should be okay.  I would like to go back to the time when morals were instilled and children had a mother and a father only.  When a mother was a female and a father was a male.

You do not see straight people having a parade to show everyone how excited we are.  I do not understand the flaunting of what some still do not agree with.

I am a Believer and I believe God is crying great tears at his decision of promising never to flood the world again.

I believe soon we will all become people and it won’t matter if we are men or women anymore.. and that will be a very, sad day.

Unfair Bells and the End Of The World

I just read in the news that the bells are going to ring 26 times for the victims of the Connecticut shooting.  Not 27.  They are not counting Nancy Lanza, the mother of the shooter as a victim as part of the bell ringing.  People have mixed feelings about her because she had the guns in the house which were used to shoot the children and she taught Adam how to use them.    Okay, wait,  This isn’t fair, in my opinion.  She did not tell Adam to shoot anyone and she sure as heck did not ask  or tell Adam to shoot her in the face while she was sleeping.  Nancy Lanza was just as much a victim in this case as anyone else.

I understand some parents have hard feelings and don’t want her funeral service or name near that of their children who perished; but not even to have a bell ring in her memory?  Is that even the Christian thing to do!  Someone made a comment to that article that churches are being hypocritical in participating with only 26 rings of the bell and I agree.  Are churches not to support and encompass all without prejudice?  Just as God’s love encompasses all.  I won’t get into preaching or my beliefs or even my feelings on Adam Lanza.  However:  This is my opinion when it comes to the victims.  In my head and in my prayers, there will  be a special bell ringing for Nancy Lanza at 9:30 a.m. today.

Also, Let’s get into the topic of the end of the world, shall we?  Seriously, do you really think today is the end?  Good grief, how many times have we been through this?  That dorky pastor guy kept telling us it was the end and people stockpiled food and gave all their money away and we are still here.  Now you are worried because some group made a calendar and ran out of room or something?  As a Christian, I believe the Lord is not telling us when he is coming back and that is the end of the world.  It isn’t when some calendar runs out or some Yahoo makes up a date.  Plus, if the end of the world were today, why are people still Christmas shopping and cleaning their houses and living life normally?  Wouldn’t people be having orgies, or cheating on each other, or in church praying, or doing drugs, or going skydiving or, I don’t know doing whatever it is you’ve alway’s dreamed of doing on your last day on earth?  Seriously?      

School Shooting ..My View

Okay, so I haven’t discussed the Connecticut School Shooting because my view is not going to be popular.  But, you know what?  I don’t care.  This blog is my honest opinion.  It is not meant for popularity purposes and other people have to feel this way too and probably don’t want to admit it.  Please remember, it’s an Opinion, Not a Debate.  You can have a different opinion if you so choose.  Here I go:

The children!  The  children!  The poor children!  Yes, he shot the children and I do feel bad about that.  Children are innocent and don’t deserve to die that way.  However, what about the adults that were shot and killed?  The teachers or/and other school administrators?  Do their lives count too?

One Pastor said there were 20 more stars up in heaven now.  Wait, 20?  He is not counting the adults that were killed, he was only counting the children.  So, the adults did not become stars.  One commenter when hearing that said they believed the adults would have stars or patches of light around those stars protecting those 20.  You know those adults have families too.  They were Mothers, Friends, Wives, Sisters, Cousins, etc.  I don’t know if any men died but if so, they may have been Fathers, Uncles, Cousins, Friends, etc. and they were all Co-Workers and School-Administrators or Teachers in some capacity.

And what about the shooters mother?  Did she deserve to be shot in the face by her own son?  From what I’ve heard, she made the wrong choices but she cared.  Obviously, teaching him how to use firearms was not the way to go.  But, she was a Mother, a Friend, an Ex-Wife, and a very, caring person.

In conclusion, although they died and once again, I am very sorry for that.  Why is it all and entirely about the children?  They were not the only ones affected?


No Words

I do not watch the Olympics.  Unless they make Karaoke an olympic sport, I have no desire to watch them.  Now, that would be cool.  I may even work hard to try to get in to participate if that would happen.

Anyway, I will obviously say nothing negative about any of the Olympians this year at all because if you’ve been following the headlines there is no freedom of speech in that regard.  Someone said something to one of the male divers on Facebook or Twitter and he has been arrested.  Supposedly; he also made a threat, however, since the actual Twitter post was not shared..that may have been taken out of context.  A reporter  also had their Twitter account deleted or suspended due to criticising NBC’s live coverage of the Olympics.  While I know reporters should not put their personal views in their reports..should his account have been taken away?  Really?

Anyway, be careful what you say about the Olympics, don’t say anything negative aloud about our President (that also is getting dangerous), be careful what you say in airports or on/in any transportation type venues.  Be careful what  you say in mixed  company.  Don’t piss the other person off you get in a car accident with as you might get shot. Be careful what you say about religion, politics or anybody’s sexual orientation. Be extra careful about race or anything you can say that might inadvertently challenge someone else…even commenting on their eating preferences is wrong.  “Yum, I killed this Pig last night for dinner.”, “Ugh, I’m a Vegetarian.”

Heck, I guess we should all just Shut Up!