Men = Football,Woman = Shopping

I just returned from my favorite thrift store titled Grateful Hearts in Los Alamitos, CA.  I actually need to check out their other store titled, The Feed Store which is located in Long Beach, CA. because I’ve heard they have more vintage clothing and I haven’t been there yet.  But, anyway, Grateful Hearts is having a  75% off sale today in order to re-stock and I can’t believe I spent less than $5.00 on two shirts (one for me and one for my husband), a Birthday Present for my husbands’ Niece, and a small item for the OCC box I am working on.  I have also already ordered a few items for Christmas and/or B-Days for later in the year.  I know it is only January but I am an all-year shopper and I need to start early in order to not go broke in December.

My husband went to watch football and eat dinner somewhere.  I wish he had taken a pic of my face when he invited me and said “it would be fun”.  No, I don’t think so.  I’ve entertained the idea of doing some of the same things he likes to do but going somewhere where guys get all excited when other guys knock each other down for a ball is not my idea of fun.  Plus, the yelling just increases my headaches.  No thank-you.  I told him, it would be like inviting him to a musical which I might find “fun.”  I know he wouldn’t  find that fun at all.

Sorry So Slow, I’m Writing

Sorry, I haven’t kept up and I hope I don’t drive you all crazy when I do, but it’s NANO month and I’m doing it!  We are supposed to be at 25,000 words today and I am determined to get there.

I need to go to the dentist to and I have to clean the counters. No excuses.  I can’t have the granite chipping off because I am writing a novel.  This is awesome.  This is proving that I can write on a deadline and actually create something.  I am getting my ideas while washing my hair.  It’s crazy.  I don’t post much about it on Facebook because others are doing the same thing but I know I drive my sister nuts.  Come on Sis, You can do this!  Start writing again!  Jump back on the bandwagon.  Pretend it’s the first two days.  You can finish your book that way.  Heck, we don’t even have to worry about spelling, grammar, or punctuation..although we do have spell-check so I will use that.  I’m driving my neighbors crazy.  I tell everyone about this.  I tell strangers about this!  I wore my Nanowrimo t-shirt yesterday.  I am so proud of myself!

In other news… What other news?

I dropped my shoe-boxes off for Operation Christmas Child.  I went  to two different locations.  I’ve learned if you do it that way, there is a better chance of your boxes going to two different countries because they arrive at the Processing Center at different times.    If yo havne’t mad e a box this year, I highly encourage it.  You can even make one interactively at  the website It’s only a $7.00 donation per box and it only takes one box to help one child in another country.  This will be the only present they will probably ever ever receive in their entire lives.

I haven’t really been socializing because I think it’s best to play it safe before my surgery. That doesn’t mean I won’t get together one on one with people but I may avoid some parties.  I was invited to an 80’s get-together tomorrow night and I really want to go but on the other hand, I think it’s best to minimize that at present, with my weak immune system.   After my surgery, I will be happy to party and have fun.

Plus, I will feel more comfortable and my novel will be finished.   Oops, did I mention that again?  My novel?  Don’t those words sound professional?  My Novel?  Say that with me, won’t you?  “My Novel”  Look husband, I have a job.  I’m a Novelist.  Okay, not necessarily.  My first book was a Children’s Book, but I am definitely a Writer.  See, I’m not just unemployed.  I am a Freelance Writer which was I’ve alway’s dreamed to be.

Don’t worry, I’ll tune in again soon.

Donations and Motivation

My friend and I picked out a really pretty gray paint color for my room, plus my husband bought a new ceiling light.  This whole house is really starting to take shape.

My friend also gave me bags of her unwanted clothing which I sorted through and I found a beautiful, red, Cashmere sweater that fit me and a few things to put in my OCC boxes for 10-14 year old girls.  Sorting through her bags gave me the motivation to go through my closet full of clothes and get rid of what I didn’t need.  It was a bit depressing because some of the clothes that didn’t fit have cat designs which I absolutely love but I have already started purchasing more clotheslike that so..

Speaking of motivation (I was) ..last year I started writing a book about a really, bad, abusive, relationship I was in.  I really need to start working on it again. It is hard to get motivated to write this because when I go back in time, I sort of freak out and get a headache and need to stop.  I really wish I knew where this man was today and f he was dead or alive.  But, I also Need to write this.

A neighbor had the idea of just giving myself 30 minutes a week.  I know I have stopped way to long.  I am starting from transferring notes from an old diary I kept while with him.  If I ever get that finished, next step will be to put it in book form.

