Marriage & Decorating

We had such a nice wknd.  Saturday my husband moved furniture and then we went to Ikea.  We could not use the Curio Cabinet I envisioned due to space but we found something really cool for my Coke Collection.  I am so glad we went and saw this in person because the picture on the Ikea site does not do it justice.  This is really a solid piece of furniture with glass shelves and as you can tell it fits the corner space perfectly.  Afer the room change completion when I mentioned wall pictures in his room,  S. had the nerve to say, “I don’t care I’m doing this for you.”  I said “Oh No, Don’t you go there. You brought it up a long time ago when you said you wanted your own room.” Once again it’s something we have to laugh about because it works for us so no use arguing over how it started.

On Sunday, S. suggested Pechanga but my body wasn’t up to it.  He may have part of it right on my stomach getting extra nervous about long car trips.  It doesn’t help when S. goes to the gym first and I have to wait for him for hours to come home before we leave.

The good thing about not going was he decided to hire a cleaning company to come on Mondayito clean the house.  This would not have happened had we gone to Pechanga.  So, now we have a clean house.  He said they commented that if they had known our house was so dirty, they would have charged more.  Now, he keeps teasing me about how dirty our house was and comparing me to a Hoarder since I watch the show all the time.  I knew it was really bad but please… his comments are pretty funny though..not mean.

We are starting on fixing up the house, Finally! which is really exciting.  S. is going with the neighbor tomorrow night to pick out Can Lights for recessed lighting in the Kitchen and Living Rooms which the neighbor will install this wknd (he is an Electrician) and my friend and I are going to pick the paint colors for my room this wknd also.  This is getting really exciting.

*  I just learned the cleaning people did not comment about the house being so dirty (I thought that seemed rude).  My husband made that up.  They did say next time they would charge less so in his eyes that’s what was implied. He may be right but then again.. What a Brat.  Here I was thinking they actually said something.   I should have known better.  I don’t think a company would actually tell a customer that if they want repeat business.