Donations and Motivation

My friend and I picked out a really pretty gray paint color for my room, plus my husband bought a new ceiling light.  This whole house is really starting to take shape.

My friend also gave me bags of her unwanted clothing which I sorted through and I found a beautiful, red, Cashmere sweater that fit me and a few things to put in my OCC boxes for 10-14 year old girls.  Sorting through her bags gave me the motivation to go through my closet full of clothes and get rid of what I didn’t need.  It was a bit depressing because some of the clothes that didn’t fit have cat designs which I absolutely love but I have already started purchasing more clotheslike that so..

Speaking of motivation (I was) ..last year I started writing a book about a really, bad, abusive, relationship I was in.  I really need to start working on it again. It is hard to get motivated to write this because when I go back in time, I sort of freak out and get a headache and need to stop.  I really wish I knew where this man was today and f he was dead or alive.  But, I also Need to write this.

A neighbor had the idea of just giving myself 30 minutes a week.  I know I have stopped way to long.  I am starting from transferring notes from an old diary I kept while with him.  If I ever get that finished, next step will be to put it in book form.

Anyway, to conclude this post and my wknd, I took all my donations to my favorite thrift store and after donating I took myself shopping there.  I wound up buying two things for OCC shoe boxes this time and nothing for myself.  Not to bad.