Anyway, to conclude this post and my wknd, I took all my donations to my favorite thrift store and after donating I took myself shopping there.  I wound up buying two things for OCC shoe boxes this time and nothing for myself.  Not to bad.

Small Ways To Make Big Differences

Yesterday was busy but such an awesome day!

  I saw the Therapist at 11:00 then spent the day at church from 1:40 until 9 p.m. at our Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Packing Event!  It was a lot of work setting up and organizing Shoe Boxes.  The church makes 240 Shoe Boxes every year and the lady in charge makes lists of what  goes into the boxes so every child gets a certain thing which means everything has to be organized and counted.  Of course, the extra things people think of to donate are amazing.  Everything left over is saved for the next year when it is all done again.  What’s  shame is that I was told only about a half-dozen people actually bring things to donate for the boxes so most everything falls on her shoulders.  That’s not quite fair.

  Anyway, in the morning, I had said a prayer for God to lead me to someone who needed food that day, as I have been driving around with a bag of canned and boxed food in my car for someone in need.  I was getting afraid the dates would expire and it is getting cold and so many people are hungry.  As I was leaving church, I saw a Gentlemen with a cart of things.  At first I thought he was going through the Dumpster before I noticed he was picking up plastic bottles from the ground.  I asked, “Sir, Are you hungry?” and he said, “Yes Maam” so I gave him the food from the car and he said, “God Bless You.”  I told him to “Have A Good Night” and he said he would try.  It felt so good to know that I not only helped all those children but I also helped someone in my local area who really needs it.

  In actuality, I did not help them alone.  God does the main work and I am his tool. 

I was talking to a friend of mine today who said the boys in her church (the one I used to attend) are going to start putting Shoebox Kits together to give to the homeless when they see them containing socks, food, etc.. and pass them out.  I think that’s a wonderful idea and much better then giving money.  I think I may do the same thing.  I could just make a small one up and keep it in my car until I see someone, then do it over and over again.

What a small way to make a large difference.

Wknd and Health

Saturday was a good day.  The sun was shining.  I got the house decorated inside for Halloween and bought a new Ghoul for the outside graveyard and we went to Spaghetti Factory, my favorite restaurant.

Then, Sunday showed up.  Went to the Swap-Meet and fell over one of those cement parking space markers.  Messed up my knee a little.  It’s only surface but still hurts a bit.  Luckily, it didn’t swell.  At church, one of the guys had a seizure.  He suddenly grabbed his head before his whole body shook and he went down.  I just received an e-mail saying he is doing better but he doesn’t remember anything other than singing at church than waking up in the hospital.  Scary.

I saw my Neurologist yesterday who said I am doing okay as far as my headaches are concerned.  As he said, I know my headaches better than he does.  In truth, I’m sure he would prefer I take the medicine the way he wants me to however, he would have me skip the Tylenol and Head-On entirely and go straight to the Maxalt, and Imatrex.  I would probably get addicted that way and most of the time Tylenol will cut the pain before the headache turns into a full-fledged Migraine.

I still have those weird leg pains at night (although not every night) and last night every muscle in my body ached.   Then, this morning I felt weird like my whole right arm hurt and since I’ve read about RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) and the possibility that it can lead to Heart Attacks and Strokes and I had just seen what had happened to George at church, I started freaking out a bit.  But, that’s a bit silly.  From what I read my symptoms don’t even seem to match RLS.  I have a Physical set in November so if  it  is still happening I will talk to the Dr. about it then.

We are running low on Low-Protein Food so I just ordered a little over $80.00 from Cambrooke, a low-protein food company and despite the argument on the phone with the insurance company, after sending the paperwork in, the company called and said the insurance company will cover 50% of the cost as of the next order.  I had to order this one first though; as it gets tough once you meet your protein quota and still need a snack with calories.

New Diagnosis

It’s official.  I’ve been diagnosed with ADULT ADHD.  It actually makes sense now.  Read the symptoms.  I wouldn’t be surprised if my mother had ADHD also.  I am surprised I was not tested as a child what with my disease and all my other problems.  How did they miss that?  It explains why I have a hard time on so many simple things or things that are simple to most..why I interrupt people..maybe even why I think so much differently then others..not to mention why I’ve had problems at  jobs.

