Totally Vintage Jeans

Oh my gosh, My Jordache Jeans arrived and they fit fantastic!  I totally remember them.  It’s not just the brand but the fit.  The high waist.  I can rarely find them anymore.  I can’t stand the low waist jeans.  I also found Levi’s, Gitano, Ditto’s! 
Funny story about Ditto’s;
My mother bought everything on sale.  I was not really a name-brand person but I so wanted a pair of Ditto Jeans.  They were just cool and everyone was wearing them at school.  I begged mom for a pair of Ditto’s.  Finally, mom got me a pair of green, Ditto jeans.  You would have thought I’d received a Diamond Ring or a gold bar.  I word those jeans to school like I owned the place.  I told everybody,  “Yeah, I’m in.  I’ve got Ditto’s.  See, I dress fashionable.”  Then, it happened.  One of the well-dressed, popular snobs approached me and said, “Why are you wearing those?, Those went out of style last week.”  Needless to say I was devastated.  I was embarrassed.  I could have hidden in a hole.  I was so mad at my mother. 
I went home and told her I was never going to wear those jeans again.  My mother said, “Yes, you are.   I spent good money on those jeans and you are going to wear them.” So, I wore them at home or to church or to whatever social events; but not to school, because they were out of style due to mom waiting until they went on sale. 
But you know what?  Vintage is back now!  I’m an adult!  Brands don’t matter.  Comfort matters.  I loved the 80’s and still do.  Anything and everything is fair game.  For those that like to tease me (CelaineyGirl), Yes, I probably will be purchasing some Ditto’s soon.  I even like the 70’s clothes like The Brady Bunch.  Colored jeans and pants, why not?    
I say Be Yourself and take pride in your style.     

Avoiding Cross-Contamination

I went to Target today and they are having sales since students are going to college.  I gor my own Toaster, Sandwich Maker, Colander Set and much more.  I say “my own” because I am going to keep them separate from my husbands so as to avoid Gluten Cross-Contamination.  It’s really hard to explain cross-contamination to him and hard to understand how sensitive I am or am not.  Better to play it safe then sorry.

Bad Sale Economy

The garage sale was fun although I only made $43.00.  I enjoyed spending time with my friend and we even wore matching hats for a while.  One of the things I really enjoyed was watching and talking to the people who showed up. It must be the economy though because they were haggling from the time they showed up over $1.00 items.  Dolls marked $1.00 went 2 for 1.  A really nice mirror that started at $10.00 then went down to $5.00 and got sold for $3.00 along with my exercise mat.  I was quartering and diming most everything at the end just to get rid of it.

My friend didn’t do much better and when I visited the neighbor, she also made about $40.00; so it looks like we all made about the same amount we got in change.  I guess you could say we broke even.  Hey, I wonder if that is better or about the same odds as Vegas.  At least we didn’t lose like in State-Line.  But, we did lose some of our old stuff which was the main intention.

Then on Sunday, I went to Fantastic Sams and had my hair colored and I had to laugh when the bill came to exactly $43.00.  Sort of like a free hair color.  Not bad.

We  found all our Living Room pics at Aaron Bro’s.  They are having a sale on one, get a matching one for a penny.  Plus, I ordered an awesome growling, Panther Poster from which I am going to put in one of the frames.  So, our Living Room is 90% complete.  We still need DVD/CD storage.


Making A Mountain From A Molehill

My friend Kat lives in an apartment and wants to have a garage sale so she asked me if we might be having one soon so she could bring stuff over since I live in a house.  We don’t have much to sell but…. well…I’ve done it again.

Somehow, I’ve turned a simple garage/yard sale and made it into a production.  I love Garage Sales.  Anyway,  I thought..why just us?  Instead of just one measly sale on our street, why not ask our neighbors who alway’s have yard sales during the Summer.  So, that’s what I did.  I asked most of them if they were interested, even going so far as to offer to go to the city and getting the permits however: this means I have to print out the form, get it over to everyone’s house and have them get it back to me by a certain date.  (I am going to check the date today).

What I am really proud of is I even asked the neighbors I haven’t talked to in over two years.  There, I talked to you.  See, we can still be “friendly neighbors.”  Sorry, I digress.

So, there you have it.  Multiple Family Yard Sales.

My friend Kat better not cancel now.  Of course, if she does, it will be my own fault if I look like a fool or I could say at least I helped everyone else out with theirs.