Still Miss Some Foods

I miss Top Ramen and Cup of Noodles.

Okay, now that that’s out of the way….

The wknd has been quite eventful.  Yesterday, my husband took my car in to get the idle fixed.  He actually took it in last week and had it tuned up and a bunch of stuff fixed on her but it’s been idling bad ever since.  I’ve had to put her in Neutral at stop lights so she wouldn’t die.  Turn’s out there was a chord or a hose that was loose that they had forgotten to tighten last week when they put it back together.

Today, my husbands’ uncle came over and repainted my room.  This color looks awesome!  It’s actually titled Warm Gray Flannel which is exactly what I was looking for.

My stomach has been a bit bothersome these last two days and we did not make it to Spaghetti Factory  (maybe next wknd) but it’s okay, since we did get pizza yesterday.  Of course the pizza may be a big cause of this wknd’s stomach issues since the crust does have or is made with Olive Oil and that is quite bothersome to me.