  Now, I have a problem with my Psychiatrist.  I don’t want to see him anymore.  I don’t think I will.  I need to talk to my husband and my Primary about it.  First of all he is constantly pushing me to stop my Caffeine.  That is NOT going to happen.  You can tell me til your blue in the face about whatever research you read that Caffeine causes headaches and does not help Migraines.  I’ve read other and I live with Migraines and I know what helps me and you’re not the one in bed with the pounding headaches and you’re not the one that would be going through withdrawals (should you survive them) not just with a pounding headache but vomiting or worse yet, winding up in the hospital because you seriously cannot function.  It’s happened before and those headaches weren’t even explained.  I had every test in the world and was drugged up for a week straight before coming out of it.  So, just Shut Up Doc, Right Now!  Now, I have ADHD he is pushing Adderral.  But first, he wants me to take another TOVA TEST which is Not covered by my insurance.  Nor, was the 1st one.  I took the 1st one after taking 3-4 other written tests from two different doctors with varied results and wanting a definitive confirmation.  I knew the 1st ToVA test was not covered by insurance but thought the two TOVA tests were together.  No such luck.  You take the 1st TOVA test then they give you Adderal then they have you take a 2nd TOVA test to see how much Adderal will make a difference and every 6 months or so you continue.  When I spoke to him about the insurance issue, my doctor copped a very bad attitude.  He doesn’t like to talk about money.  Mental health is important, blah, blah, blah.  He will accept a payment plan.  He actually said..”If you don’t want to pay, “I just won’t help you anymore.”  WTH?  I almost walked out then.   My mind has actually started to calm down quite a bit while on the Zoloft and I do not even want another drug right now and while reading about ADHD I’ve read there are other ways to deal with this.  I know this doctors field is ADD/ADHD but I think he also majored in Pushiness.

While at  the Therapist  (not the Psychiatrist) I brought up Operation Christmas Child as I was telling her I feel sort of bad this year as only having been able to make 7 boxes whereas last year I was able to make 24 but with finances the way they are and being on disability and all my medical problems this year, etc.. Anyway, she mentioned that she no longer counsels children under 13 and she had some toys in the back room and would I like them? Some were a bit large though. Of course I said Yes! The large ones can go to Spark of Love or Toy’s For Tots. Little did I know what a blessing this was going to be.

SOME TOYS turned out to be 6 enormous bins full of toys. Plastic-Dishes and Food, Doll-House Families and Furniture, Musical Instruments, a whole bin of Stuffed Animals, toys for 2 Year olds, Erasers and Globe Key Chains for 10-14 Year olds, and the large toys?.. A big Rag Doll. I want to fold her up and fit her in a regular shoebox to send off. If I could, I would. A Drum and a Gigantic Pony! Some child will love this! God is so good!

I have been working lately on making a ‘Frog Box’. Everything in the box is Frog themed or the colors of the main stuffed Frog. I don’t know why. God told me this box is going to a child who loves Frogs. The last two shopping trips I have found absolutely nothing Frog themed. In these bins there was a Frog Puppet and a Frog Maraca. I have never seen a Frog Maraca. It is adorable.

Operation Christmas Child Approaches

Feeling a little bit better today and surprisingly I may even sound better although not much because I keep having to yell at the damned dog to stop barking.  The vet wants me to cut down on his food which is hard to do when he barks for it.  He thinks the dog needs to lose about 3 lbs.

  Speaking of weight, I am inadvertently losing again.  Not by much but the scale is supposed to be going up not down.  Oh well, I’ve been sick.  What do you do?

  One negative or positive (depending on which way you want to look at it) thing to being sick is I am spending way to much time at this computer and on E-bay.  Although, the articles and things I am reading on the computer are interesting and  I am even making new friends or at least finding new interesting  journals on WordPress and the things I am buying on E-bay are not expensive and things I have been wanting or needing to get.  I think I am down to one more thing to get for Christmas and completely finished.  Maybe I’ll start wrapping today.  Plus, Collection Week for Operation Christmas Child is coming up in a few weeks. 

 Operation Christmas Child is a part of Samaritan’s Purse. which was started by Franklin Graham, Son of Billy Graham where they pack shoe boxes and send them to children in other countries.  These are the  only gifts these children will probably ever receive plus they are also taught about Christ.  It is super easy to fill a shoe-box with toys and the project is completed in early November..long before Christmas so it doesn’t interfere with the major Holiday.  I’ve even put notes in my boxes and received some letters back.

   I also went to a convention and spoke with someone personally from one of the countries where one of my boxes went who told me it went to a family in a very, remote area that is full of rebels where it is very dangerous and the people have nothing.  These shoe boxes go to the poorest of the poor.